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Procurement are accustomed
will have some valuable formal
Briefi ng your agencies is not a 5 Have I got the right Magic and Logic by Marilyn
processes that can just as easily be
chance to pass the buck and measurement tools in Baxter (IPA 2006)
applied to the purchase of market-
sit back. A subtle blend of styles
place for maximum
ing services. They will help you by The Client Briefi ng Guide
is required: information and
insisting on clarity and eschewing (IPA 2003)
inspiration; prescriptiveness and
vagueness and chat.
6 Have I got the procurement
openness; and focus and
Johnnies involved
Communication Strategy Best
dialogue. Ask yourself the
early enough to get them
Practice Guide (IPA and ISBA
following 10 questions.
The following are best practice tips 1 Do I know where I am
7 What’s my instinct/
for the four key areas of briefi ng.
trying to get to and what
hypothesis as to how this
success looks like?
Why Not Let the Agency
Setting objectives. Ask is going to work?
Decide the Advertising by Tim
your self: “What is the ‘real’
2 Have I defi ned the problem
8 What’s the role of each Ambler and Demetrios Vakratsas
problem?” Baldly restat-
channel and, together,
ing the commercial objectives as Pitching for Business – what
a communications objective, or
3 Have I provided enough
do they cover all
do we need to know? Warc
vaguely saying ‘get people to buy
relevant (business) context
the bases?
more’, won’t cut it. Defi ne desired
(to motivate/inform)? 9 Do I trust/like/respect my
agency teams?
Evaluating Marketing Communi-
outcomes clearly and concisely
4 Am I looking to affect
cations: a guide to best practice
(the most effective campaigns
attitude or behaviour, and 10 Is my budget going to
by Les Binet
focus on a single objective). Any
which comes fi rst? cover it?
of the COI’s IPA Effectiveness Improving Advertising Decisions
Awards winners (all on by Stephen King
will give you excellent examples what change can be expected campaign will work, and include
Birds Eye – Breaking Through
of crystal clear objectives, perhaps for how much money over what both intermediate results, attitud-
The Glass Ceiling by Steve
due to the added scrutiny period of time. inal and behavioural measures,
Mustarde (APG Awards 2007)
they receive as a British govern- A fundamental one is wheth- as well as ROI. Effects need to
ment insti tution. er you are looking to infl uence be judged in that context and Dept of Education and
It is vital to give the agency behaviour or attitude, and which also against the goals of the Employment/COI – Reading
as much ‘grip’ as you can on what comes fi rst. This is vital to identify particular campaign. Isolating and and Literacy by Charlie Snow
you are trying to achieve. Know the role the medium is designed evaluating the contribution of (APG Awards 1999)
the difference between a market- to play. No longer can we say “The each channel or execution is still
ing objective, a business objective answer is the 30-second TV ad, a tough challenge, but there are
and an advertising or media chan- now what’s the question?” It’s not many great examples in the IPA
nel objective. For example: just the proliferation of channel Effect iveness Awards.
Business objective: increase profi t options to consider; don’t forget
margins by x% over y period. to include the old favourites of
Marketing objective: reduce churn innovation, product, packaging, dis- 4
Inspiring and motivating
your agency team. Demot-
ivated teams do not do their
and drive ARPU (average revenue tribution, pricing and all the other best for the client. Teams that feel
per user). important consumer touchpoints. like valued strategic partners will
ABL advertising objective: build Furthermore, you need to go the extra mile, especially when
brand affi nity from y% to x% take into account any cultural or they know it is appreciated. Your
among our core target. mental models there may be lurk- brief (and briefi ng) must enthuse,
Media channel objective: ‘how ing within your organisation. Your challenge and inspire them. It
much I am prepared to invest to method of consumer tracking will isn’t over when you have handed
achieve this?’ reveal an inbuilt bias towards one over the piece of paper or left
Defi ning roles and manag- theory or another. the team briefi ng meeting. Get
ing expectations. It is very back to them soon and insist on
important to state in your meeting the creatives; don’t let
brief how you expect your brand’s 3
Results metrics. You need
to think about how these
goals might be quantifi ed them wander off in potentially the
communication will work against and the time period you are going wrong direction. Don’t ‘wait and
the target audience. to measure them over, against see what they can come up with’.
Knowing how it works (for the investment you are making. It is not an exam. Collaboration
your brand/category/medium) Then you need to put the right and involvement from the client
will enhance the agency briefi ng, methodologies in place to track gets a better quality result.
provide shared experiences their performance among the right
and set measures of performance people. Benchmarking is essential.
more on briefi ng
and diagnostics when things go Measurement criteria should be the agency at
wrong. You’ll need this to estimate linked to how you anticipate the
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