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F R E E T E C H 4 T E A C H E R S . C O M
Google Earth Across
the Curriculum
There’s more to Google Earth than just finding your house.
This guide was designed to provide teachers with some ideas for using Google Earth in their
classrooms. Most people hear “Google Earth” and think of Geography, but Google Earth can
be used as an instructional tool across the curriculum. The following pages offer some ideas
for using Google Earth in the typical middle school and high school core courses.
This is not an all-inclusive how-to guide rather it is a quick-start guide that teachers can use
to familiarize themselves with the basics of Google Earth. This guide links out to some
excellent video tutorials that new Google Earth users should watch.
If you don’t have Google Earth installed on
your computer. You can download and
install from remember,
it’s free.
This guide was developed by Richard Byrne.
Richard is a high school social studies,
Google Certified Teacher, and author of
Free Technology for Teachers. If you like this
guide, please visit Free Technology for
Teachers where everyday you will find new
free resources you can use in your classroom.
Richard Byrne.
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