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Pelham - Windham News
January 15, 2010 - 7
Pelham~Windham News
Maintaining Your
Piece of the Pie
The Tax Return - Your Annual Financial Checkup
.FW .Boutin EA - Total Tax Solutions LLC
I am happy to participate in The Area News Group’s “Maintaining Your
Piece of the Pie” series once again this tax season. Over the next several
weeks, I will be presenting a series of articles that will cover various
aspects of the income tax return. Knowledge and understanding is a very
powerful weapon. These articles dissect the income tax return, define
Gnullnasts Roar Back to Take nullirst nullace
certain terminology and discuss benefits available in the tax code to
lower your taxable income. My purpose is to help make you aware of
the multiple options you have to enact informed decisions regarding
Pelham~Windham News
your financial future and upcoming expenditures in these challenging
At Total Tax Solutions we view the preparation of an income tax return
as a time for an annual financial checkup. The tax laws can be compli-
cated and confusing to many individuals. Each taxpayer’s situation is
unique on different tax bracket levels and change from year to year. The
income tax return itself is very complex since a minor change in one
area of the return can affect several other areas of the return. Certain
transactions that may occur during the year can cost you much more
than you anticipated. This is because of the affect an increase in total
income can have on certain deductions and credits that have phase out
Of course I recommend that you have your taxes professionally
prepared so that you can: 1) ask questions pertaining to your return: 2)
understand your options to lower your taxes for the next year and 3)
have someone who you can call if a particular situation should arise
during the year. ith yW our previous year’s transactions in our computers
we can give realistic advice instead of assumptions. Many of our clients
take advantage of this service which is included in their one time fee.
I realize that not all returns are so complicated as to require profes-
sional preparation. Self preparers however should consider having their
nullnull Ken’s nullvel nullive team nullth their nullnning banner
taxes professionally prepared at least once every 3 to 4 years. This
nullvel null
schedule fulfills several opportunities such as verification that there is no
misunderstanding of the tax laws, allowing them to ask pertinent
Alenullndra nullsone of nullindham took nullst place on vault and bars,
questions, and most important, have the piece of mind that they have
third on nullor, and nullst in the allnullround.
fulfilled a financial checkup.
Samantha nullenullk of nullindham took nullst place on bars, beam, and
Mistakes made on previous returns have a three year window for
nullennullnull ’s nullvel nullour team
nullor, second on vault, and nullst in the allnullround.
amendment. Many mistakes that have been found cost taxpayers much
nullbriella Palermo of Salem took second place on bars and nullor,
more than a tax preparation fee. Last year 25% to 35% of our first time
submitted by Catnully RobertsonnullSouter
fourth on vault, and second in the allnullround. clients had errors on their previous year’s returns. These clients benefited
from amended returns with refunds of $200 to $1500 because of such
nullhe nullvel nullgirls of nullmnullen nullmnastics, the same team who
nullbecca nullath of nullindham took second place on nullor, third on
errors. The errors found were not only from self prepared returns or from
won the state championships at nullvel nulllast spring, came roaring
beam, sinullh on vault, seventh on bars, and fourth in the allnullround.
an interpretation of tax law but from inexperience. When having your tax
back after a short holiday hiatus to take the nullst team place at one
Scarlett Souter of nullindham took second place on beam, sinullh on
returns professionally prepared, do not hesitate to ask for references and
of the largest invitational meets in the state. nullld in Stratham, the
nullor, and ninth in the allnullround.
question experience. The IRS is currently seeking recommendations on
nullinter nullrnival hosts more than nullnullgirls competing at various
nullori Sipes of nullindham took
how to better regulate tax return preparers including their education,
levels, from nullvel nullup to nullvel null. null spite of some very tough
nullth place on bars and beam.
training and ethical standards of conduct.
competition, nullmnullen’s ninenullirl team stood up on the podium at
Alenulls nullellette of Salem
Next week - Taxes: They are a Changing
the end of the meet, holding their nullstnulllace banner and beaming at
placed in the sectionals with PHS FANS!
Have a tax question? E-mail
the crowd of parents and well wishers.
an allnullround score of null.null.
About Total Tax Solutions: .FW . Boutin registered Total Tax Solutions in
nullhe nullmnullen nullvel nullteam of nulle girls made a strong showing
nullvel null
the State of NH as a LLC in the summer of 2006 after 10 years experi-
against much larger teams, taking home the nullth place banner. nullhe
nullndsay nullffei of nullindham
ence working for a major tax preparation company and 8 years of
lone nullvel nullcompetitor for nullmnullen won the allnullround title for her
scored nullnull on vault, nullnullon Food Drive teaching various tax courses. Food DriveThe company mission is to deliver an
group and nullvel nulls top competitor took the allnullround title as well.
bars, nullnullon beam, and nullnull excellent customer service experience year around, to offer knowledge-
able advice so that clients can make informed decisions regarding their
nullarly all of nullmnullen’s girls also earned a score of null.null or
on nullor, with null.null in the
for the Pelham Food Pantry for the Pelham Food Pantry
financial future, and to provide this service with integrity, confidence
above to advance to the State Sectionals meet in February. nullhe
and professionalism.
results for area girls follownull
nulldison nullcPhee of Bring any non-perishable
Bring any non-perishable
nullvel null
Salem scored nullnullon v
foods t
o any PHS HOME
foods to any PHS HOME
Paige Butler of nullindham placed nullst on beam, second on bars,
nullnull on bars, nullnullon beam,
GAME and be entered into a
fourth on vault and won nullst place in the allnullround.
and nullnullon nullor, with null.null
GAME and be entered into a
nulllaney nullnningham of nullindham fourth on vault and sinullh on
in the allnullround.
raffle for Python apparel.
raffle for Python apparel.
nullvel null
Receive a raffle ticket per
Receive a raffle ticket per
Sydney Baldridge of nullindham placed nullth on vault.
Amanda Forti of
item at the entr
ance gate;
item at the entrance gate;
nullnnah nullnahan of nullindham placed sinullh on nullor and ninth in
took nullst place on beam, third
drawing will be at half-time
drawing will be at half-time
the allnullround.
on vault, bars, and nullor, and
Amanda nullorti nullth her nullnning tronullnull
Kylee nullommasi of Salem placed fourth on nullor, sinullh on beam,
won nullst place in the allnullround
and sinullh in the allnullround.
for her age group. She also
Kiana nully of Salem, nullitlin nullnullughlin of Salem, nullrissy
earned a spot in the State Finals competition with her allnullround
nullPamphilis of nullindham, and nullry nullllo of Salem all ennullyed
their nullst big invitational meet, starting off nullnull with impressive
nullhe nullmnullen nullmnastics competitive girls team is coached by
nullad nullach nullth nullcata and Assistant nullaches nullen nullrsetto and
Amberlynn nullfford.
nullelham Travel Basketnullll Hosts Annual HolidaTnull ournament
both nullrrimack and nullwell overpower title. Pelham battled hard in all three of
submitted by nullenullam TranullenullBasnulltbanull
their opponents en route to a clash of their contests, including a hardnullought,
Pelham nullravel Basketball hosted the nullth
the titans in the nullale. nullrrimack was
Annual nullliday nullournament nullcember
able to prevail, nullnullnull in a game that was ATTENTION PHS FANS!
nullnullnullwin over nullthuen. null the Seventh
ade Bonull ys bracket, both nullyngsboro and ATTENTION PHS FANS!
nullnullnull nullhe event is the key fundraiser for
much closer than the score indicated.
Bring an
the nullravel Basketball program, and is held
Pelham Pride worked hard in all three
y non-p
nulldson were able to survi
erishable foods to any PHS HOME GAME
ve pool play
undefeated. null the nullals, nulldson was able
Bring any non-perishable foods to any PHS HOME GAME
annually at four locations in Pelham. nullhe
games, showing great effort. nullhe Seventh
tournament had null teams from around
and be en
to hang on late for a nullnullnullvictory and a
tered into a raffle for Python apparel. and be entered into a raffle for Python apparel.
ade nullrls brnull acket pitted Pelham against tournament title. nullhe Pelham hoopsters
the area participating, featuring fourth to
nullndonderry. Both teams dominated pool
o suppor
wed great hustle and energy in their
t the Pelham Food Pantry FOOD DRIVE to support the Pelham Food Pantry
eighth grade boys and girls divisions. nullowns
play while advancing to the nullals, including three contests in what proved to be a very
participating included nullindhamnullnulldsonnull
impressive wins over the likes of nullacut, tough division. nullhe largest division of the
nullyngsborough, nullnullnullmpsteadnullBedfordnull
nullyngsborough, and nullwell. nullhe bigger tournament was the nullghth nullade Boys
acut, nullnullnullnull well, nullnullnulltchnullldnull
New Year- New Insurance- New SMILE!
nullndonderry club was able to wear down bracket. A showdown in the championship
nullthuen, nullnullnullrrimacknullnullrth Andover,
the feisty and tough Pelham entry to take
Bring any non-perishable foods
between undefeated nullrth Andover and
Bring any non-perishable foods
nullnullnull ewksbury, nullnullnullndonderrynulland
home the title in the closing game of the Pelham capped off the boys’ portion of the
Get the MOST out of your Insurance
nullestford, null, in addition to the Pelham
to any PHS HOME GAME and be entered
tournament. nullhe huge crowd was treated
Thinking of changing yto any PHS HOME GAME and be enteredour insurance- This is the time of year when
Pride clubs.
nullhe Fourth nullade Boys division saw
null the Fourth nullade nullrls division, the
into a raffle for Python apparel.
to a great show as the teams went back and
dental insurance selections are made by many people. If your
the entry from Bedford power its way to forth with nullrth Andover eventually edging
into a raffle for Python apparel.
nullrrimack team stormed their way through
the title, including a convincing win over Pelham, nullnullnull
confused or unsure what to do- please give us a call
the bracket to win the championship with a
nulldson in the title game. nullhe young and nullhe event was once again a huge
and we’ll be glad to help you understand your coverage options!
win over the tough nullindham team. null what
improving Pelham team battled in its three success and a tremendous thanknullou goes
proved to be a very competitive division,
contests, including a onenulloint thriller out to everyone who participated in and
the Pelham hoopsters fought hard, including
against nulldson and a hardnullosed win over supported the tournament, including the
a nice win versus the nullwell entry. nullhe Fifth
the nullewksbury club. null the Fifth nullade numerous volunteers who donated their
ade nullrls brnull acket was another closely
Boys division, nullwell proved to be the
contested division, with no game being
time during the holiday season to ensure the
cream of the crop, going nullnull including tournament’s success. nullheir efforts are vital
decided by more than seven points. nullhe
a nullnullnullvictory over nulldson in the nullal to the success of the event.
rugged Pelham ballers fought their way
game. nullhe Pelham club fought hard in nullhe Pelham Pride now looks forward Dr. Nilfa Collins, DMD
to the title by defeating their neighbors,
their four games playing the likes of nullacut to the nullnull portion of their league and
nulldson, nullnullnullin the championship. nullheir
100 Bridge Street Pelham, NH
and nullndonderry. Sinullh nullade Boys saw tournament season, ending in early nullrch.
title run also included a twonulloint overtime
nulltchnullld overpower its opponents as it For more details on the tournament or the 603-635-1166
win against the same nulldson club earlier
rang up a nullnullrecord and a tournament program, visit
in the tournament. Sinullh nullade nullrls saw
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