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F R E E T E C H 4 T E A C H E R S . C O M
Google Earth Across
the Curriculum
There’s more to Google Earth than just finding your house.
English /
Mathematics Science Social Studies General Interest
Language Arts
The most famous use
Real World Math is There are numerous The possibilities are Take health and
of Google Earth in
commonly regarded layers and features endless for Social physical education
as one of the best built into Google Studies teachers to students on a virtual
Arts courses is Jerome
collections of Earth that science use Google Earth in climb of Mount
Burg’s Google Lit
mathematics lessons teachers can utilize. If their classrooms. Everest to inspire
that incorporate the you’re teaching interest in life-long
use of Google Earth. lessons on astronomy
In history classes
physical activity.
Google Lit Trips maps
or space exploration,
students can view
out the story-lines of
Some of the things
switch Google Earth
and create their own High school students
books providing
that a mathematics
into Moon, Mars, or
tours of military exploring their
students with a
teacher can do with
Sky mode. In the
campaigns. Take college options may
geographic context
Google Earth include
Moon mode students
advantage of the want to virtually tour
for the stories they
measuring distances,
can explore Apollo
historical imagery in campuses and their
read. Google Lit Trips
angles, depths, and
landing sites and
Google Earth to surrounding cities.
maps the biographies
elevations. Switch
even listen to phone
compare and contrast Egiate makes an
of authors. Some
Google Earth into Sky
calls from astronauts
the views of cities application for that.
Google Lit Trips
mode and challenge
to the President of the
today with the views
include video
them to calculate
United States.
of the past. Go on a
Take a virtual
segments within the
distances between virtual field trip to
submarine tour via
stars. Switch to Moon If you’re teaching the Great Pyramid.
Sea Seek.
or Mars view and ask Earth Science your
With a little
students to calculate students can analyze
In a Civics course you
Turn on the
instruction your
and compare the size earthquake data.
could have students
Wikipedia layer to
students can create
of the two.
record a narrated tour
conduct research by
their own Google Lit
Teachers of of their hometown as
Trips. Students can
Real World Math environmental part of a “tourism
Use the 360 Cities
map their
includes some science will want to campaign.”
layer to have a
excellent lessons explore the climate
Switch to Sky mode
which use Google data layers. Biology
Use the KML
panoramic look at
and students can
Earth to explore teachers may want to
Factbook to create
cities and tourist
create sci. fic. stories
fractals and graph look at endangered
layers of
about space travel.
theory. species habits.
demographic data.
Richard Byrne.
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