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17 Executive Drive, Suite 1, Hudson, NH 03051 880-1516 Fax 879-9707 www.areanewsnullounullconull newsnullreanewsnullounullconull
Community Events Library
Baseball nullbsite under nullocumentsnull
nullhere nullll also be tnullo nullalnullin nullgistrations
Friday, January 29 nullnday, February 1 nullSunday, February 2null
on Saturday, nullebruary nulland nullrch nullat
Windham Regular Meetings & Events
nullhe nullindnullm nullstination nullagiNation nullor the month of nullebruary null nullll be
Pelham nullmorial School from nullanullnullto
teams nullll be holding their annual celebrating our nullood for nullines nullogram at the
noonnull nullgistrations for the nullnor, nullnullr,
American nullgion Post nullnull nullonull nullll, upstairs, nullnull pnullnull third nulluesday
nullagnulltti nullnuller at the nenullnullindham Pelham Public nullbrarynull nullce the holidays
and Babe nullth nullvisions nullll be accepted
nullgh School, from nullnullnull pnullnull nulldelicious have come and gone, the local food pantry
through nullrch nullnull nullgistrations for the
Cnullnull , nullindham Presbyterian nullurch, nullnull pnullnull third nullhursday (nulludy
nulllt nullnullnullnull)
dinner of spaghetti, salad, bread, dessert, suffers a tremendous donullturn in donationsnull
null-Ball, nullarm, and nullallenger nullvisions nullll
and beverage nullll be servednull nullring the nulle hope that this program nullll help bolster
be accepted through nullril nullnull nullter these
Community nullnces , nullindham nullonull nullll,
dinner, families can participate in the nullnull their supplies and give them the resources to
deadlines, a late fee nullll be imposednull nullirst
nullpnullnull nullst nullriday (nullindham nullcnullnullnullnullnull)
nullalnull nullstination Imaginulltion, or nullI,null nullep on goingnull nulll of the food is donated to
time registrants nullll be renullired to provide
Conservation Commission, Planning nullnullvelopment nullnference room,
is an international organinulltion in nullhich the nullood Pantry in tonull nullth help from the
a birth certinullate at time of registrationnull nullee
nullpnullnull second and fourth nullhursday
nullindham students from grades nullnull can Pelham nullod nullighbor nullndnull nullou can bring
Ball players must be age nullnullon or before Garden Club, nullindham nullonull nullll, nullnull pnullnull third nullhursday (except
participatenull nullhe program teaches life snulllls these donations to the nullbrary anytime in the
nullril null, nullnullnull Baseball players must be
and expands imaginations through team- month of nullebruary and null nullll forgive any
age nullnull on or before nullril null, nullnullnull Babe nullnnanullnullstin nullilters Guild , nulldson nullmmunity nullnter, nullanullnull nullst
based, creative problem solvingnull nullou can outstanding nulles for items returnednull Please
nullth players must be null on or before nullril nullnday (except nullune nullnullugust)
purchase ticnullts from any null team member consider helping out neighbors and yourself
null, nullnullnull Senior Babe nullth players must
nullstoric nullstrictnulleritage Commission , Bartley nulluse, nullpnullnull second
or by calling nullristie nullvis at nullnullnullnull, at the same timenull
be null-null as of nullanuary null nullnullnull nullor more nullednesday
or nullShel nullissner at nullnullnullnull, or by e-
information, contact nullttle nullague’s Player
nullbrary Events null nullnullnullesmithlibrarynullrg
mailing difundraisernullmailnullomnull nullicnullts nullll
Saturday, February null
nullent, Ed nulleason at nullnullnullnullnullnull,
nullons Club , nullindham Senior nullnter, nullpnullnull nullst and third nullednesday
also be available at the doornull
nullarm up at the nullriends of the nullbrary of
nullnullnullnullnullnull or e-mailed to
nullindham’s (nullnullnull nullinter Book nullair null nullme
(except nulluly nullnullugust) nullsitors are alnullays nulllcomenull
Now through Sunday, February 7 and ennully gently used adult and children’s
nullnullnullClub of nullindnullm, nullll for infonullnullnullnullnull or
nulllp nullht hunger in our community and nulltion and non-nulltion boonull, games, nulls,
Saturday, February null momsclubnullndhamnhnullahoonullom
support the nullirst nullngregational nullurch of and softnullare from null anullnullto nullpnullnullat the
nullhe nullbbetts Pond Improvement nullsociation
Planning Board, Planning nullnullvelopment nullnference nullom, nullnull pnullnull
Pelham’s endeavor to collect nullnullnullpounds nullsmith nullbrary in nullindhamnull nullnulls pre-null
and nullnullnullmpshire nullnulls are co-sponsoring nullst and third nullednesday
of non-perishable food items by nullebruary sale nullll be nullriday, nullebruary null from
a nullamily nulle nullest on Cobbetts Pond from
Recreation Committee, Planning nullnullvelopment nullnference nullom,
null nullnullnull nullhe nullounullr Bowl of Caringnull is a nullnullnull pnullnull nullhe pre-sale is for nullnullnull
null anullnullnullpnullnull Parnullng and pedestrian
nullpnullnull third nullhursday
national program that is held annually on members, teachers, and senior citinullns
access is at nullstletonnull nullhere is no
Recreation nullnullrtment activities null
Super Bonull Sunday to bring anullareness and onlynullhonullver, non-members may nullin
snonullobile or four-nullheeler accessnull Ice
nullht hunger across our countrynull nulll proceeds that evening and ennully the full benenulls of
nullest events include ice snullting, ice nullhing
nulllectmen , Planning nullpartment, nullpnullnull nullndays
collected nullll be donated to the Pelham membership right anullaynull Senior citinullns are
demonstrations, snonullsculpting, hocnully
nullood Pantrynull nullnations can be left at the not only invited to shop at the pre-sale, but
pucnullcontests and much morenull Bring your
Tecnullical Advisory Committee , SnullnullBuilding, nullpnullnull second nullhursday
nullirst nullngregational nullurch, nullnullin Street, nullll also ennully a null-percent discount at the
ice snulltes, snonullhoes and cross country
(except nulluly, nullugust, nullcember)
Pelhamnull nullor additional details, contact the pre-salenull nullor more information, contact
snullsnull Bring a pot of your onull chili and
Toastmasters, nullindham Senior nullnter, nullpnullnull second nullednesday
church ofnulle at nullnullnullnull or Susan nullbert at nullnullnullnull or nullelley nullge at
compete for prinulls against your friends in a nullindnullm Bible Cnullnulll nulloutnullGrounull , at nullapel, nullnull pnullnull nullednesdays
nullnullnullouperbonullnullrgnull nullnullnullnullnull
chili-tasting contestnull nullt chocolate, cider
nullindnullm Newcomers nullnullriends Club, activities scheduled throughout the
and coonulles nullll be available courtesy of the
Friday, February 5 Saturday, February 1null
nullInulland nullnullnullmpshire nullnullsnull nullhe event
nullcal dentists nullll provide free dental nullhe nullsmith nullbrary in nullindham nullll
nullindnullm nullomannulls Club , nullindham nullonull nullll, nullnullnullanullnull nullst
is free and open to allnull nullor more information
nullednesday, September through nullynullsecond nullednesday in nullanuary
services as part of the nullerican nullntal celebrate the nullnar nullear of tnull Tiger null nullr
please contact us at nullnullnullobbettspondnullrg
(nullnullnullnull, nullnullnullindhamnullomansclubnullom)
nullsociation’s annual Give Kids a nullile nully , celebration nullll begin at nullpnullnull nullollonullng a
or nullnullnullhlanullsnullrgnull
locally supported by the nullnullnullmpshire brief introduction and history of the holiday,
nullning Board, Planning nullnullvelnullConference Room , nullnull pnullnull second
nullntal Society and nullrtheast nulllta nullntalnull this year’s program features a performance
Now through Friday, February 19
and fourth nulluesdaynull
nullildren nullth no dental insurance or regular by the nullouth Eastern String nullroupenull nullor more
Pelham Parnull and nullcreation is nonullholding
access to dental care nullll receive free dental information on the troupe performing, visit
registration for tnull nullnull nulldoor nullccer
services, including dental examinations, their nullbsite at httpnullnulloutheasternstringnull
nullague , nullhich nullll be played on nulle
Saturdays, nullrch nullnullril nullat the Pelham
Pelham Regular Meetings & Events
cleanings, nulloride treatments and sealantsnull comnullefaultnulltmnull nullother highlight of this
vnull e nullds a Smile nully is the nullcnulloff event year’s program nullll be a nullinese yo-yo
Elementary and nullmorial School gymsnull nullhe
league is open to boys and girls, ages nullnullnull
Animal Rescue Network of New England, Pelham Police nullpartment
for nulltional nullildren’s nullntal nullalth nullnth demonstrationnull null in years past, there nullll be
null experience needednull nullaches nullantednull
nullmmunity Service nullom, nullst nullnday, nullnullnullpnullnull
in nullebruary, designed to raise anullareness an authentic tea ceremony presentation, and
about the importance of oral healthnull nullntal
nulllate fee nullll be charged after the
Budget Committee meeting, nullndays and nullhursdays, nullnull pm, visit
a nullainullanese nullon nullnce nullll be performed in
nullebruary null deadlinenull Players nullll be added
nullnullnullelhamnullbnullom for exact schedule
disease is the most prevalent childhood full costume to celebrate the start of the nullnull
disease, but it is almost completely nullearnull nullildren nullll be able to participate
if space is availablenull nulleams are a mix of boys
Conservation Commission, Sherburne nullll, nullnull pnullnull second
preventable through regular dental visits,
and girlsnullspace is limitednull nulle form per
in manullng simple crafts to bring home and
brushing, nullssing and access to nulloridenull In red envelopes nullll be handed out at the
child needednull nullst be age nullas of nullnullnullnull Council on Aging, Pelham Senior nullnter, nullpnullnull nullst nullhursday (except
Pelham, nullnullnulllfa nullllins nullll provide free end of the programnull nullsample of candies
nullgistration forms at our tonull hall ofnulle or
nulluly and nullugust)
dental services at nullnullBridge Streetnull nullo and snacnull from nullinatonull nullll also be
print form online (nullnullnullelhamnullbnullomnull
CTAC, nullonull nullll nullnex, nullpnullnull second nullednesday
schedule an appointment, call nullnullnullnullnull providednull Bring the nullhole family and ennully
recreation)null nullou may also registernullay online
Griefnullare , grief recovery support group, nullndays, nullnull nullnullnull pnullnull
this annual holiday celebration you nullon’t
at httpsnullnullebtracnullelhamnullbnullomnull nullorms
nullossroads Baptist nullurch
Sunday, February 1null
nullant to missnull
may be mailed or dropped off at nullnullllage
Tnull New Greeley nullngers , a community
nullnnanullnullstin nullilters Guild , nulldson nullmmunity nullnter, nullanullnull nullst
nulleennull nullhere is a fee per playernullnullaches
chorus based in Pelham, nullll hold a
nullnday (except nullune-nullugust)
meeting tentatively scheduled for nullrch null
nullalentinenulls nully Cabaret nullndraiser at the Meetings
nullnull, at nullnull pnullnullin the nullmorial cafenull
nullstorical nullciety , nullstorical Society Building, fourth nullnday
nullrris’ Pelham Inn, null nulldge nullnull Pelham,
nullednenullay, February null
E-mail recreationnullelhamnullbnullom, or call
Knignulls of Columbus , nullof nullnullll, nullnull pnullnull nullst nullednesday
starting at nullnull pnullnull nullhere is a cost for
nullhe nullindham nulloman’s nullub nullll host
nullnullnullnull nullth any nullestions or to volunteer nullbrary Events nullnullnullnullelhamnullbnullomnullibrary
ticnullts, nullhich includes a turnully dinner, nullth
guest speanullr, Nnullnullmorist and storyteller
as a coachnull
nullbrary Trustees , Pelham nullbrary, nullnull pnullnull second nullednesday
a percent supporting the Singersnull nullrafnull
Rebecca Rule, author of Live Free and Eat
and cash bar nullll also be availablenullnullables for
Sunday, January null
nullm To nullm, nullossroads Baptist nullurch, every other nullhursday, for
Pie, at their nullebruary nullmeetingnull nullbecca
eight (null can be reservednull nullor ticnullts, mail
Pelnullm nullinterfest nullnull nullll be held at the
information, contact nullndy at cnullynullrnullhotmailnullom or nullnullnullnullnull
nullll be delighting us nullth her guide to null
a checnullor money order to nullnullnulleeley
Pelham Ice nullrden outdoor rinnullin nullyons nullnull (nullms nullfering nullms Support), Pelham Public nullbrary, nulllly
and its residentsnull She’s collected stories
Singers, PnullBox null, Pnull elham, null nullnullnull
Parnullfrom null anullnullnullpnullnull nullhe event nullll
nullbbs nullom, nullnull nullnullnullnullanullnull nullirst nullnday (unless it’s a holiday, then
about nullhat’s special about this rocnully old
and they can be mailed to you or held at the
include food, fun, games, and a nullattle of the
second nullnday)null pelhammomsclubnullahoonullomnull
state of nullnullnullmpshire for years, and
doornull nullestionsnullE-mail ngsingersnullmailnull
BadgesnullPolice vsnullnullire nullpartment charity nullPnull (nullthers of Preschoolers) meeting, nullossroads Baptist nullurch,
includes many of them in her nenullboonullnullve
com, or call nulllen at nullnullnullnullnullnull or nulludy
hocnully gamenull nullhe game nullll begin at
nullnull nullnullnullnullanullnull nullst and third nullhursdays of most monthsnull (nullnullnullnull
nullree and Eat PienullStoryteller’null s nullide to nullnull
at nullnullnullnullnull
nullpnullnull and nullll help raise funds for
or e-mail cnullynullrnullhotmailnullom)nullnullnullnullopsnullrgnull
nullmpshirenully nullnull omen interested in seeing
nullildren’s nullspital at nullrtmouth nulltchcocnull Planning Board, nullonull nullll, nullnull pnullnull nullst and third nullnday
nulluenullay, February 1null
nullbecca nullle and nullding out about our club
nullor more information, visit
Pulnullt Rock nulldge Number nullnull , nullnull nulleting, every second nullnday
nulltention nullindham nullotersnull nullhe nullindham
are invited to our luncheon nullhich begins
(except nulluly and nullugust), nullnull pnullnull at the nulldgenull
nulloman’s nullub nullll sponsor Candidates
at nullnullnullanullnullfollonulld by the programnull
Nignull to be held at nullpnullnullin the nullindham
nullntact Elinullbeth nullnulllly nullnullnullnullnull nullr
nullednenullay, February 17, Friday, nullrnull 2null
Pulnullt Rock nulldgenulls Public Breakfast , every third Sunday (except nulluly
and Friday, nullril 1null
and nullugust) nullnullnull anullnull
nullonull nullllnull nullhe community is invited to
nullbsite isnullnullnullnullindhamnullomansclubnullomnull
meet the candidatesnull Each candidate nullll
nullindham nullcreation is pleased to
Red nullt nullciety , nullnull, nullnullin Street, nullnull pnullnull second nulluesday
speanullbrienull, and a nullestion and ansnullr
Pelham Senior Lunch
announce a nenullprogram for nullds ages
Recreation nullnullrtment activities nullnullnullnullelhamnullbnullomnullecreationnull
period nullll follonullnull nullderator nullll be nullncy
nullnull nulld nullience null nullll be offering fun
Rockingnullm County nullomennulls Connection , nullcnullngham nullce nullracnull
nullullonull null-chairs are Patricia Snullnner and
nullals are served at the Senior nullnter, and educational nullornullhops for youth to
Belmont nullom, nullnullnullanullnull third nulluesday
nullry nullifnullnull nullhe event nullll be aired live on
nullnullshua nullad, Pelhamnull be held once a month nullth the nullcreation
, February 2 nullFriday, February 5
nulllectmen , Sherburne nullll, nullnull pnullnull nulluesdays
nullindham nullmmunity nullble null nullannel nullnull
nulluenullay nullpartmentnullnullheir nullornullhops are fun-nullled
Tuesdaynull Soup, Bar-B-nullPornullShannull, Potato, and hands-onnull null nullednesday, nullebruary null,
nullngle nullm nullall Grounull , nullpnullnull nullridays, nullndy nullnullnullnull
nullurnullay Starnull ting on February 1null
nullxed nulleggies ,Bread, nullssert the topic is Energy and nulltionnull nullildren nullnullPatrick nullnullol Board , School nullbrary, nullpnullnull second nulluesday
nullpresentatives from AARP Tanullnullenullration
nullednesdaynull Shepherds Pie (nulloun Beef, explore the concept of energy and honull
nullnull , nullnullin Street, Pelham, nullpnullnull nullst nullhursday
services nullll be at the Pelham Public nullbrary
nullrn, Potato), Sliced Beets, Bread, Bronullienull energy gets things moving in this nullornullhopnull
assisting residents nullth their tax return
nullattannick Grange, nulldson nullange nullll, nullnull pnullnull nullst and third
Ice nulleam null nullriday, nullrch null, the topic is Shapes and
preparationnull nullpresentatives nullll be at the
Tnullrsdaynull nullicnulln Breast, Banulld Potato, Structuresnull nullildren nullll discover different
library on nullhursday evenings from nullnullpnullnull
anberry Sauce, Butternut Snullash, nullnner null
nullning Board , nullonull nullll, nullnull pnullnull second nullnday
shapes and structures by using different
meeting in the nulllly nullbbs meeting roomnull
nullll, nullapioca Puddingnullopping nullnds of enullipment linull nulloboards and
nullheir last day is nullril null nullnullnull nullhis is a free
nullridaynull nullast Beef, Potatonullravy, nulleen nullgnatilesnull null nullriday, nullril null, the topic
service for taxpayers nullth lonull and middle-
Beans, Bread, nullmon Pie nullll be Butternullesnull nullscover nullhere they
income, nullth special attention to those null
come from, stages of their gronullh, honull
and oldernull nullll nullnullnullnullnullnull if you have
School Activities
they eat, and even manull some of their onull
Pelham~Windham News
any nullestions, or if you nullould linull to manull
to tanull home during this nullornullhopnull nullhe
an appointmentnull Saturday, February nulland nullrnull null
nullornullhops are null-null minutes in length and
Pelnullm nulloutnullBaseball is proud to announce
17 Executive Drive, Suite One, Hudson
begin at null anullnull nullhere is a cost per classnull
that onnulline registrations
Did you know this newspaper
are nonullavailable
Parents stay, but they try to see if the nullds can
Editor in Chief Len Lathrop
for all levels of nullttle nullague and Babe nullth
be independent in the nullornullhopnull nullo register,
Saturday, January null
Baseball for the nullnull seasonnullSimply go to
nullamilies are invited to the nullsmith nullbrary
can be read online?
contact the nullcreation nullnulle at nullcreation
the Pelham Baseball nullbsite,
indhamnullnullampshirenullom or at nullnullnull
from null-null anullnullto ennully an interactive
nullnullnullelhambbsbnullom, and clicOrnullon der some of your favorite photos, and even* access
nullnullnull Space is limited, and pre-registration
Michael Falzone • Brian Marrocco
boonullpresentation nullth nulltasha Bochnullv,
nullegister nulllinenullto register your pla
our advertisers with a simple click of the mouse.
is renullirednull
Denise Dolloff • Cindy Hansberry
the author of the innovative, multi-lingual
nullthough on-line registration is the preferred
children’s boonull Kolobonullnull Ennully a spirited
method, those nullshing to register by mail can
Errors: The liability of the publisher on account of errors in or omissions from
*advertiser must have a web address
reading of this charming folnullale by the
nulld documents to do so on the same Pelham
any advertisement will in no way exceed the amount of the charge for the space
author nullhile vienullng the colorful illustrations
occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first incorrect insertion.
on a large screennull nulltasha nullll also
Advertisers should notify management within three (3) business days if any error
incorporate a fun nullssian language lesson
into her presentationnull nulltasha Bochnullv is a
Deadline for all materials is due Tuesday at noon, prior to Friday edition.
dedicated educator and graphic artistnull She
encourages all children to be curious about Did you know?
The Area News Group prints “Letters to the Editor” on a space available basis,
with preference to non-frequent writers. Requests to withhold a writer’s name will
foreign languages and foreign culturesnull
be honored at the discretion of the editor. Letters more than 600 words will be
nullor more information about nulltasha and Did you know this newspaper
returned to sender.
Kolobok, visit nullnullnullingvaeriumnullomnull
can be read online?
Any article, “Letter to the Editor,” “Thumbs,” or advertisement appearing in
Area News Group papers are the sole opinion of the writer(s) and does not
nullnday Fnull ebruary 1 nullnullrnull 15
The Pelham~Windham News
necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff or ownership of the newspaper. We
onullnull null Toddler story time is for children
can now be read in its entirety at
reserve the right to edit or refuse ads, articles, or letters deemed to be in bad taste.
ages null months to null months, nullth a
caregivernull Sessions nullll be held on nullnday 880-1516 • Fax: 879-9707
mornings at null anullnull nulloddler story time
Order some of your favorite photos,
provides an opportunity for you and your
and even *access our advertisers
child to explore the library and ennully boonull
with a simple click of the mouse.
Published by Michael Elizabeth & Moore, Limited
togethernull nullor information, call nullnullnullnull and
asnullfor nullri nullrse or nullren nullreynull
*advertiser must have a web address An Area News Group publication.
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