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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, February 4, 2010
In s t a l l I n g ce m e n t ba c k e r bo a r d
ternative materials, via
by Mark donovan
a simple wicking action
Contributing Writer
for example, the center
gypsum core material will
begin to break down. In-
Installing cement back- evitably this will lead to
er board is easy to do, water leaks and a failed
with the exception of lift- tiled surface.
ing and carrying it. Ce- Cement backer board
ment backer board is on the other hand is a
quite heavy so ideally you cementitious product, as
should plan on having a the name suggests, and
spare pair of hands near- can literally be submerged
by when installing it. in water and it will not
Cement backer board break down.
is used in ceramic tile in-
stallation projects where Cement Backer Board
heavy amounts of mois- Dimensions
ture are expected. Ce- Cement backer board
ment backer board should is available in ¼” and ½”
be installed as a backer thicknesses and is com-
board material for ce- monly found in 3’x5’ di-
ramic tile shower and tub mensions. I recommend
enclosures, tile or stone using ½” on shower walls
kitchen countertops, and and either ¼” or ½” on
tile floor applications. kitchen countertops and
Installed cement backer board in a shower with base mortar shower pan installed. Shower
floor surfaces.
Cement Backer Board
stall is now ready for ceramic tile.
and Alternatives Installing Cement
There are alternatives ter resistant greenboard, ing a gypsum center. In such as a shower unit or Backer Board
to cement backer board and specialized gypsum my opinion, however, I kitchen countertop. As When installing cement
that are also specifically core based products believe these products soon as water penetrates backer board it is im-
designed for ceramic tile where there is a rough are not suitable for heavy the surface of these al- portant to install it on
installation, such as wa- fiberglass surface cover- moisture environments surfaces that are plumb
Dumont Cabinet Refacing
and flat. Cement backer
& Home Improvements
board is a rigid material
that has limited flexibility.
Residential & Commercial
Consequently it is impera-
• Countertops
tive that wall studding be
• Door Samples Brought to You
constructed using qual-
• Self Closing Hinges
ity framing material and
• Self Closing Drawer Slides
techniques. Wall studs,
• Custom Closet Storage
for example should be
Guaranteed to Beat Big Name
constructed out of non-
• Specializing in Fine Interiors
Competitors by 15% and
twisted lumber and should
Better Craftsmanship!
be located on a maximum
• Exteriors
We add Value to Your Kitchen!
of 16 inch centers. In ad-
• All Types of Spray Painting
dition, always install a
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moisture barrier, e.g. 15
• Commercial
Compare and Save!
Hinges with
Door O
lb felt paper or plastic,
over the wall studs prior
• Residential
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