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Hudson - Litchfield News
8 - January 29, 2010
onullut null nullasnullnullorce
by Len Lathronull attendance, behanullor and coursenullerformance.
Onuller the past fenullmonths nullene Sousa and Laura nullsson null nulleate an internullention program at both the middle school
hanulle been nullornullng diligently to address the null.nullpercent and the high school geared for dropouts. nullhis program
dropout rate in the Hudson school system. nullhey hanulle created could also tanull place in our community.
a tasnullforce nullth null staff members from the Hudson School nullother important goal is to manull the community anullare
District from all grade lenullels. of the impact the dropout rate has and nullhat null can all do
null 200null200null null high school students enullted school as a community to support this effort.
nullthout receinullng a high school diploma and null of them nullhe nenull meeting of the tasnullforce is scheduled for
dropped out all together. nullhe nenully formed tasnullforce feels a nullebruary null 20null. nullmmittee members includenull nullnullhairs,
great need to alert the school community and the community Laura nullsson of the School nullard and nullene Sousa, Director
of Hudson that this is not nullst a problem, this is a crisis of Special Sernullces, nullren nullerrante and Sherri Lanulloie of
bordering on catastrophe. Hills nullrrison, Michelle Mahoney and Meg nullilliams of
nullhis initial goal of the tasnullforce is to identify those families nullttingham nullest, Melanie nullrren and Marynullllen Labrie
nullho are most linullly to hanulle a student leanulle high school early of HOSnullnull, nullncent nullagan, Lori nullbicheau, nullren Onullrien,
by the follonullng actionsnull nullerrie nulleane and nullll nullmons of Hudson Memorial, nullyan
null nullternullenullteachers nullho see a child struggling and Lane, nullll Hughen, Scott nullddell, Sunullnne nullllis, Danull
null nullternullenullthose students nullho hanulle dropped out
leaning tonullards ginullng up. nulleault, Sue Hanley and nulleff nulleterson of nullnullrne High School.
null nullly on school psychologists and guidance departments to
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target those elementary and middle school students nullho are
most linullly to leanulle school early. nullnullenullthe “nullnull symptomsnull
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our nullroonull
nullhursdaynullJanuary 1null nullnullnulla.m. Dog running at large, nullnecrest nullad. nullnull
p.m. Dog running at large, nullalent nullad. null00 p.m. nullapernullornullsernullce, Moose
and we’ll be glad to help you understand your coverage options! submitted by nullaul nullore
On March null, MooreMart nullll be hosting a salute to
nullridaynullJanuary 1null nullnull p.m. nullolice report of accident renullirements, Derry
Collins Dentistry
our troops breanullast at the nullappone nullnter in nullncord
nullad. null2nullp.m. nullrested nullrl nullchards, null, Manchester, nullossession of Drugs
from nullnull to nulla.m. null the March null enullent, members
in a Motor nullehicle, nullelon in nullossession of Dangerous nulleapon.
for Children
of the nullmed nullorces that hanulle sernulled in the Middle nullst
nullturdaynullJanuary 1null 2nullnulla.m. nullolice report of accident renullirements,
nullll be honored, as nullll as the members from the nullnull
Old Derry nullad. 2nullnulla.m. Motor nullehicle accident. null2nulla.m. Suspicious
Hampshire nulltional nullardnullarine nullsernullenullctinulle Duty
actinullty, Dinulln Drinulle. nullnull a.m. nulltempt to commit burglary, Mcnullnullain Drinulle.
(603)635-1166 personnel that are scheduled to be deployed in 20null.
nullndaynullJanuary 1null nullnull p.m. nullrested nullnullenile, Litchnullld, Simple nullsault
nullrrently, the 20nullnull0null deployment nullll be the largest
and nulliminal Mischief. 2null0 p.m. Motor nullehicle complaint, Lance nullnullenue.
At Collins Dentistry
deployment in the State of nullnullHampshirenulls history.
null00 p.m. Motorist nullsist, nullbunullernulle nullnullenue. nullnull p.m. Medical
MooreMart is committed to ensuring that enullery
emergency, Old Stage nullad.
for Children we deployed soldiernullarinenullirman from nullnullHampshire
MondaynullJanuary 1null 2null2 a.m. nullarm, Liberty nullay. nullnullnullp.m. nullnduct
believe in prevention
receinulles care pacnullges from the nullnullHampshire
after an accident, Darlene Lane. nullnull p.m. Medical emergency, nullrch Street.
community during his or her deployment.
null00 p.m. nullceinullng stolen property, Derry nullad. nullnull p.m. nullapernullornull
and early treatment.
nullhe public is nulllcome to attend this enullent, nullth a
sernullce, nullue nullay nullay.
nominal donation being renullested to defray the costs
nulluesdaynullJanuary 1null null00 a.m. nullimal innullolnulled incident, Liberty nullay.
Preventive & Restorative Care • Orthodontics
associated nullth hosting this enullent.
nullnull a.m. Motor nullehicle accident, nullarles nullncroft Highnullay. nullnull0 a.m.
• Emergency Appointments Available
nullor information, contact nullaul Moore at
nullrested nullnullenile, Litchnullld, nullotectinulle nullstody. nullnull p.m. nullrested nullnullenile,
• Hospital Dentistry Available • In House Nitrous Sedation
Litchnullld, nullceinullng Stolen nulloperty and nullossession of nulloperty nullithout a
Serial nullmber. nullnull p.m. Motor nullehicle accident, nullarles nullncroft Highnullay.
• Computerized Digital X-Rays & Intra-Oral Cameras
• Saturday Appointments (resuming in Fall) • Healthy Kids
Gynullasts nullalify for nullates at Judges Cunull
Come visit our office at 100 Bridge Street, Pelham, NH
submitted by Sandie nullntile null el null- Canada: nullma nullusseau of null el null- nullitnullrland: nullrly nullmirenull
nullnullnullgland nullmnastics nullraining nullnter Litchnullld placed nullst all around nullth a of Hudson placed sinullh nullth an all around
of Hudson competed in the 20null nulludges score of null.nullnull She receinulled a nullnullnullon score of 2nullnull0. She receinulled a nullnullon
nullp nullnulltational in nullentnullood, on nullanuary nullault nullrstnull nullnullon bars nullrstnull nullnullon beam nullault nullrstnull nullnullon bars nullrstnull nullnull on
2null2null nullhere nullre null teams and onuller 2null nullrstnull null2nullon nullor nullrstnull beam.
gymnasts competing. Our nullepnullp nulleams null el null- nullitnullrland: Snullyler nullmba of enullnull Nonull nullce - nullitnullrland: Helen
and Lenullel nullnulland nullcompeted on Saturday Hudson placed third all around nullth a score Smith of Hudson placed fourth all around
nullth Lenullels nulland nullon Sunday. nullnullnull of null.nullnull She receinulled a nullnull on nullault null nullth a score of null.nullnull She receinulled a
gymnasts had a great meet, many top place nullthnull nullnullnullon bars nullhird, tienull nullnullnullon nullnull on nullault nullhirdnull nullnullnullon bars nullfthnull
medals and ribbons nullre tanulln home by beam nullfthnull nullnullon nullor nullfourthnull nullmryn nullnullon beam nullourth, tienull nullnullon nullor nullth,
Pre-K - 8
these hard nullornullng gymnast. nullepnullp nullord of Litchnullld placed sinullh all around tienull nullelyn nullgnon Hudson placed nullth
null anced toonullhome the nullst place nulleam nullth a score of null.null0. She receinulled a nullnull all around nullth a score of null.null0. She
The Pre-K and Kindergarten Solution
nullrophy, Lenullel nulland nulltoonullhome the on nullault nullnullhnull nullnullnullon bars nullinullhnull nullnull receinulled a null2 on nullault null0th, tienull nullnull on
second place, nullepnullp nullnullce placed third on beam nullhirdnull nullnullnullnullfthnull nullacnulle Smith bars null2thnull nullnull on beam null0thnull nullnull on
and Lenullel nullplaced senullenth. nullhis meet nullas of Hudson placed nullth all around nullth a nullor null2thnull
also considered a nullalinullr for the upcoming score of null.null0. She receinulled a nullnull on enullonullNonull nullce - Canada: nullessica
State Sectional, many gymnast that needed nullault nullecondnull nullnull on bars null2thnull null0nullon nullambsganss of Hudson placed third
the score of null.000 or higher to nullalify beam nullnullhnull nullnullon nullor nullinullhnull all around nullth a score of null.2null. She
accomplished their goal. nullngratulations null el null- Norway: nullesse nullrter of receinulled a nullnull on nullault nullhird, tienull null0null
to all the gymnasts. nullod lucnullto all of you Litchnullld placed fourth all around nullth a on bars nullourthnull nullnull on beam nullighthnull nullnull
at Sectionalnull score of null.22null She receinulled a nullnullnullon on nullor nullhirdnull
nullrls scores as follonullnull nullault nullourthnull nullnullon bars nullecondnull nullnullon enullnull nullternulldiate - Norwnull ay:
null el null- nullitnullrland: nullelly nullerry of beam null0thnull nullnull on nullor nullourthnull nullleigh nullitnell of Litchnullld placed sinullh
Hudson placed second all around nullth a null el null- nullitnullrland: Domininulle all around nullth a score of null.000. She
score of null.null0. She receinulled a nullnull on nullntile of Hudson placed third all around receinulled a nullnullon nullault nullourth null null0 on bars
nullault nullinullh, tienull nullnullon bars nullrstnull nullnull nullth a score of null.null0. She receinulled a nullnull nullnullth, tienull null2 on beam nullhirdnull nullnullon nullor
on beam nullecondnull nullnullon nullor nullinullh, tienull on nullault nullourthnull nullnull on bars nullecondnull null0thnull
nulllia Snullnullnullnullof Hudson placed sinullh nullnull on beam nullourthnull nullnullon nullornullourthnull enullnull nullternulldiate - nullitnullrland: null
Pre-K & Kindergarten Hours
all around nullth a score of null.null0. She Melissa nulledersen of Litchnullld placed sinullh nullaudia nullononullnull of Hudson placed sinullh
receinulled a nullnullon nullault nullfthnull nullnull on bars all around nullth a score of null.null0. She all around nullth a score of null.null0. She
Pre-K Full Day 8:30am - 2:00pm
nullfthnull null2nullon beam null2thnull nullnullon nullor receinulled a nullnull on nullault nullinullh, tienull nullnull receinulled a nullnull on nullault nullourth, tienull null2
Pre-K Half Day 8:30am - 11:30am
nullhirdnull on bars nullinthnull nullnullon beam null0thnull null2 on on bars nullnullst null nullnull on beam nullfthnull nullnull
null el null- Norway: nullabella nullbrero of nullor nullenullenth, tienull on nullor nullnullhnull nullla nullononullnull of Hudson
Kindergarten Full Day 8:00am - 2:00pm
Hudson placed third all around nullth a score null el null- nullitnullrland: Hailey nulliff of placed nullth all around nullth a score of
Extended Day Care 6:30am - 6:00pm
of null.nullnull She receinulled a nullnull on nullault Litchnullld placed nullst all around nullth a 22.null0. She receinulled a nullnullon bars nullnullhnull
Now Accepting Applications nullhird, tienull nullnullnullon bars nullecondnull nullnull on score of null.nullnull She receinulled a null02nullon nullnull on beam nullinthnull nullnull on nullor nullourthnull
Contact June Nolet, Director of Admissions x203 beam nullourth, tienull null2nullon nullor nullrstnull nullault nullecondnull nullnull on bars nullhirdnull null0 on enullnull null Adnullanced - Canada: Megan
Sr. Maria Rosa p.m., Principal null el null- Canada: Madison Hoyt of beam nullecondnull nullnull on nullor nullrstnull Lacasse of Litchnullld, placed second all
603-889-6054 Hudson placed second all around nullth a null el null- Norway: nullalerie nullucher of around score of null.null0. She receinulled a
182 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH 03051
score of null.nullnull She receinulled a nullnull on Litchnullld placed senullenth all around nullth nullnull on nullault nullrstnull nullnull on bars nullhirdnull
nullault nullourth, tienull nullnullon bars nullhird null nullnullnull a score of null.null0. She receinulled a null0nullon nullnull on beam nullrstnull nullnull on nullor nullecondnull
on beam nullecondnull nullnullon nullor nullhirdnull nullault nullrstnull nullnullon nullor nullthirdnull
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