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10 marketing trends for 2010
Will 2010 be a golden
year for marketing
or the beginning of
While 2009 was the year of ‘the
great recession’, we won’t feel its
full effects until 2010. Marketers
and their agencies are dealing with
the end? Judy
reduced resources in headcount
and budgets and we won’t see enough
Franks identifi es
breakthroughs in the marketplace, simply
because they have to remain focused on
key trends in
‘getting the work out the door’. The only
way to ‘do more with less’ is to align
integration and their resources toward a single and powerful
integrated marketing solution. Individual
marketing tactics will simply become
............................................................................................... marginalised and highly tactical with ‘less’.
At the dawn of a new decade, the doomsayers MARKETERS WILL MISTAKENLY DROP
predict a marketing apocalypse that will see A CHANNEL FROM THEIR MEDIA MIX WE’LL HAVE MORE DATA AND EVEN
a collapse of media structures and ‘advertis- LESS ‘UNDERSTANDING’
ing’. Others only see opportunity in a market-
ing renaissance.
The marketing rules are blowing apart,
and the road lies before us: uncharted and
Reduced marketing budgets
mean that something has to give.
Unfortunately, many marketers are
making wholesale cuts to a specifi c
channel in the process. The most
open for those who are brave enough to dramatic cuts are occurring in print media. I
More studies are emerging from
more places: set-top boxes,
foundations, academics, marketers
and the media itself. The data all
clearly points to a very different
pioneer the unknown. The only problem is we caution marketers to consider whether the world: one that is highly fl uid, highly inter-
don’t have a GPS system to navigate this road. remaining media in the mix can compensate active and quick to change in structure and
That said, we can make predictions for the cuts. For example, does the internet form. What’s the problem with this picture?
for the year ahead based on the inherent behave like print? Is the consumer experience Data sets are less projective when the media
tension between past business practices the same for both media? Are the message world changes so quickly. Granted, while we
and future opportunity. I see 2010 as a year formats the same? The answer is clear. may have a better understanding of what
of transition: a year of short-term missteps Reduced resources should not come at the happened last week, last month or yesterday,
along a pathway of much more interesting expense of an integrated, multi-channel mix. we cannot take this understanding too far
and integrated marketing solutions. Here are into the future. I’d say we’re entering a bit of a
my top 10 predictions. MARKETERS WILL RUSH TO EMPLOY Wild West era of integrated channel planning.
Marketers are in a mad rush to LINES BETWEEN MEDIA WILL
enter the social networking space CONTINUE TO BLUR
with tweets, widgets, apps and fan
pages. However, social networking
is not a marketing tactic; nor is it a
surrogate for the brand’s social experience.
It is not a line item on a marketing plan, a
In 2010, more prime-time TV content
will show up in more places than
ever. Fans will have multiple access
points into shows that used to be
an ‘appointment to view’ that was
specifi c channel, or form of content. Rather, it controlled by the programming executives at
is an outcome. No single channel has a lock the networks. Between live view, live+3 day
on the ‘social’ nature of content. Most media views from a DVR, video-on-demand, Hulu, the
can serve as the ‘originating’ medium in a network’s own websites and shared distribution
journey that can take a great piece of content deals, it is no longer clear where one screen
across channels and into vast networks of medium ends and another begins. Maybe we’re
hearts and minds. starting to realise it’s all a screen.
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