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Volume 7 Number 29 January 29, 2010 12 Pages
Proposed School Budget
PES Third Annual
Up 3.41 Percent
by Barbara O’Brien
It’s less than originally put forth,
budget that are due to contractual
but the nullal proposed nullnull-nullnull
agreements include health insurance,
nullindham School nullstrict nullerating
nullhich is forecast to increase by
Budget still shonull an increase of nullnull
nullnull percent next year for a total of
percent over nullhat nullas allocated for
nullnull,nullnull teacher salary increases
the current school yearnull In defense of
totaling nullnull,nullnull liability insurance,
their proposal, honullver, School Board
nullnullnullnull an Snullnullassessment of
members point out that the student
nullnullnullnull and student transportation of
population for next year is expected to
shonullan increase of about four percent
nullhere is one area of decrease in
over the current enrollmentnull
contractual obligations, honullver, that
nullxt year’s proposed operating
being nullnull,nullnullless in debt payments
budget totals nullnullnullnullnullnull null,nullnullnullnull
for a past building pronullctnull
more than the nullnullnullnullnullnullallocated
Proposed increases of a discretionary
for the current nullnull-nullnull school
nature include nullnullnullnullfor a nenull
yearnull In addition to the general
guidance counselor at the elementary
operating budget, nullnull,nullnullis also set
school levelnullnullnullnullnullfor an additional
aside through grant funding and an
Special Education teachernullnullnullnullnullin
additional nullnull,nullnullis appropriated
salary increases (nullnullpercent) for non- y
for food servicesnull nullither the grant
union employeesnulland nullnull,nullnullfor a
money or the food service funding has
modular classroom and furnishings at
any impact on local taxpayer dollarsnull
nullindham nullddle Schoolnull
en Plumle
nullhe food service program is self-funded
nulltem said that the most important
through money collected by the sale of
of the discretionary items is the
y Kar
hot lunches and other food items sold
money for the modular classroomnull If
to students and staffnull
the modular (portable) classroom is
School Board nullce nullairman nullnull
not approved by voters, he said, it
nulltem described the proposed nullnull-
could mean the loss of the library and
staff photo
nullnull school budget as being nullery
computer labnull nullithout the modular,
Competitors in the Pelham Elementary School third annual spelling bee competition, which was held on Thursday, nullanuary null
he explained, students might have to
by Karen Plumley
Increases in the proposed operating
continued to page 8- School Budget
In a grueling but exciting seven- nulltalie’s nullord in the nullal round bees, competed in the school-nullde
round competition, a Pelham nullas nullsychoanalysisnullnull nullor being competition on nullhursdaynull nullhe
fourth grader named Ethan Boisvert the runner up in a very tough school champion nullll go on to
emerged victorious at the Pelham competition, nulltalie nullon herself compete in the regional spelling
Space Crunch Continues
Elementary School (PES)’s third a nullnullgift card to Barnes nullnullble, bee championship that nullll be held
annual spelling bee, held on nullhile Ethan earned a nullnullgift cardnull in Salem on nullrch nullnull If for any
nullhursday, nullanuary nullnull nullhis year’s nullnullnty-four students, the nullnners reason he cannot attend, the runner-
in Schools
competition nullas really good, and of each of their classes’ spelling up nullll go in his steadnull
the longest one null’ve ever had,null
noted PES nullading Specialist and
by Barbara O’Brien
Bee organinullr nullchelle nullgernull In the
nullindham School Board members
nullhe estimated enrollment for
audience nullre cheering students
decided not to asnullvoters for the
the nullnull-nullnull school year is as
in grades three through nulle, their
money to build a nenullschool this
follonullnullnulllden BroonullElementary
teachers, and some special guests,
year, putting off the inevitable for at
(nullndergarten through second grade),
including Superintendent nullnullnullrannull
least one more yearnull nullnullver, the
nullth a total of nullnullstudents, including
Bass, as nullll as School Board
space constraints that are necessitating
approximately nullnullnullndergartenersnull
members nullb nullan and Eleanor
additional construction are not
nullnter School (third through nullth
Burtonnull nullso attending nullre many
getting betternull nullng-term pronullctions
grade) nullth a total of nullnull studentsnull
supportive parents, including Ethan’s
indicate that the student population of
and nullindham nullddle School (sixth
mom, dad, and grandmother, nullho
nullindham nullll only increase over the
through eighth grade) nullth a total of
excitedly hugged him in praise after
next null yearsnull
it nullas all overnull
nullring a recent public forum,
By comparison, according to the
nullcording to nullger, the spelling
School Board nullce nullairman nullnull
statistics presented, nulllden Broonullhas
nullords got increasingly more difnullult
nulltem and Superintendent nullrannull
a student capacity of nullnullstudents
as the rounds progressednull nullhere
Bass presented statistics pertaining
(not including the modular classrooms
nullre nullords such as nullccomplice’
to school enrollment, as nullll as the
installed for the nenullnullndergarten
and nullallacy,’nullshe saidnull In the
student capacity of three of nullindham’s
program initiated this past fall)nullnullnter
end, Ethan Boisvert nullas able
schools, including nulllden Broonull
School has a student capacity of nullnull
to spell nullnfatuation,nullbeating
Elementary, nullnter School, and
studentsnulland the nullddle School a total
the very impressive runner-up,
nullindham nullddle Schoolnull nullhe only
student capacity of nullnullstudentsnull nullhe
nulltalie nullllanueva (a third grader)null PES spelling bee champion, fourth grader PES spelling bee runner-up, third grader
school not included nullas the brand-
total capacity translates into an average
Ethan Boisvert Natalie Villanueva
nenullnullindham nullgh School, nullhich
of null students per classroomnulla number
opened this past September to grades
nullhich school administrators believe
nine and nullnull continued to page 8- Space Crunch
Swap It, Don’t Drop It
Thinking Ahead by Karen Plumley
nullildren in grades nullnulltoonull
to Mosquito Season
center stage at Pelham Elementary
School (PES) on the evening of
nulluesday, nullanuary null, during the
reading program entitled nulleading
by Barbara O’Brien
Is nullnnullnull nullring the educational
nullhe manullrity of nullindham Selectmen
replied, nullonenull nullhis only helps the
hour (sponsored by the PES Pnullnull
thinnullthat continuing to spray portions
mosnullito sprayers,nullhe addednull
School nulluncil, and nullitle I), nullds
of the community for mosnullitoes is a
nullnullhon toonullexception nullth
nullre invited to stop by, donate
very good ideanull nullhat opinion is not
nullhenberger’s comments, saying
some used boonull, and picnullup a fenull
unanimous, honullvernull
that he continues to support spraying
unfamiliar titles in the school’s nullst-
nullith nullnter only one-third over and
certain areas of nullindham because
ever boonullsnullapnull Shortly thereafter,
the nullug seasonnullmonths anullay, nullonull
it also helps to diminish the ticnull
youngsters and their parents sat
nullministrator nullvid Sullivan, thinnullng
population, an insect that can carry
donull to listen to a presentation by
ahead, asnulld selectmen to manull a
nullyme disease, nullhich is a potentially
Early nullildhood Educator, Stephanie
decision on nullhether or not to continue
debilitating condition that can cause
nullnull-nullu, from nullhe nullnter of
the sprayingnulla pronullct nullhich nullas
long-term negative effectsnull nulle have
nullplied nullild nullvelopment at nullufts
begun about four years agonull
a safety obligationnullto continue the
nulliversitynull nullnull-nullu is an expert
nullindham ofnullials began spraying
spraying, nullnullhon saidnull nullnullhon en Plumle
in the art of reading to children,
for mosnullitoes due to the innullx of the
also said that he believes the threat
and she is currently nullornullng nullth
nullest nullle nullrus and nullriple E (Eastern
of nullriple E is less nonullthan it nullas a b
y Kar
the elementary school on a contract
Enulline Encephalitis), both of nullhich are
fenullyears ago, due to the seasonal
basis as part of the School In nulled
borne by mosnullitoesnull People said they
sprayingnull nullf null help even one child, it
of Improvement (SInull) plannull
nullre especially concerned about the
is nullorth it,nullnullnullhon saidnull
nullhe nulleading Is nullnnullprogram
areas nullhere young people participate
nullnullod said he largely supports
staff photo
nullas open to students at all reading
Parents and children in grades nullnullennully a boonullswap at PES on nulluesday, nullanuary null,
in sports and other outdoor activitiesnull
continuing nullth the spraying program
levels and, in particular, the program
during the nulleading nulls nullunnullprogram, hosted by the PES Pnullnull School Council, and nullitle null
nullring the board meeting on
this year because of standing
nullas designed to encourage parents
nullanuary null and after a brief discussion,
nullater issues at some of the tonull’s
second half-hour, nullnull-nullu spent time nullornullng nullth the
to actively participate in their children’s reading
selectmen voted nullto nullto approve
recreational areasnull nullhese areas are a
parents only, offering more tips to motivate their children
development nullhile inspiring a life-long love of readingnull
nullnullnullnullto continue the insecticide
real breeding groundnullfor mosnullitoes,
to readnull
nullt all started nullth a nullestion posed by nullnullBassnull nullonull
spraying pronullct for nullnullnull nulloting
he saidnull
nullannullhile, children nullre dismissed to the cafeteria,
can null get our students more motivated to readnullnull
in favor of spraying again nullre nullce
In a separate vote, again nullto null
nullhere nulle PES nullitle I tutors held reading-related game
explained PES nullading Specialist nullchelle nullgernull nulle
nullairman Bruce Breton, nullss nullnullod,
selectmen decided to nullaive the
stations and light snacnullnull nullhe tutors developed the
nullanted to start nullth the younger nullds and their parentsnull
and nullarles nullnullhonnull nullger
bid process and once again anullard
games, and the nullds nullre really ennullying themselves
null part of SInull, our improvement plan presented to the
nullhenberger cast the only negative
the contract to nullnicipal Pest
and engaged,nulldescribed nullgernull In the end, nobody left
state, null nullll be holding parent nights throughout the
votenull nullairman nulllen Stearns nullas not
nullnagement and Snullamp, Incnullof
the program empty-handednull Each child nullas able to
school year,nullcontinued nullgernull nulleading Is nullnnullnullas one
in attendance at that meetingnull
nullttery, nullinenull Sullivan said that tonull
bring home a couple of gently used boonullnull So many
of those special nightsnull
nullhenberger said he vienull the
ofnullials have a good rapport nullth
boonull nullre collected at the snullap, noted nullger, that the
nullcording to nullger, somenullhere betnullen null and null
spraying for mosnullitoes as null useless
the onullers of the company and he
snullapping continued the next school day nullth the fourth
parents nullre in attendance at this nullst reading eventnull
expenditure of money,nullalso asnullng
recommends continuing nullth them
and nullth gradersnull nullhe next school-nullde reading event
nullhe hour nullas split into tnullo partsnull In the nullst half-hour
nullhat empirical data do null have
again this yearnull Snullamp, Incnullhas done
nullll be nullead nullross nullerica,nulla celebration of reading
segment, nullnull-nullu demonstrated the best nullay to read
that this has solved anythingnull nullhen,
the nullb for the same amount (nullnullnullnull
and nullnullSeuss’ birthday, in nullrchnull
to nullds aloud by actually reading to them directlynull In the
ansnullring his nullestion himself,
for the past three years, Sullivan saidnull
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