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Pelham - Windham News
4 - January 29, 2010
The Word Around Town...
Letters to our Editor
nulle nullant to nulloostnull
not go along nullth his suggestion to conduct a
poll of Pelham voters in order to gauge support
for a school building pronullctnull I am one of the
nullhe athletic programs at nullindham nullgh School
committee members nullho obnullcted to conducting
are up and running in full forcenull nulll of the teams
a poll unless null could enroll the efforts of
are giving it their all in this inaugural year of
someone nullho actually had expertise in nulliting
playing at the high school levelnull nullhe Boosters
and conducting surveysnull I’ve seen enough surveys
are proud to be supporting the teams, coaches,
that nullre poorly managed that I’m not interested
and athletic department as these teams set the
in adding to the pile of soft, meaningless datanull
foundation for the futurenull
nullhe nullacilities nullmmittee functions as a team,
null null move into the second half of the year,
and at one point, nullevin nullas on the teamnull If nullevin
the Boosters are gearing up to have nullnullpercent
really nullanted to conduct a survey, he could have
participation in the Booster program from our
put in the effort to manull it happennull nullevin didn’t
athletes and their familiesnull nullmbership dues
nullite a survey and present it to the committee,
go tonullard establishing a scholarship fund for
nor did he locate a volunteer nullho nullas snulllled
athletes, fund renullard and recognition nights, and
or experienced at managing surveys, nor did he
supplement items not covered in the operating
tanull any steps to denulle the necessary logistics,
budgetnull null the Booster program gronull, it nullll
timeline, etcnull nullevin could have tanulln the lead on
have the ability to assist the athletic program more
a survey and moved it fornullardnull Instead, he chose
and morenull
to nullit the team before our nullornullnullas donenull
nulle are also encouraging membership from
I don’t recall nullhether it nullas nullevin or another
our student athletes because in order to be
committee member nullho repeatedly suggested that
considered for a scholarship in their senior year,
null could run a survey nullth nullst one nullestion, to
it is important that athletes be a member of the
the effect of nullonullmuch are you nulllling to see
Booster nullub for each year they are participating
your taxes increasenull nullhat’s the perfect example
in the sports programsnull
of a loaded nullestionnull null course, no one nullants
nullmbership is not limited to nullst students
to see their taxes increase, any more than null
and families that are attending nullindham nullgh
nullant to see an increase in crime, teen pregnancy,
currentlynullembership is encouraged for allnull
or drunnulldrivingnull It’s also important to note that
Booster members get access to early ticnullt sales
the nullestion puts the cart before the horsenull null
to events and fundraisers, such as our sold-out
one School Board member recently pointed out,
item on the agenda, the attendance at regular
comedy nights, as nullll as discounts offered on
null have never attempted to denulle the scope of
Barbara Coisnullfor nullnullol Board
meetings is sparsenull I nullould really linull to see
nullagnullar merchandise (nullhen announced)null
a high school building pronullct by nullst denulling
null nullednesday, nullanuary null, I nullnt to the Snullnull
residents become energinulld enough to value
Please consider nullining us todaynull nullogether, null
the funding level, then nullting the pronullct to the
and signed up nullth the School nullstrict nullernullto
attending meetings in personnull
can provide our students nullth the best possible
run again for a three-year term for the School
Should I be elected to the School Board,
athletic experience for our student athletesnull
null a fellonullcommittee member, I valued nullevin’s
Boardnull Since losing my bid for re-election on
nullindham citinullns nullll get a person nullho is
nulloin the Boosters todaynull null to our convenient
contribution to our nullornull and I tried to discourage
nullrch null, I have not lost interest in follonullng the
hard-nullornullng and dedicated, has a heart for the
nullebsitenull nullnullnullindhamnullguarsnullrgnull null nullaguarsnull
him from nullittingnull I didn’t alnullays agree nullth him,
actions of the School Boardnull null a matter of fact,
children, is anullare of the concerns of the tonull as
but I did respect his inputnull I nullas disappointed
I have attended every posted public meeting this
a nullhole, and represents every taxpayer, regardless
nulllly Breton, nullS Boonullernullnullnullndham nullhen he left, and said so at the timenull I’m more
year, either sitting in the audience, televising live,
of agenull
disappointed that he nonullchooses to relentlessly
or taping the meeting so that the public may have
Barbara nulloinull nullnullndham
Easy to Criticinull,
carp about this one topicnull I personally believe
a video record of the proceedingsnull
that it is not onully to leave a team nullhen the nullornull
nullserving the meetings from the outside this
nullrder to Get null nullne
is unnullished, and then complain that tasnull nullre
year has been very fascinating to me as I nullatched
Pelnullm Baseball nullnull
left undonenull
Ed nullllagher and nulleff Bostic develop as nullornullng
I’m the co-chair of Pelham’s nullgh School
I’m grateful to have had the opportunity
members of the Boardnull Ed appears to be the
nullthough it does not loonullor feel linull it these
nullacilities nullmmittee, and I’d linull to personally
to serve on the committee, and I’m proud
one member nullho is really concerned about the
days nullth so much snonullon the ground, baseball
comment on a recent nulltter to the Editornull
of the nullornullnull’ve donenull nulle studied hard,
budget and the effect of the budget upon the
season is fast approaching in Pelhamnull nullnull brings
null the message board and nonullin this
nullornulld methodically, and made the right
entire communitynull null asnull pertinent nullestions
much excitement, but it is tapered nullth sadness
nenullpaper, nullevin Steele has repeatedly
recommendationnull nulle nullonullthat null’re asnullng
and manulls logical budgetary suggestionsnull Ed has
as Pelham nullttle nullague lost its leader of the past
complained that the nullacilities nullmmittee did
Pelham citinullns for a big
emerged as a leader on the Board and his business
null yearsnull man nullho nullornulld tirelessly to bring
commitment, but null believe
executive bacnullround is indeed a denullite plus for
baseball and softball to so many children over
that commitment nullll lead to
the communitynull
null yearsnull Bob Blinn passed anullay in nullvember
tangible benenulls for the entire
nulleff nullth his medical bacnullround alnullays stresses
after a battle nullth cancernull Even after being
M&G Office Resource & Management, Inc
M&G Office Resource & Management, Inc
communitynull nullen citinullns
the need for the district to develop students nullho
diagnosed and going through treatments in nullnull
tanull real pride in their tonull,
nullll be nullll rounded, productive citinullns in
and nullnull, he still gave a ton of his time and
great things happennull
nullhatever path they choose after they leave our
passion to ensure that Pelham nullttle nullague had a
Accountants, Tax Preparers, Bookkeeping Reminder
Brian nullarton nullPelham
district and embarnullon their future adult livesnull
great yearnull Bob nullas also instrumental in helping
Small Business & Personal Returns
nullhis is a very important developmental aspect that
bring the nullallenger nullvision to Pelham in nullnull,
should be considered by the Board alnullaysnull
nullhere nullds nullth disabilities are nonullable to ennully
Federal and All States
nullpointing nullphne nullenyon to replace nullrnull
playing baseballnull null nullll be missed, but not
SHATTUCK Brocnulleier upon his resignation nullas, to me,
forgotten at nullldoon Parnull

Established 1996 635 2133
the best possible choice in the short termnull
null you may or may not have heard or read,
nullphne, the economist, alnullays nullietly demands
there are nonullseparate organinulltions for baseball
Hillside Plaza, Rte 38 -122 Bridge Street, Pelham
clarinullation on issues, considers the taxpayers,
and softballnull People nullll have their thoughts or
48 Bridge St., Nashua
understands legislation, thinnull outside the box,
hear different stories as to nullhy this occurred and
Since 1911
and expresses her thoughts clearly and conciselynull
null nullant people to nullonullthat this split is not a
It has been a pleasure to nullatch nullphne during the
bad thing, as it allonull both groups to focus more
Tile • Wood • Carpet
JP Kids & Company
Laminates • Vinyl
past fenullmonths and I thannullher for stepping up
on their respective nullds and programsnull Pelham
Braided Rugs
nullhen asnulld to return to the Board temporarilynull
Baseball nullll still be nullornullng nullth Pelham Softball
I nullould linull to see the Board return to regularly
to ensure, above all else, that every child nullho
Please run ab
Enrolling Infants,T
ove ad for two w
, then remove
12' X 12' ROOM
scheduled meetings that are not in connullct
chooses to play baseball or softball in this tonull
nullth the Selectmen and that can be televised
has a great experiencenull
Preschool and Pre-kindergarten
livenull nulleting at the Snullnull nullhere there is no live
nullhe Pelham Baseball Board is already nullornullng
Top Sentence that is in Bold and run the rest of
Open House
PRE FINISHED OAK television signal, adds to the delay of sometimes
hard on the nullnull season and this year, null nullll
$999.00 Inst. up to a nullenullbefore time permits tape to be
roll out an online registration process, among
The season – Thanks
transferred to nullnull and then scheduled for
other thingsnull nullnull nullst about every other youth
Thurs., Feb. 4th
$299.00 Inst. w/pad
sports organinulltion, Pelham Baseball is run nullnull
from 6-8pm Coming
Perhaps once the high school is cable-activated,
percent by volunteer effortsnull Each year, there is

an exceptional,
Similar $399.00 Inst.
meetings nullll be held there in a space that is
alnullays a need for dedicated people nullho can help
convenient and large enough for citinullns nullho
coach at all the levelsnull nulle realinull this renullires
savings for
nullsh to attend, to comfortably observe, and to
a time commitment, but it may not be as much
program with areas. $999.00 Inst.
interact nullth the Boardnull
as people thinnull especially at the assistant coach
experienced staff
M-T-W-F 10-5; Thurs 10-7
nullother concern of mine is that often, there are
levelnull nullthough nullonulledge of baseball is a plus,
Sat 10-3; Closed Sunday
33 Indian Rock Rd
very fenull, if any, residentsnulloters at the meetings of
it is not a deal-breanullr as null have people and
(Rte 111), Windham
the School Boardnull nullless there is a controversial
resources readily available to help you provide
the tools, techninulles, and
instruction, especially at the
Entering the 3rd Dimension in Dentistry Technology!
beginning levels of play, such as
null-Ball (ages nulland null and nullarm
(ages nulland nullnull In addition,
there are experienced coaches
Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry
at all levels, as nullll as Board
Columbus Dental CarColumbus Dental Care offers e offers
members that can serve as
great mentors, should this be
High Tech Dentistry:
one visit dentistrone visit dentistry for most y for most something null hope you nullould
• Zoom! Whitening
dental prdental
linull to stay involved in each
• Laser Tooth Preparation
One visit- One time anestthesia-One visit- One time anesthesia-
continued to page null- Letternull
• One Visit Crowns
• Digital X-Rays
long lasting rlong lasting restorestorations!ations!
• New 3D Digital Panoramic X-Ray
ith the latest tecW ith the latest tecW hnologicalhnological
Technology for better Implant computerized dental carcomputerized dental care,
planning and treatment!
you’ll eyou’ll experience fast, xperience fast,
to Editor
Long Lasting Solutions for: convconvenient carenient care that e that
nullhe nullea nullnull
• Preventing Dental Problems
fits yfits your busy lifestyle.our busy lifestyle.
nulloup gladly nulllcomes
• Gaps or Imperfections in your Smile
submissions of nulltters to
•Tooth or Jaw Pain
the Editornull Please include
your name, address, and
• Discolored Teeth • Gum Problems
phone number in any
• Loose or Weakened Teeth submission for verinullation
Dr. Joseph V. Columbus
Now Available!
Little Extras:
purposes onlynull
nullnullests to nullthhold
Dr. Dori Lang Columbus
3D X-Ray
• DVD/CD Players in Treatment Rooms
a nulliter’s name nullll be
Combined Over 30
• Headphones • Refreshments
honored, as long as the
letter isn’t critical of
Years of Experience
• Outside Financing Information Avail.
another by namenull nulle feel
• Courtesy Insurance Processing
that someone criticinulld
by name has the right to
nullonullthe identity of the
P.L.L.C. criticnull nulltters more than
nullnull nullords nullll be returned
to sendernull nulle reserve the
right to edit or refuse letters
882-9955 deemed to be in bad tastenull
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