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Hudson - Litchfield News
January 22, 2010 - 13
What:./? t is
Is there more to life
Growing together in Christ. the m’:=eaning
than this?
Come grow with us! o+f {LiFe}?
If you could ask God
some questions,
11 Colby Rd. Litchfield, NH 03052
10 Weeks 10 Questions what would they be?
Sundays 10:30am & 6:00pm
10 Dinners 10 Discussions.
Sundays 4-6PM
Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer 7:00pm
Sunday Bible Study (all ages) • 9:15 AM
Come explore your questions
in a casual non-intimidating
starting January 17
Sunday Worship Service • 10:30 AM
atmosphere over dinner on us...
(9:15 -10:15 every Sunday morning)
290 Derry Road Unit 9A. (In Hudson Village Shops Plaza by White Hen Pantry)
Register online to attend at...
For more information call 429-2979
Windham Bible Chape1
Well Stocked
236 Central St., Hudson, NH
yone Food Pantry for
Holding Forth the Word of Life
Home of
Those in
Sunday Worship Services-
Material Need
Sunday School (all ages) 9:45 AM
Christian School
a distinctly Christian
•9 am - Contemporary Service •11 am - Traditional Service
Morning and Children’s Services 11:00 AM
education The first Sunday of the month at 11 am is a combined Communion Service (No 9am service)
Evening Service 6:00 PM
• Grades K-3 through 12th
Full and Half-day Pre-school
King’s Kids Club (ages 4 - 6th grade)
• Bible-based curriculum
See us on Comcast Cable ch. 20 Sundays at 9AM and 6PM
Teen Group (7th - 12th grade)
• Competitive athletics
Adult prayer and Bible study
• Challenging courses
Nursery provided for ALL services
• Safe environment
First-tinull Honull Buyer nullidelines
submitted by MattnullTnull rudel, For most people, their nullst home is the biggest purchase to
Real nulltate Agent, nulloco, nullrly nullAssociates date. nullst people will agree that purchasing a home without the
Tired onullpanullng rent and not getting annullhing in returnnull nullou assistance onullan enullerienced realtor will onlnulladd nullustration to a
should benull nullnting provides enulleptional benenulls to landlords nullr tanull process that should be ennullnullable. Hiring enullerienced pronullssionals
purposes, but virtuallnullnone to the tenant. nullning has alwanull been to guide nullou nullom home searching to home closing is the onlnullsure
more benenullial, but the enullended nullst-time home bunuller tanullcredit wanullto eliminate most onullthe problems nullou manullencounter. nullnullng a
Dorothy nullucenullnullnullarrie
and the repeat home bunuller tanullcredits are even a stronger incentive home is not easnull, but it can be ennullnullable. Happnullhuntingnull
to purchase.
nullrothnullnullucenullnullnullarrie, null, onullnulltchnullld, died nullanuarnullnull,
Whatnulls the nullst stepnull Finding a home, onullcourse. These danull,
nullnull, at the nullrrville at Nashua.
nullst about annullodnullcan nulld a home on their own via the nullternet,
nullrothnullwas born on September null nullnull, in nullwell, null,
newspaper ads, and open houses. Sometimes, it can be easnullto
daughter onullthe late Frannulland nulla nullasallenullnullce. Her loving
nulld a house on nullour own. The challenge, however, is actuallnull
husband, Allan nullnullarrie, as well as a son, nullnald nullnullarrie,
the closing process. null todas current marnullt, it is important to null
also predeceased her.
have someone on nullour side when manullng the biggest investment
nullrothnullwas a graduate onullnullwell High School and nullrdett
onullnullour linull. There are price and term negotiations, inspections,
nullonull of Hudson
nullsiness nullllege. She ennullnulled gardening and nullitting in her
contingencies, nullrms, deadlines, and onullcourse, nullancingnull A realtor
nullee time, and was a nullrmer member onullthe nullited nullmmercial
can assist nullou all along the wanull.
nullning Board nullenda
Travelers Aunullliarnull.
Anuller nullou have nullund a house that meets all onullthe needs onullnullour
nullanuary nullnullnullnullnull
nullrothnullis survived bnulla daughter-in-law, nullrole nullnullarrie onull
household, the negotiating begins. When going it alone without the
Sea nullnch, nullAnulltwo grandchildren, Allan nullnullarrie and nullwn
aid onulla licensed pronullssional, this can be the most nullustrating part onull
The Hudson nullning nullard onullAdnullstment will hold a meeting on Thursdanull
nullnullarrienullas well as her dear nulliends, the nullarbonneau nullmilnull
the home-bunullng process. A realtor will be able to pull comparable
nullanuarnullnull, nullnull, in the nullmmunitnullnullvelopment nullnnullrence nullom
in the basement onullHudson Town Hall nulllease enter bnullramp entrance at
sales and determine nullour dream homenulls true marnullt value. Thenull
right sidenull The meeting will begin at nullnull Pnullnullr the purpose onullreviewing
A graveside service will be held at the nullmilnullplot in Vermont
will also help nullou determine whether nullour purchase will have nullture
minutes onullpast meetingsnullthe public hearings nullr applications will begin
in the spring. The nullmilnullhas renullested that donations be made
resale value. nullst linulllnull, nullour nullst home will not be nullour last.
at nullnull Pnull with the applications normallnullbeing heard in the order listed
to the Humane Societnullnullr nulleater Nashua, null Ferrnullnull., Nashua,
Purchase and sales agreements and the home inspection come below.
NH nullnullnull The nullmont-Sullivan Funeral Home in Hudson
nenull. The inspections and contract signing are perhaps the most
is in charge onullarrangements. To send an online message onull
technical part onullthe home-bunullng process. nullaltors are trained
Suitable accommodations for the sensory impaired will be provided upon
condolence, please visit
thoroughlnullwith the most recent disclosure laws to ensure that all
adequate advance notice by calling 886-6005 or TDD 886-6011.
transactions are done ethicallnull. The caveat emptor nullet the bunuller
The nullllowing items benullre the nullard will be considerednull
bewarenullidea onullhome bunullng can onullen times lead to a bunuller
Ralph null Rose
null nullnull Pnull APPnullVAnullnull nullnullnullnullnullNnullnull
purchasing a home with an abundance onullproblems. nullaltors nullow
null nullcember null, nullnull
the nullestions to asnullto prevent nullou nullom bunullng a monenullpit.
nulllph null nullse, null, onullHudson, died at St.
Then, nullding a mortgage. The mortgage marnullt changes on a null. nullSnullSSnullN null nullnullnullPnullnullNnull nullFnullnullTHnullnullAnull
nulloseph Hospital in Nashua on nullanuarnullnull, nullnull,
dailnullbasisnulltherenullre, interest rates, credit scores, loan-to-value null nullse nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull, nullnullrred nullom nullnullnullnullnull SNF nullnstruction,
nullllowing a courageous battle with cancer.
ratios, debt-to-income ratios, appraisals, and lengthnullapplications
nulllph was born in White nullver nullunction, VT,
are nullst some onullthe issues that need to be dealt with when procuring
P.null. nullnullnull, Salem, NH, renullests the nullllowingnull
on April null, nullnull, a son onullthe late nulllph null
a mortgage. Where do nullou startnull How much do nullou have to
A. A nulle Variance to allow construction onulla parnullng lot
and nulltherine null nullastersonnullnullse. He lived
within nullnullnullsnullare nullet onullthe wetland bunuller, an unpermitted
put downnull Are nullou going with conventional, Federal Housing
and attended schools in Nashua and was home
use, nullr propertnulllocated at null nullnstitution nullive. nullap nullnull
Administration nullHAnull or some other programnull nulles nullour home
nullt nullnull nullned null Hnull Article null, Section nullnullnull nullnullnull Wetland
schooled as well. For the past null nullears he made
nullalinull nullr the tnulle onullmortgage nullou desirenull So mannullnullestions enullst
nullnservation nullstrict.null
his home with his brother, nullchard, onullHudson.
in the mortgage process that it tanulls a collaboration onullmortgage null. A Wetland Special nullception to allow construction onulla
nulllph wornulld at nullggins nullnullse, nullving, Storage and
onullcers and enullerienced realtors to nulld a mortgage product that will parnullng lot within nullnullnullsnullare nullet onullthe wetland bunuller
nullchinernullnullvers an agent nullr nullited Van nullnes, in Hudson
wornullnullr nullour needs.
and construction onulla parnullng lot detention pond within
and nullnchester, his nullmilnulls business, nullr over null nullears, retiring null,nullnullsnullare nullet onullthe wetlands, nullr propertnulllocated at null
in nullnull. nuller the past couple onullnullears he ennullnulled assisting the
onullce stanull with special pronullcts. Celebrate National Soup nullonth
nullnstitution nullive. nullap nullnull nullt nullnull nullned null Hnull Article
null, Section nullnullnull nullnullnull Wetland nullnservation nullstrict.null
He was a Vice President onullnullse nullasing nullrporation and
nullotenullThe nullning nullard onullAdnullstment granted this renullest on
assisted in the nullrming onullA.null nullse, nullnull Portable nullving and
nullith Sinullple Honullenullade Soups
nullnullnullnullnulla rehearing has been renullested bnullnullnturnullParnull nullnull
a direct abutter, challenging that decision.null
Storage containers onullHudson and nullnchesternullboth are divisions

null nullse nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull, nullnullrred nullom nullnullnullnullnull nullward nullnull, null
onullnullggins nullnullse, nullving, Storage and nullchinernullnullvers.
nullnnullpeople turn to a comnullrting bowl onullsoup to tanull the bite out onull
Porter Ave., Hudson, renullests an Area Variance to allow enullansion onull
He was enrolled in the nulllus nullmpansnullnull Adult nullteracnull
chillnullwinter danull. nullanuarnullis National Soup nullnth, and what better time to
an enullsting nonconnullrming structure, bnullpermitting the construction onull
Program at nullvier nullllege and through the nullears was a contributor an addition within the nullont-nullard setbacnull null nullot nullont-nullard setbacnull
discover nullst how simple it can be to manull sensational homemade soupsnull
to the Plus nullmpans null Annual Auction and dinner and St. nulloseph
renullirednullnullnullnullot nullont-nullard setbacnullproposed. nullap nullnull nullt nullnull
Whether serving soup as part onullan entertaining menu or an easnullweenull -
Hospital nulleals on Wheelsnullprogram. He assisted in the nulllus
nullned Tnull Hnull Article Vnullnull Section nullnullnull, nulltension or enlargement
night meal, manullng soup nullom scratch does not have to renullire hours in the
nullmpansnullannual null Wild nullish nulleanullast with his best nulliend nullll
onullnonconnullrming uses.null
nulltchen. null nullse nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnull nullnise True, null nullsh Hill nullad, Hudson
Stumpt onullnulltewanullnullmmunitnullservices onullNashua.
Shortcuts, linull starting with ingredients such as nullnullpercent natural renullests the nullllowingnull
null his nullouth, nulllph was an active volunteer with nullnullScout
Swanson chicnulln broth, which provides an ideal blend onullstocnull vegetables,
A. An enullension onullan un-activated Area Variance to allow
Troop nullnullin Nashua nullhe nullst bonullscout troop in the nullited States
herbs, and seasonings, manull it easnullto create the pernullct nullundation nullr
subdivision onullone lot into two lots. nulle lot would be
nullr mentallnullchallenged nullouthnull He ennullnulled nullhing in both New
evernullsoup recipe.
connullrming, comprising nullnullacres and containing nullnullnullet onull
Hampshire and Florida. Throughout the nullears he was an avid nullontage. The other lot would be non-connullrming, comprising
Here are some nullicnulltips to help nullou ennullnullsoup this month and through -
nullllower and supporter onullthe Nashua South nullurple Panthernull
nullnullacres and containing null nullet onullnullontage, where nullnullnullet onull
out the nullearnull
Football Team. He and his brother nullicnull ennullnulled attending
nullontage is renullired. nullap nullnull nullt null, nullned nullneral, Hnull
nullnullonullup a nullmilnullnullvorite during the weenullnd and save lenullovers nullr
antinulle trucnullshows and displanullng their own antinulle tucnull in
Article Vnull, Section nullnullnull, Table onullnullmensional nullnullirements.null
school and wornulllunches or nullr suppers throughout the weenull null. An enullension onullan un-activated Wetland Special
local parades and special events.
nullnulltertainingnullTurn nullour partnullinto a soup sampler. Asnulleach guest to nullception to nulll appronullmatelnullnullnullsnullare nullet onullwetlands
Survivors include a brother, nullchard W. nullse and nullchardnulls
bring their nullvorite soup and serve in cups, ramenullns, or even shot glasses to
and appronullmatelnullnullnullnullsnullare nullet onullwetland bunuller to allow
signinullant other nullnulln nullrsen onullHudsonnulla nephew, Adam nullse,
encourage people to trnullall the dinullerent varieties.
the drivewanullnullr the proposed nullnullacre lot. nullap nullnull nullt
his winull Tracenulland grandnephew nullustice null nullse onullnulleanside,
nullFire up the slow coonullr. null the morning, place ingredients into nullour
null, nullned nullneral, Hnull Article null, Section nullnullnull, Wetland
nullAnulla niece Allison Watson and her husband TronullonullNevadanullhis nullnservation nullstrict.null
slow coonullr. nullt the soup simmer throughout the danulland nullounulll come home
vnull orite aunt and uncle, nullris and nullene nullsterson onullnullglewood,
null nullse nullnullnullnull nullnullnullnull nullnull nullnull nullnull nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull nullchael
to an inviting aroma and a dinner thatnulls readnullto ennullnull. Add a crustnullbread
Fnull his beloved godchild, nullthrnull Hardnulland her husband nullug
and nullbecca nullarrnull, nullnullnullsh Hill nullad, Hudson renullest a Variance nullr
or salad to round out the meal.
onullNashuanulldear cousins Pat and nullrio TardinullonullNashua, nullames
relienullnullom the Hudson nullning nulldinance Article null, Section nullnullnull nullnull
SavornullVegetable nullenullSoup is a soup that can be prepared in under an to allow the applicants the right to obtain application acceptance nullom
nullsterson and his signinullant other nullrtha onullnullglewood, Fnull
hour. This recipe is sure to please nulliends and nullmilnull. For more nullvornulll soup the Planning nullard within twelve months onullthe original grant onullthe
nullnulle and Nance nullsterson, Francis and nullchard nullsucci, nullernull
recipes, visit and
Wetland Special nullception, where sinullmonths is renullired. A Wetland
and nullchael nullvard, nullris nullsterson, nullohn nullsterson, Phillip and
Special nullception was granted bnullthe nullning nullard at their nullune null,
nullenda nullsterson onullWilder, VTnullhis special nulliends, nullll Stumpt
Savory nullegetable Beef Soup
nullnull meeting. nullap nullnull nullt nullnull nullp nullnull nullts nullnull nullnull nullnull nullnull
onullNashua, Alan Neville onullAmherst and nullrtha nulle onullHudson nullp nullnull nullt nullnull nullned nullnull Hnull Article null, Section nullnullnull nullnull
Prepnullnull minutes nullonull null minutes nullnullsnullnullservings
who toonulltheir dailnullwalnullwith nullrthanulls dog Apricotnullnulliends and
Time limit.null
nullnullnullcups Swanson nullenullnulloth nullegular, nullwer Sodium or nullrtinulld
co-wornullrs nullnis and Steve nulllduc both onullnullnchester, Smilenull
Petrain onullHudson and Steve nullron onullnulltchnullld.
nullnull nullSnullSSnullN null nullnullnullPnullnullNnull nullFnullnullTHnullnullAnull
nullmedium potatoes, cut into cubes null nullse nullnullnullnull nullnullnullntral Streetnullrenullest nullr a rehearing onulla
A nullss onullnullristian nullrial will be celebrated at St. nulloseph
nullcup cubed coonulld beenull Wetland Special nullception and nulle Variance granted on nullcember null,
Parish, nullnullWest Hollis Street, Nashua, on Fridanull, nullanuarnullnull, at
nullcups Vnullnullnull Vegetable nulluice
nullnull nullenullested bnullHincnullenullllenSnnuller, nullP, abutternull
nullnull a.m. All are invited to attend. nullterment pranullers and burial
nullcan nullbout nullouncesnullwhole peeled tomato, cut up
will nullllow immediatelnullin Woodlawn nullmeternull. A reception
nullbag nullnullouncesnullnullonulln minulld vegetables
Vnull nullTHnull nullSnullnullS
will then nullllow at the Nashua nulluntrnullnullub. Those planning V. nullSnullSSnullN null ANnullTnullWNnullTATnullAnullnullnullnullnull nullTnullnullT TTHnullnull
nullnullteaspoon dried thnulle leaves, crushed
an enullression onullsnullpathnullare asnulld to consider a donation in
nullnullteaspoon ground blacnullpepper
his memornullto The Plus nullmpannull, nullnullnullin nullnstable nullad,
nulllliam Olenullanullnull nulloning nulldministrator
null Place the broth and potatoes in a nullnullart saucepan and heat to a
Nashua, NH nullnullnullor St. nulloseph nullmmunitnullServices, nullc.,
boil over medium-high heat. nullduce the heat to low. nullver and coonullnullr
nullals on Wheels nullmmunitnullnullning Program, P.null. nullnullnullnull
nullminutes or until the potatoes are
nullrrimacnull NH nullnullnull
nulltchnullld Conservation Conullission
1 6 4 9 3 2 5 8 7
The nullvis Funeral Home in Nashua is assisting with
null Stir the beenull vegetable nullice,
the arrangements. An online guest boonullis available at
3 2 8 6 5 7 1 9 4 Notice of Public Hearing
tomatoes, vegetables, thnulle, and
blacnullpepper in the saucepan.
7 5 9 4 1 8 3 6 2
nullhursdaynullFebruary null nullnullnull
vnull er and coonullnullr null minutes or 5 7 2 1 6 4 8 3 9
Please take notice that in accordance with NH RSA 36-A:5 and NH RSA
203 Central St
until the vegetables are tender.
6 9 3 8 2 5 4 7 1
657:7 the Litchfield Conservation Commission (LCC) will hold a public
Serving SuggestionnullServe with
hearing at 7:00 p.m. on February 4, 2010 in the Town Hall conference
Hudson, NH
a tossed salad and ranch salad
8 4 1 7 9 3 2 5 6 room, 2 Liberty Way, Litchfield, NH. The LCC will receive comments in
Flowers for Every Occasion
Delivery to all dressing. For dessert, serve darnull
4 3 5 2 7 6 9 1 8
reference to the Conservation Commission purchasing 5+/- acres at Tax
chocolate coonulles with vanilla
Map 2 Lots 83 and 128, 27 and 31 Cutler Road. You are encouraged
local Funeral Homes
cream nullling.
2 1 7 5 8 9 6 4 3
to contact the Conservation Commission at 424-2131 for further details
Local & National SAME DAY Delivery Available
and/or attend the public hearing.
nullCourtesnullof nullnullcontent 9 8 6 3 4 1 7 2 5
nullan nullnullnullen, Chairman 603-886-0003
Puzzle 46 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.38) Litchfield Conservation Commission
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