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Volume 20 Number 28 January 22, 2010 16 Pages
Alvirne Farm Earns
PMA Raises
in Less Than 24 Hours
Farm of Distinction
for Haiti Relief Fund
by Doug Robinson null addition to outstanding milnullproduction
The Alvirne Farm, located at the Wilbur H. rates, the Alvirne Farm also produced over
Palmer Vocational-Technical School at Alvirne null,nullnullbales onullhanulland nullnulltons onullcorn silage.
High School, has earned New Hampshirenulls The nullrgill nullmpannull, an international
arm onullnullstinction null Awardnullnullom the New producer and marnullter onullnullod, agricultural,
Hampshire nullpartment onullAgriculture, nullrnullts nullancial, and industrial products and services
nullFood. analnullis onullthe Alvirne Farmnulls corn, stated that
nullhe honor recogninulls the outstanding thenullbeat the average amount. nullased on this
appearances onullnullour nullrm and its contributions result, the new nullrmula saves nullnullper ton and
to building a nullvorable image onullagriculture in will reduce the need to nulled as much grain,nullthenull
our state. nullour enterprise is one onullnine chosen said. The analnullis also stated that the review onull
this nullear, which will nullin a list onullother Farms Alvirne Farmnulls corn was compared to nullnullother
onullnullstinction selected in past nullears,nullstated Northeast corn samples.
nullrraine S. nullrrill, nullmmissioner. The herd at Alvirne has grown to null cows and
nullrrill nullrther stated that nullesignation as e heinullrs. null the null conull ws, sinullare presentlnull
a Farm onull stanull photos bnull Doug Robinson
nullstinction is
a competition
and the
committee was
impressed with
the nullalitnulland
renullcted in
each onullthe
nullA students add their contrinulltions
winning nullrms.null
submitted by Presentation of Mary Academy Haiti nullnd. So nullr, null,nullnullhas been raised nullom
To nullalinull nullr
Sister nullria nullsa, principal at Presentation onull some onullthe local businesses that nullined Pnullnulls
this prestigious
nullrnullAcademnullSchool nullnullnullin Hudson, sent cause. nullnulls a beautinulll thing to see how peoplenulls
award, a New
a letter to the parents and students, asnullng them hearts come together at this time to help those
to donate null nullr the relienullnullnd in Haiti. To in most need.
nullrm must be
Sister nullria nullsanulls amanullment and disbelienull null Fridanull, nullanuarnullnull, Pnull will proclaim
in less than null hours, the school collected the danullat school as nullA nullnullonullPranuller nullr the
in nature and
null,nullnullnullom the parents, students, and stanull. nullildren onullHaiti,nullwho are now orphans as a
pleasing in
Sister nullria nullsa enullected to raise null,nullnullinull result onullthe recent tragednull. nullch classroom
the entire student bodnulland stanull donated null nullrades Pre-nullthrough null will be invited to
have buildings
- the collection was alreadnullup to null,nullnulland spend null minutes in silent pranuller in our school
and nullnces in Emery Nadeau, Farm Manager, and Dick Lutz, Agriculture Department Head, review the progress
more monenullwas still coming to the Pnull nullr chapel to pranullnullr the needs onullthe children, the
good repair of the pregnant cows on the nulleeding chart
the relienullnullnd. nullmilies, relienullwornullrs, etc.
and painted as
For evernullstudent that donated null, henullhe nullt is our hope that bnullsharing our stornull, other
was granted a nullee dress-down weenullnenull weenull schools will consider doing the same null Who
Students brought in their piggnullbannull, checnull would have nullown that a dress-down weenull
trimmed, nulllds
nullr nullnull, etc. nullcal businesses were invited would bring the communitnulltogether to raise
well tendednull
to onuller their emplonullees a weenullonulldress-down null,nullnullnullr Haiti in such a short amount onull
danull and to have emplonullees donate to the timenull said Sister nullria nullsa.
mowed, clean
animals onull
and enullipment
Send Some Spring
stored or
parnulld neatlnull
and easnullnullr
to a Soldier
the public to
view nullhrough
Serving Overseas
signs and
submitted by Paul Moore
As a
null nullrch null null and null nullorenullrt will be
pacnullge to a member onullour Armed Services
New calf, two days old, recently nullrn at the Farm
hosting a Springnullaster care-pacnullge pacnullng
serving outside the nullntinental nullited States nullrm, the
event, in which nullorenullrt volunteers will
can do so bnulldonating a brown bag nullled Alvirne Farm produces in enulless onullnullnullnull pregnant and are enullected to nulleld one calnulleach
be collecting and shipping brown bags nullo
with springnullaster-themed candnulland treats pounds onullmilnullper danullnullom the head onullnull month nullr the nullllowing nulle months.
larger than nullnullnullnullnull nullled with springnull
such as marshmallows, graham cracnullrs, cows. The nulleld production onullmilnullper cow, nulltnullstated, nullur accomplishments have been
nullster candnull, snullores, healthnullsnacnull, white
and chocolate nullr snulloresnullgranola barsnull according to nullcnullnulltnull Agriculture nullpartment nullears in the manullng. We are vernullthannullul nullr
tube socnull, and encouraging notes and
Tootsie Pops or nullllsnullhard, wrapped candiesnull Head, averages appronullmatelnullnull pounds, with the support nullom our trustees, our School nullard,
cards to members onullour Armed Services
pacnullged coonullesnulldried nulluit or nutsnullcracnullrsnull some cows nullelding appronullmatelnullnullnullpounds Administrations, nullnullnullrector, Farm nullnager,
serving outside the nullntinental nullited
hot chocolatenullplanullng cardsnullcandnullcanesnull onullmilnullper danull. At a nulleld onullnullnullgallons onull as well as all the students who participate in the
States. nullorenullrt is a non-pronull volunteer
gum and mintsnulllicoricenullwhite tube socnullnull milnullper danulland an industrnullrate onullnullnullpounds programs on the nullrm.null
organinulltion whose mission is to send care
Slim nullmsnulland nullnull. No toiletries, linullids, per gallon, one gallon onullmilnullwould weigh The recognition ceremonnullwill be held at the
pacnullges to members onullour Armed Services
home-banulld goods, or canned goods will be between nullnulland nullnullpounds, according to NH Farm and Forest nullpo Award nullception on
serving in the nullddle nullst. To date, nullorenullrt
accepted nullr the care pacnullges. nullou manullalso nullbert Fogt. At this rate, the cows that produce Fridanull, Februarnullnull at the nullpo nullnter onullNew
has shipped over null,nullnullcare pacnullges to
manull a nullancial donation that will be used up to nullnullpounds per danullwould be producing Hampshire nulladisson Hotelnullin nullnchester at
servicemennullomen serving overseas.
to denullanullthe cost associated with mailing the appronullmatelnullnullnullgallons onullmilnullper danull. nullp.m.
This nullear, nullorenullrt is hoping to ship a
care pacnullges, as well as send the servicemennull
springnullaster care pacnullge to evernullcitinulln onull
womensnullAPnulladdress to
New Hampshire currentlnullserving overseas
in our Armed Services. Annullone interested in
For more innullrmation, please visit
having nullorenullrt send a springnullaster care
nullorenullrtnulls Website at
HCTV Chairman Addresses
Town Contract with Comcast
by Doug Robinson
Hudson nullble Television nullnullVnulls nullairman As Alvirne High School and nullmorial School
nullchael nullnulleenull went benullre the Town onull have not been enullipped to allow HnullV to
Hudson nullard onullSelectmen, renullesting to broadcast live, nullnulleenull renullested permission
nulluthorinullnulla change in the contract agreement nullom the Selectmen to authorinull nullmcast to not
between the town and nullmcast. enullip nullmorial School as a live nulled broadcast
Apparentlnull, as nullnulleenull enulllained, when the arena, and use the nullrrnullnullad location as a
contract was signed seven nullears ago, nullmcast substitution.
had agreed to create nullropsnullat nullur locations Selectmen nullchard nullddonull nullen nullssenull,
within Hudson so that HnullV could produce Shawn nullasper, and nullairman nullger nullutu were
nullive broadcastsnullonulllocal events. nullicnullto nullestion as to nullhnull nullmcast had
The nullur locations were the Town Hall, not completed their obligation to the contract
Alvirne High School, nullmorial School, and the during the past seven nullears, addressing the nullct
nullmmunitnullnullnter. that there is no drop at Alvirne.
null the past seven nullears so nullr, onlnulltwo Selectman nullutu asnulld, nulls this wornullgoing
drops have been established nullr the purpose onull to be done benullre the contract is upnull null is still
allowing HnullV to produce live broadcasting. not done.null
nulllnullthe Town Hall and the nullmmunitnullnullnter Selectman nullasper went on to state that nulle
have been set up bnullnullmcast to allow HnullV to need to be the driving nullrce. null we do not asnull
produce a live broadcast. thenullwill not get it done. null would be a sorrnull
nullnulleenull went on to sanullthat in talnullng to situation not to have live access nullom this
nullmcast, thenulltold him that it would cost them nullcilitnullwe have put a lot onullmonenullinto this.null
between nullnull,nullnullto nullnullnullnull to run the nuller nullnulleenull stated, null can tell nullou that we will
optics and have a drop placed at the location put this as a pacnullge dealnulle want both those
on nullerrnull nulload inull HnullTV wanted to produce a live drops done now. We will be on top onullit.null
broadcast nullrom their new nullerrnull nulload location.
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