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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, February 4, 2010
Pe m I -va l l e y ha b I t a t Fo r hu m a n I t y
oP e n s “rest o r e ” In as h l a n d
by Brendan Smith
Weirs Times Editor
Most people have heard
of Habitat for Humanity
and the good work the or-
ganization does around the
country and the world.
The newest branches of
Habitat for Humanity are
their ReStores. The latest
ReStore, affiliated with
the Pemi-Valley Habitat
For Humanity in Plym-
outh, had its grand open-
ing in Ashland in August
of 2009.
The Habitat ReStore col-
lects donated items from
individuals, retailers and
contractors that can be
Pemi-Valley Habitat for Humanity held the grand opening of their ReStore in August of 2009. The ReStore is stocked
used in building and out-
fitting a Habitat for Hu-
with building materials and furniture that is donated by businesses and individuals. Some of the materials are used for
manity build or for sale to
Habitat builds and some is for sale to the general public at incredible prices. All monies raised in sales go towards Habitat
the general public with all
for Humanity projects.
courtesy photo
monies used for the orga-
nization. Debra is also the owner ReStore out to the public. have been receiving do- The Pemi -Valley Habitat
Debra Chase is in charge of “Chasing Dreams Inte- “We accept all building nations from contractors for Humanity decided to
of donations for the Re- rior Designs” and uses her materials as well as ‘hard’ and individuals. Lowe’s open their own ReStore af-
Store. She, like other Habi- business connection to get furniture. No upholstered is a big contributor to the ter one of their volunteers,
tat workers, is a volunteer. the message of the Habitat items,” said Debra. “We ReStore.” See hABitAt on 30
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