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life’s for sharing
geography. spontaneous gatherings and get- Left to right: singer
togethers were becoming the norm. Mobile Pink made a
telephony meant sharing was no longer closed surprise appearance
(between friends and family), but increasingly at ‘Sing’; posters
open (between strangers and community). The for the ‘Sing’ event
boundary between the personal and collective drew on the legacy
was dissolving – we were moving from a ‘me’ of ‘Dance’; digital
to a ‘we’ society. generosity was emerging as ads on the London
the new spirit of the age, a welcome reprieve Underground; press
from the past 15 years of selfish capitalism. ad for ‘Josh’s Band’,
‘life’s for sharing’ became a perfect artic- the third phase of
ulation of this new way of living, and it also the ‘Life’s for Sharing’
gave T-Mobile a powerful reason for being. it strategy
gave us a cultural mission to unite the brand,
the employees and our prospective customer
base. excited as we were, we knew we had
to battle against entrenched cynicism within
the mobile category. Worse, we had to launch
‘life’s for sharing’ in the depths of winter and
recession. People were fed up with platitudes
from corporates, so we decided we couldn’t
The caMPaign find iconic shots of commuters caught up
tell people about T-Mobile’s new philosophy in the event. The public became the posters
– we had to show it. We had to find a way to Dance (48-sheets and six-sheets), direct press and re-
prove that we genuinely believed in it. liverpool street station, 11am, 15 January tail displays. The whole campaign felt auth entic
This gave rise to a radical approach 2009. a single commuter started dancing. and integrated, and it used every scrap of con-
to brand communications. rather than trad- Moments later, hundreds more joined in, tent. We held an internal competition using the
itional advertising, we would create events so including genuine members of the public. judges from the bbc TV show Strictly Come
amazing that people just had to share them. onlookers took out their mobile phones and Dancing to find the best dancers from the call
each event had to be dramatic enough to shared what they had seen, with calls, texts, centres, the stores and the management, with
create a reaction from the public, TV and press photos and videos. ‘Dance’ became news in the finest appearing in the ad itself.
journalists, bloggers, radio call-ins, copycats its own right, covered on national TV news, While ‘Dance’ may have looked like a
and online tributes. The events would get the national press, radio phone-ins and blogs. The spontaneous outpouring of joy, it had been
nation sharing – a physical manifest ation of our Sun newspap er described it as an “epidemic of carefully choreographed. We had to rehearse
philosophy, beliefs and capabilities. The brand joy”. The three-minute TV ad debuted over the 350 dancers over christmas. We undertook
might create the events, but in the end, the whole of a peak-time ad break only 36 hours agonising negotiations with record labels to
events would create the brand. later. T-Mobile’s YouTube channel was launched secure and mix 10 classic tracks. We worked
simultaneously to share the event with the intensely with network rail to ensure the
world. it was a perfect metaphor for this new safety of everyone involved. We worked with
“ People were fed
era of sharing – one happening, in a matter of freud communications and Mediacom to
days, can go global. prime the media and the blogosphere. and we
up with platitudes
our content and production model was collaboratively created content maps with all
also based on sharing. We created a content of T-Mobile’s agencies, so everyone received
from corporates,
hub to organise, manage and efficiently rede- the assets they needed. at every point, we
ploy the assets from the event. at liverpool were true to the spirit of sharing.
so we decided we
street, we had 11 hidden cameras in fake
photo booths and suitcases, and we shot the sing
couldn’t tell people
ad in 11 takes. This enabled us to generate our next event was an even bigger and bolder
a significant amount of film. over the next expression of sharing. We wanted to make it
about T-Mobile’s three months, the rushes were recut for brand even more authentic than ‘Dance’. We posted
and product TV, digital outdoor and online the date on ‘Dance’ facebook groups and sent
new philosophy, we advertising. We also conducted on-the-spot text messages to ‘Dance’ fans from T-Mobile’s
had to show it”
vox pops with stunned london commuters, customer base, inviting them to take part in
which became radio ads, and had photograph- our next ‘life’s for sharing’ event. on the day,
.............................................................................. ers planted around the station, briefed to 13,500 people – including the singer Pink,
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