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Freestone County tImes
Fifty Cents Vol. 9 No. 2 PUBLISHED IN THE FREESTONE COUNTY SEAT, FAIRFIELD, TEXAS Tuesday, January 12, 2010
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First District Win by Lady Eagles
Volleyball Scholarship
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Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Museum Hosts Paranormal Investigators (See Page 1-B)
January 18th
Sexual Assaults on Fairfield Children
Jury Hammers ‘Monster’
t’s a grand slam,” District Attorney Chris
the children. She described the demeanor of
Martin told the jury in his summation
the children, depicting one as being very shy
in the case of six counts the State brought
and the other not showing much emotion,
against Richard Roberts, 56, involving two
explaining that children who have been
little girls, ages 6 and 7, when the abuses
abused display a wide variety of emotions.
were first reported.
The physical exams, performed by Dr. Sims
The jury, who in the end consisted of
of the children, showed no evidence of sexual
11 individuals, agreed, as they found Mr.
abuse. Dr. Sims indicated that this is almost
Roberts guilty of all six charges and asked
always the case when the incidents have been
that he be given the maximum penitentiary
more than 96 hours. She related there was
term: four life sentences and two twenty
no evidence of sexually transmitted diseases,
year sentences.
and that their language was consistent with
Formal ruling on the punishment will
their age and was not something that the
commence on January 26, 2010 by 87th
children would make-up.
District Court Judge Patrick Simmons.
Upon cross examination, the defendant’s
The State’s case unveiled a group of women
court appointed attorney, Steve Keathley
and children living with one man, Richard
from Corsicana, asked if some children say
Roberts, where the man was trusted by the
they have been abused when they haven’t,
women, even to the point of leaving the girls
and she admitted that this can occur.
in his care on numerous occasions.
Next came the gut-wrenching testimony
In October 2008, Richard Roberts was living
of the younger child. The child openly
with his wife of ten months, along with the
answered the questions asked her, often
wife’s daughter and the daughter’s female
stating, “Richard did.” She revealed that
child, on Kelly Street in Fairfield. A second
she had told Richard’s wife about what was
child, belonging to the daughter, lived with
happening, and she didn’t believe her.
her father and visited occasionally.
The older of the two children was brought in
Around September, Mr. Roberts’ wife invited
next. Her demeanor indicated that she was
a close friend (and the friend’s daughter) who
mortified. Most of the questions Mr. Martin
had just come from Tennessee and needed a
asked her were answered with, “I forgot.”
place to live, to move in with them.
However, there were sufficient affirmative
Shortly after the friend moved in, the
children in the house reported that Mr.
Keathley’s questions centered on verbiage
Roberts had been engaging in sexual acts with
the child had used at the center, such as,
the child from Tennessee and a neighborhood
“he raped me” and “they were having sex.”
child who visited the home frequently.
He asked if she had ever told Mr. Robert’s
An investigation by Fairfield Officer Glenda
wife that they were just joking. Finally, he
Bass led to the children being interviewed
asked if anyone told her what to say. She
by two Waco Advocacy experts and the
responded, “No, sir.”
collection of evidence from the “shed,” one
DPS Crime Lab investigator, Erin Camus, told
of the scenes of the crimes.
the court that she examined the evidence
The defendant, Mr. Roberts, was
that had be extracted from the shed behind
subsequently arrested in late October 2008.
the house on Kelly Street, where most of the
During his opening remarks to the 6-man/6-
ChieF BAiliFF / FreeStOne COunty DePuty riCk hOwertOn (right) escorts richard roberts
acts were alleged to have happened. She
woman jury, DA Chris Martin stated that he
(left), convicted of four counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child and two counts of
reported that there was no DNA evidence on
would show evidence of multiple incidences
indecency with a Child, back to his cell after the jury sentenced him to four life sentences
the eight items given to her to examine.
of aggravated sexual assault and indecency
and two 20 year sentences late Friday evening, January 8, 2010. DA Chris Martin has asked
Investigator Camus indicated that in only
with a child perpetrated by the defendant.
Judge Patrick Simmons to stack the sentences so that each will be served consecutively.
about 30% of the cases is semen found on the
Martin called Dr. Ann Sims, Medical Director
this issue will be made public on January 26, 2010, when formal sentencing is pronounced.
evidence. She also found no trace evidence,
for the McLennan Co. Waco Advocacy Center,
(Photography by nora Carroll)
such as hair fibers.
who gave accounts of her interaction with
Jury was dismissed on Wednesday and
See “Jury hammers”
On Page 10-A
Victims’ Family Address Verdicts
Fairfield Officer Glenda Bass
‘Got What
hat may have been Defense mothers from the house. As is
Attorney Steve Keathley’s the procedure, she called Child
January 13th - 10 am - 3 pm
intent to make the jurors in the Protective Services.
He Deserves’
Dew iSD
Richard Robert’s trial believe that She personally watched (without
Call Angela hagen - 903-389-2828
Officer Glenda Bass had doubted the child knowing) the interview shaken with rage, as he had sat in
the girls’ stories, only served to of the younger child and a video of “W
hen the verdicts are read,
everyone must remain the courtroom on Tuesday and heard
give insight to the thoroughness of the older. silent,” Judge Patrick Simmons his little girl’s testimony, stated, “I
this dedicated officer. Officer Bass investigated the family instructed those in the court. have plenty to say. I hope the SOB
“The important
Officer Bass, now one of two on unit to determine if the home had Everyone did remain silent, including rots in hell and gets raped and beat
thing in life is not
the Fairfield Independent School any signs of disharmony and found the defendant, Richard Roberts, as every day he is in there. It is where
the triumph but
District Police Force, was the chief none. She stated that the women each of the guilty verdicts were read he needs to be. He is a homosexual
the struggle”.
investigator on the Roberts Case for had believed Mr. Roberts to be – four for Aggravated Sexual Assault and a pedophile. They need to do
the Fairfield Police Department, “good with the children” taking of a Child and two for Indecency something with the law to keep kids
Pierre de
whose hard work led to the life them on scooter rides and other with a Child. Roberts displayed no from having to testify – They have
incarceration of a man District activities. emotion. got to do something!”
Attorney Chris Martin described as A few days later, Officer Bass was The father of the older child, the The mother of the younger child InsIde
a monster. called again by the defendant’s mother of the younger one, Officer stated, “Justice was served. He got
Two Sections
When Officer Bass was called to step-daughter as she had in her Bass, one juror, and District Attorney what he deserved.”
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