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Shoots for
This grass is green! It’s been boom
time for bamboo—the “rapid renewable”
that’s making waves in green retail. hen retailer Corey Dinerstein began
Find out what kinds of products are
researching the kinds of green products
sought by shoppers, she came upon
made with bamboo and why the
bamboo fabric—something that
immediately caught her attention.
category is worth taking a look at.
Through her online store, Green Earth Bamboo, the
Heather Johnson Durocher
Plainfield, IL retailer now sells bedding, clothing, baby
blankets and other accessories all made with bamboo. The
bamboo sheets are the store’s best sellers.
The growth of bamboo
Green’s Eco-Hip Collection of pet items “sell like crazy,”
From bedding and clothing for adults and children, to
he reports.
home accents and furnishings, kitchenware, pet leashes
and an assortment of gift items, bamboo is indeed making
Rapid renewable
a mark in the “green” product genre.
While industry experts like King say they have not come
It’s become known for much more than simply an
across hard sales numbers for bamboo products, they
ornamental Asian plant, says C. William King, president
agree there’s a definite uptick in items made and sold in
of the American Bamboo Society, a 20-year-old organization
the marketplace.
with chapters throughout the country. The American
“What I can say is that anecdotally, virtually all
Bamboo Society, which began in California, aims to
manufacturers we have seen over the past year or two have
promote the import and use of bamboo and its products.
introduced bamboo into their collections somehow,” says
“There now are many more bamboo products in the
Jeff Hiller, president of the Sustainable Furnishings
marketplace than there ever has been,” says King, who lives
Council, an Austin, TX-based membership organization
near Orlando, FL.
that shares best practices to help companies improve at all
There are reasons why bamboo has become so popular
points in the supply chain.
and can be used in such a diverse range of product
“Most of the excitement is caused by the novelty of the
categories. Wagging Green, a wholesaler of leashes, collars
material, its unique appearance, its high performance, and
and clothing for pets in Melbourne, FL, uses bamboo for
its price competitiveness versus other hardwood options,”
their dog collars and leashes. The company’s co-founder,
Hiller says. He adds that bamboo has a great story to tell
Sean Ryan, says bamboo is an ideal material for his pet
as a “rapid renewable.”
products. “Bamboo is naturally fast-drying, antibacterial
That “renewable” story is what’s getting bamboo a lot of
and odor resistant,” Ryan says.
attention. “Bamboo is an easily renewable and sustainable
Bamboo’s durability is another plus, Ryan says.
resource because [it] grows very rapidly and it is easy to
Featuring two layers of bamboo sewn together, Wagging
harvest without damaging the landscape where it is
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n Winter 2010
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