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Goal 15: Create: 40 Writing, Music, & Art Resources
Part of the 30 Goals Challenge Series
As we get older, we tend to leave our creatve selves behind and take ourselves too seriously. Our
hobbies can provide us with inspiraton and release. This year I plan on being more creatve by making
tme for my other loves- art, music, and creatve writng. The short-term goal is to aim to write poems,
prose, or short stories at least once a week untl the process becomes a habit. I will start today by
writng at least one poem. What else do you love to do than teach? Perhaps, you used to cook, act,
sculpt, mold, play the guitar, write poetry, or paint? What can you do today to encourage yourself to
inspire your creatvity again?
As an educator, I also believe in inspiring students to seek their creatve outlets. I believe that creatve
arts programs reach many at-risk students who do not succeed academically. Being creatve allows
them to express themselves when they might otherwise be reserved. Moreover, creatvity helps many
children stay out of trouble and gives them a way to believe in themselves. The most incredible
experience of my life was organizing a creatve arts program, ETHOS. ETHOS was an alliance of slam
poets, artsts, and musicians that volunteered to provide their talents to improving the surrounding
community. We won an award for our summer youth program at the SAMMinistries, which is a
homeless shelter. Here are two of the events that brought tears to my eyes. A very talented musician,
Ron Horne, ran one program where the children were able to drum on pots, pans, and chairs to make
a group song while he sang. The children were so excited! You can hear Ron singing on this inspiring
website he created about his organizaton, the Texas Youth Word Collectve. I am excited to see that
Ron contnues to give to the community through creatve arts programs! On another day, my friend,
Rod C. Stryker, who is a published poet, and my friend, John Marsden, a musician, worked with me to
have the children create and recite their own original poetry. Each child was given a metal cookie pan
and worked with magnetc poetry. Afer crafing their poems, they were able to read them aloud on a
microphone. Some of the children played their homemade instruments in the background. The
children really enjoyed this summer program and we were glad to provide them with a few moments
of joy.
Web 2.0 has revolutonized creatvity. Now, students can share their works with a wider audience and
collaborate on creatve projects. Below is a list of various websites to help you or your students create!
Writng Resources
These are some of my favorite writng resources.
• Twiter Magnets - Create poetry on Twiter! This website works like the magnetc poetry pieces
on your refrigerator. You get a choice of words, piece them together while listening to tranquil
music, then tweet the poem if you choose. I heard of this wonderful website via
• NanoWrimo - If you write novels, try this free yearly contest. For the month of November, you
are encouraged to write 50,000 words of a novel for a certfcate and prize. If you do this as a
class, you may be able to get Alpha Smart Neos for all your students that month! What I love
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