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Environmentally friendly dog toy is also a
humorous gift. The sticks are harvested in
keeping with sound forest management
principles. They are made from saplings that
have to be cleared in order for the larger
trees to grow normally.
802.824.4369 ●
Natural, reusable plates are corn-based. Unlike
conventional plastic, which is largely made from
petroleum, this bio-plastic is made primarily from corn.
Divided plates, bowls, infant bowls and spoons, cups and
other utensils available.
Kidsonroof /
888.222.3053 ●
Hip from Holland
TOTEM is a building game made
with sturdy recycled cardboard.
Composed of more than 120 building
cards imprinted with signs, symbols,
textures and imagery. Comes with
manual that provides directions for
four different models.
617.671.5417 ●
Designed to provide shelter for a nesting season, the
GreenBird House helps replace bird habitat and is made
with 100% recycled paper. Packaging provides information
Aglow candles are made from soy and fragranced with
about birds and other environmental issues. Sized for
essential oils. They come in reusable recycled glass
wrens, titmice and nuthatches, the birdhouse can be
containers. The wick is 100% cotton and burn time is
decorated. It is made of a three-layer laminate, which
between 60-90 hours. Variety of crystal designs—
continues to hold together when wet.
including Peace sign—available.
513.241.4300 ●
818.407.0097 ●
Who’s Glass
Recycled 1980’s milk bottles with branded
decals transform these milk jugs. Hand-signed
and gift-packaged using ethically sourced Ely Organics
materials in North Devon, England. Popular USDA-certified organic, “miessence” botanical perfumes are
advertisements include Kellogg’s, Nescafe, hand-blended in the traditional artisan method of natural
and more. perfumery. They use rare botanical extracts, absolutes and
essential oils only as their aromatic source. Six perfumes to
choose from. Packaged in glass bottles.
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