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Pelham - Windham News
January 15, 2010 - 13
nullassinulld nulld nullatesnull 1 nulleek: $1nullnull nullr 2nullnullrds or lessnull nullnulleeks: $nullnullnullnullr 2nullnullrds or lessnull Additional nullrds: nullnullnullr nullrd nullr nulleeknullnullanullmum onull6nullnullrdsnull nullost and nullound
Mill City Lock
rnull ee Beenullads run nullr one nulleek at no chargenull nulleadline nullr nullacement is nulluesdanullat noon onullthe nulleek nullou nulluld like the ad to runnull nullou manullnullnullbnull casnull

, cnullcnull nullade out to Area nullenull nullrounull,
or credit card nullaster nullard or nullisa, name, address, nullone nullcard innullnullrenullirednullnullno renullndsnull Ads nullid bnullcredit card can be nullnulled to 6nullnullnullnullnullnullor null
We can c
mailed to classinulldsnullr

ne most
All other ads can be mailed or delivered to: nullenullanullnullindnullnullNews, null nullwenull nulload, Hudson, NH 03051. nullall 6nullnullnullnullnull6 nullr mor
Transponder (chip) K
Buyer Be Aware: null Area nullenull nullrounullsunulllies advertising snullce in good nullith nullr our customersnull nullonullever, occasionallnullan advertiser nullll renullire unullnullont investment nullom the consumernull We do not
endorse or guarantee these or annulladvertisers claimnull We encourage nullou to be a good consumer and do nullour homenullrk benullre nullou investnullurchase annullnull
Dealerships char
oducts or goodsnull
Our price is approx. $60 !!
Please call ahead
WE buy junk cars and trucks.
nullnullnullnullnullnull CnullnullnullG Y nullnullnull Wnullnull Cut,
C Gnull nullden nulletrienuller nullnullnull
Call Pat at Jean-Guy’s in
dnulle by nullmily nullnulled
nullnullit. nullnullnullnulld. Call
Ennullish cream tnullnullite.
Pelham, a N.H. Certified
business. Enullerienced,
nullnull PnullnullPnullNnullNGnull nullE PnullNnullNG nullC.
nullCernull tified. Parents null
Green Yard, at nullnullnullnullnullnull.
eat rates, rnull enullrences, nullee
nullnterinullnullnullerinull, Hinull Why nullemnullelnull Paintinnullis emises. nulll shnulls and health null null-nullNE Piannullnullernullces,
estimates. Call nullr nullenancia,
nullPnull CnullnullEnullnull
nulluality Wk and Hnull nullesty nullicker, cleaner and better certificates. nullnull.
nullndy nullnullrnull Certified
WnullnullY’nullnullnullnullPnull nullnull
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
Custnull nullanulled, nenuller
null a trnull usted cnulltractnull. null bannullnullr the buck. nullnterinull, nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
Piannullnullechnician. nulluninnull
Cnullnullete mechanical and
installed. Can add null subtract
small cnullnullny that nullnulluces enullerinull, hnulle imnullnullnullement.
nullenullir, nullenulllatinull, nullnullraisals,
cnulllisinull renullirs nullrnullrmed
tnullfit ynullr kitchen. Cnulltnull
binullresultsnullnullnullnullaintinnull nulluality nullrk at a nullir nullice.
nullebuildinnull nullnullnullnullnullnull.
by certified technicians. We
nullully insured, call nullr a nullee
nullrk nullth all nullnsurance
nullnullnull nullacrifice nullr nullnullnull
cnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
null nullnullE HEnullnull.
estimate. nullnullnullnullnullnull
nullnullnull-nullnullnullnullnullcensed nullnull-nullnullnull null
Cnullnullnies. nullnterstate
nullnull-nullnullnull null
Nnull-medical hnulle care
nullnullnullnullnullnullnull electrician snullcialinullnnull
batteries in stnullk. nullnullt
nullr seninulls and disabled
in small jnulls. nullenullir,
Jnullnullnullnullnullnull. Ynull call,
brands null tires anullailable.
NnullnullEnull nullirenullnull-
nullnullHEnullHandyman and
nulle haul. Nenull day sernullce.
adults. Errands, dnulltnull and nullnullEnullCnullPENnullnull
installatinull, linullts, nullns,
NH autnulland mnullnullcycle
Cnullnullered, Clean, nulleasnulled
nullemnullelinnullnullC. Hnulle
nullree estimates. nullree scranull
nullher anullnullntments, linullt at ynullr sernullce. nullmnullt null
snulltches. nullnullrates.
insnullctinulls. null hnullr linullt
Hardnullnull. Cut, nullnullit,
renullir and maintenance.
metal remnullnullal, larnull items
hnullsekeenullnnulland meal nullenull. years enullerience. nullmall and
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnull-nullnullnull
and heanull duty tnullnullnnull
nullelinullered, nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullnterinull and enullerinull nullintinnull
nullly, anullliances etc. We alsnull
Pelham nullsurrnullndinnullarea. Pnullnuller Washinnull nullinished
enullensinulle jnulls. nullnullfinnull
Pelham, NH nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
dnullnullttick, nullasement, Garanull
nullnullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnullnull basement nullbath, etc. Nnulljnull
sidinnull nullndnullnull, dnullrs,
tnull smallnull nullt us take care null nullintinnull any tynull carnullntry,
and Estate Clean-nullts. Call
Jnulln, nullnullnullnullnullnull,
CHILD CARE FOR RENT nullirenullnull, nullnullnullnulld,
ynullr nullnulley nullnullnulllist. hardnullnull and tiled nullnulls

nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
delinullered. nullcenull
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull and fieldstnulle nulllls. nullully
For a brochure
or to place an order
nullCENnullnullnullY nullnull YnullnullNEW HnullE,
insured and licensed.
nullnullHEnullnullNG and
Childcare nulleninnull in enulliency suits in Windham.
CnullPnullnull Hnulle nullenullir nullree estimates. Enullcellent
Call Jeanne Uttley
HnullWnull nullnullnull nullil nullurner
Pelham, NH. nullrnull nullnced-in Well nullrnished. nullncludes nullHandyman nullernullcesnull renullrences.
nullune-nullnullnullnullcialnullnullnullnull nullus
backyard nullth anull anullrnullriate electric, heat, hnull nullter,
Jean Pierre, nullnullnullnullnullnull.
(cell) 603-930-0818
nullrts. Nnullnullthru January nullst.
nulleasnullable ratesnull nullilers, nullil
actinullties. Certified in CPnull telenullnulle, hinull snulled
nulltchens, nullaths, nulldditinulls,
nullecks, nullenullacement nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull
tanks, Hnull tanks, nullernullce
and nullirst nulld. Prnullnulldes internet, satellite , maid. null
Windnullnull, nullemnullelinnull
EnullCnullnullnull Wirinnull-
and mnulle. nullree estimatesnull
healthy meals. nullnull am-nullnull nullnull-nullnull nullr nulleek.
PHnullnullnullnullY nullnullnullnullY
nullnullnullPnullNnullNGnull nullcensed, nullaster Electrician.
NnullnullCertified and nullnsured.
null. Call Jenninullr at nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullraininnullCenter. Nenull
nullasement nullemnullelinnull nully
nulluality, interinull nullintinnull Cnullnullete nullrinnullsernullces.
Call Paul nullarcnullte,
Phlebnullnully class benullns
nullmall null nullrnull Prnullects. nullully
nullebruary nulld, Wed nullnullriday,
nullcensed nullnullnsured, nullree nullully insured. nullree estimates. nulldditinulls, basements,
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull
nullnullnullnull.m. Call
Estimates, call nullnull nullean Call anytime, nullnullnullnullnullnull. linulltinnullnullns, unullrades,
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
nullnullnullnullnullnull, nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull
cable, nullnulle, snullnd and data
nullnullnullnullrthnulledic nullllnullnull
netnullrks. nulll jnulls cnullsidered. Mill City Lock

nullnullnullnullnullt cleaninnull We
tnull sets. Nenullnull Cnulltnullnullnullnull
strinulle tnulldnullthe little details,
nullellnullnullueen nullnull, nullull nullnull, HOME
nullnull-nullnullnull null
nullast resnullnse. Call nullana
We can clo

ne most
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullmnullile
Auto Transponder (chip) Keys.
y’nullll be nulleased nullth nullr
nullnnull nullnull. nulliscnullnullemnully
cleaninnullsernullce and nullality
nullnullm nullree nulliscnullnullllnullnullnull
Dealerships charge
null nullrk. Great renullrences,
nullrinullnally nullnullnull nullellnullnullnull.
nullnterinull finish nullrk, nullk
anullrdable nullices. Call Patricia
Can delinuller. nullnullnullnullnullnull. Landscaping
The Classifieds
Our price is approx. $60 !!
at nullnullnullnullnullnull null e-mail

stairnullys nullr cnulltractnulls
Complete Property Maintenance
Please call ahead
null hnullenullnullers, decks,
Fertilizing & Lime
bring together
nullnullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnull.
$275 – Any Int. 12x12 Room
basement remnullelinnull etc.
Snow Plowing
buyers and sellers.
nullnullid Cherry nullleinull nulled, nullcensed and insured, null yrs.
null.J. nullnullEY Electricnull
nullnullnullnullnulld nullnulld
Fall Clean-up
every day.
nullernullce Wk is nullnull ur nullnullcialty,
nullressernullirr, Chest and null
Painted Ceiling and Walls
Reserve Now.
cleaninnull nullnullCleaninnull
enullerience. Call Jnull, nullnull
nullajnull Credit Cards nullccenulled.
Ninullt nullable. Nenullin bnullnulles.
Office: 603-883-1028
nullernullce. nullenullrences anullailable,
15-20% off all home repairs nullnullnullnull.
Cell: 603-490-7757 Call: 880-1516
Call tnullaynull nullnullnullnullnullnull
Cnulltnullnullnullnull nullellnullnullnull. Can
ee estimates. nullnull atisnullctinull
delinuller. nullnullnullnullnullnull
Call 603-635-1378
nullaranteed. Call Offering complete home repair.
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull
wnull ell Takes Two of Three Again nullelham nullire nullg
Sundanull, nullanuarnullnullnull nullnullnulla.m. nulldical alarm activation,
Bridge Street. nullnullnulla.m. Follownullp nulle investigation,
nullshua nullad. nullnullnulla.m. nulldical assist, Simpson nullad.
nullhe nullwell nullvils took two out of pulled the Senators within a goal with
nullndanull, nullanuarnullnull nullnull a.m. nulldical emergency, nullmpas
nullnullnulla.m. Singlenullar motor vehicle accident, nulld nullge
three decisions for the second straight his nullst multinulloal game of the year.
nullll nullad. nullnullnulla.m. nulldical emergency, Atwood nullad.
nullll nullad. nullnullnulla.m. Fire alarm activation, Bridge Street.
week, but fell into third place in the Around the Hornsnull
nullnull p.m. nulldical emergency, nulld nullge nullll nullad. nullnull
nullnullnullp.m. nulldical emergency, nullrsh nullad. nullnullnullp.m.
Atlantic nullvision. Playing their nullstnull nullhe nullvils’ nullnullnullnullnullrecord at the
p.m. nulltual aid with an engine for station coverage to nullrry.
nullwonullar motor vehicle accident, nulld nullge nullll nullad. nullnull
ever regular season game at Prudential halfway point of the season schedule
p.m. nulltor vehicle rollover, nullmmoth nullad and nullne nullad.
nullnter in nullwark, null, the nullvils was an allnullime franchise bestnullriday’s
nullednesdanull, nullanuarnullnull nullnull a.m. nulldical emergency, nullunt
nullnull p.m. nulldical emergency, nullalley nullll nullad. nullnullnullp.m.
skated past the nullrtford nullolf Pack, loss to nullilkesnullarre was nullwell’s nullst
nullernon nullive.
nulldical emergency, nullmmoth nullad. nullnullnullp.m. nulldical
nullnull on nullednesday. nullwell fell, nullnull in regulation when scoring nullst on Thursdanull, nullanuarnullnull Fire alarm activation, nullrsh nullad. nullnull
emergency, Bridge Street.
in nullilkesnullarrenullcranton on Friday, the road nullnullnullnullnullnull nullwell ended a.m. nulldical emergency, nullshua nullad. nullnull pm. nulldical
but rebounded with a nullnullvictory Binghamton’s streak of nine straight emergency, nullmmoth nullad. nullnull p.m. nulldical emergency,
at Binghamton on Saturday. nullw games scoring a power play goal null nullillow Street. nullnull p.m. Single car motor vehicle accident,
owning a record of nullnullnullnullnull the nullhe nullvils were outshot nullnullnullin third nullrsh nullad and Burns nullad. nullnull p.m. nulldical emergency,
nullelham Arrest nullg
idle nullvils saw the nullorcester Sharks period over three games last week ... nullillow Street. nullnull p.m. nulldical emergency, Brandy nullne.
leapfrog into second place in the well has the secondnullest nullst period null
nullridanull, nullanuarnullnull nullnull a.m. nulldical alarm activation,
standings on Sunday. goal differential in the Anull at nullnull
nullridanull, nullanuarnullnull Sayira nullriel, null, nullwell, null, nulliving
nullerrace nullrcle. nullnullnulla.m. nulldical alarm activation, nullerrace
well prepares this week for its null nullnullnullnullnull nulltt nullaormina leads all
nullile nulltonullcated. nullniel nullrion, null, acut, null null, nullerating
nullrcle. nullnullnulla.m. nulltual aid to nullindham. nullnullnullp.m.
second fournullame, nullenullay stretch Anull rookies and defensemen with null
nullithout a nullalid nullcense, Possession of a nullntrollednullarcotic
Structure nulle, nullonathan nullad.
of the season. nullhe nullvils open on power play points nullgnullnullnullnull nullke
nullug, Possession of nullugs in a nulltor nullehicle.
nulluesday in Portland before returning nullKenna stopped a team season
Saturdanull, nullanuarnullnull nullnull a.m. Singlenullar motor vehicle
Saturdanull, nullanuarnullnull Steven nullrnulles, null, nullthuen, null,
home to face the Syracuse nullunch high null shots on Saturday, including
accident, nullallant nullad and Simpson nullad. nullnull pm. Alarm
Possession of nullntrollednullarcotic nullugs.
on nullednesday. nullwell heads north a league season best null in the third
activation, nullerrace nullrcle. nullnull p.m. nulldical emergency,
on Friday to take on the nullnchester period.
Patriot nullive. nullnull p.m. Structure nulle, nullshua nullad. nullnull
Sundanull, nullanuarnullnullnull nulltthew nullnullwd, null, nullwell, null,
nullnarchs and then hosts the Pirates Coming nullnull
p.m. nulldical walknulln to nulle station. nullnullnullp.m. Follownullp
Possession of nullntrollednullarcotic nullugs. Kevin Fitnullatrick,
on Saturday afternoon at the nullongas nullhe nullvils face the Pirates for
nulle investigation, nullshua nullad.
null, Pelham, nulliving nullile nulltonullcated, Aggravated nulliving
nullile nulltonullcated, Failure to nulley nullspection nullnullirements.
Arena. the fourth and nullth meetings in the
Rewindnull eightnullame season series. Portland
nullednesday, nullvils nullvs. nullolf Pack null is currently tied for nullth place in the
nullck Palmieri scored twice, Atlantic nullvision with a record of nullnull
nullindham nullolice nullg
including the gamenullinner with null.null nullnullnull. Firstnullear pro nullyler nullnis nullnullnull
seconds left in regulation, to help nullanullis tied with nullrk nullncari nullnullnull
nullednesdanull, nullanuarnullnull nullnull a.m. Alarms, nulldustrial complaint, nullute null South. nullnull p.m. nullanted person,
well defeat nullrtford, nullnull at the null nullanullfor the team lead with null points,
nullive. nullnull a.m. nulltor vehicle accident, Floral Street Fellows nullad, arrested Frank null nullisel, null., null, Salem, Simple
Prudential nullnter. nulltt nullaormina’s while also ranking second among Anull
and nulleenway nullad, arrested nulllan Smith, null, nullindham, Assault. nullnull p.m. Assist citinulln, nullrth nullwell nullad. nullnull
power play goal and Palmieri’s nullst rookies in scoring. nullncari is on a
nulliving After nullvocation or Suspension. nullnull .m. Alarms, p.m. nullmestic. nullnull p.m. Assist other agency, nullchary’s
of the game came over a span of four enullame point streak that has seen null
Balmorra nullad. nullnull a.m. Blasting information, nullute null nullossing. nullnull p.m. nullanted person, Fellows nullad, arrested
minutes early in the second period. him post nulle goals and nulle assists.
South. nullnull a.m. Suspicious activity, nullwthorne nullad. Philip nullan nulleco, null., null, nullshua, Second nullgree Assault.
Paul nullowder and nullle nulleise knotted nullhe nullvils are nullnullnullnullthis season
nullnull a.m. Alarms, Balmorra nullad. nullnullnulla.m. Suspicious nullnull p.m. nullnullnullcomplaint, nullil nullrail and nullpot nullad. nullnull
the score in the third for the nullolf Pack against the Pirates.
vehicle, nullstle nullll nullad. nullnullnullp.m. Paper service, Fellows p.m. nullsabled motor vehicle, nullildwood nullad. nullnull p.m.
before Palmieri beat Steve nullalinullette Syracuse comes to town on
nullad. nullnull p.m. Suspicious vehicle, nullulston nullad. nullnull nulltor vehicle complaint, nullckingham nullad. nullnullnullp.m.
for the game winner. nullednesday for the nullstnullver contest
p.m. Parking complaint, nulldian nullck nullad. nullnull p. nullsabled nullpossession, nullwell nullad.
nulleff Franulle made null saves in the win. between the nullvils and nullunch.
motor vehicle, nullnge nullad. nullnull p.m. Suspicious vehicle,
nullridanull, nullanuarnullnull nullnull a.m. Alarms, nullrth nullwell nullad.
Friday, nullvils nullvs. Penguins null Syracuse has recorded points in sinull
nullrblehead nullad. nullnull p.m. nulltor vehicle lockout, nullest
nullnull a.m. Alarms, nulldge nullad. nullnull a.m. Paper service,
nullstin nulleffrey’s gonullhead goal of its last seven games nullnullnullnullnull but
Shore nullad. nullnull p.m. Suspicious vehicle, nullerson nullad.
nullrblehead nullad. nullnull a.m. Fire department response,
with nullnull left in regulation gave the remains in seventh place in the nullst
nullnull p.m. Suspicious activity, Faith nullad. nullnull p. Suspicious
nullinter Street. nullnull a.m. Alarms, nullonwood nullad. nullnull
Penguins a nullnullvictory over the nullvils vision at nullnullnullnullnull null nullhe nullunch are
activity, nullckingham nullad. nullnull p.m. nulliminal threatening,
a.m. Alarms, nullnge nullad. nullnull a.m. Fraudulent activity,
at the nullachovia Arena at nullsey Planull. nullnullnullnullagainst the Atlantic nullvision
nullpot nullad. nullnull p.m. nullise complaint, nullckingham nullad.
nullckingham nullad. nullnullnulla.m. nulltor vehicle stop, nulldian
After Stephen nullonta had put nullwell this season with their lone win coming
nullnull p.m. Parking nullmplaint, nullnge nullad. nullnull p.m. nulltor
rock nullad, arrested nullmenic nulltaldo, null, nullindham,
ahead by one at nullnull of the third, at home against nullrtford on vnull ember
vehicle accident, nulldian nullck nullad and Fellows nullad. nullnullnull
nullceiving Stolen Property. nullnullnulla.m. Fire department
nullic nullangradi knotted the score on the null. Syracuse has the Anull’s worst
p.m. Pedestrian check, nullndonderry nullad.
response, nullwell nullad. nullnullnulla.m. Blasting information,
power play less than nulle minutes later. defense at nullnull goals allowed per
Thursdanull, nullanuarnullnull nullnull a.m. Suspicious vehicle, Farrwood nulldian nullck nullad. nullnull p.m. nullrafnull nullntrol, nulldian nullck
Ben nullalter and Konstantin Pushkarev game.
nullad. nullnull a.m. Suspicious activity, nullhird Street. nullnull nullad. nullnull p.m. Suspicious vehicle, nullrblehead nullad. nullnull
traded goals in the nullst period for the well renews its rinull valry with
a.m. Suspicious person, nullttingham nullad. nullnull a.m. Paper p.m. Alarms, nullrth nullwell nullad. nullnull p.m. Suspicious
nullvils and Penguins, respectively. nullnchester on Friday at the nullerinulln
service, Fellows nullad. nullnull a.m. Paper service, nullncaster activity, nullurtle nullck nullad. nullnull p.m. nullwanted guest,
Saturday, nullvils nullvs. Senators null nullireless Arena. nullhe nullvils took a null
nullad. nullnull a.m. Suspicious activity, Autumn Street. nullnull nullumont nullad. nullnull p.m. nullsabled motor vehicle, nulldian
nullke nullKenna turned aside null nulllead in the season series with a nullnull
a.m. Alarms, nullstle nullll nullad. nullnull a.m. Paperwork transfer, nullck nullad. nullnull p.m. nulltor vehicle accident, nullrblehead
shots nullincluding all null he faced in win in nullnchester on nullw nullear’s nulle.
well nullad. nullnullnulla.m. null Alarms, nullritage nullll nullad. nullad. nullnull p.m. nullsabled motor vehicle, nullverhill nullad
the third period nullas nullwell edged nullhe nullnarchs sit in nullst place in the
nullnull a.m. Assist other agency, nullrseshoe nullad. nullnullnull and nullmmoth nullad. nullnull p.m. nulltor vehicle accident,
Binghamton, nullnull at the Broome division standings and have one of the
a.m. Blasting information, nulldian nullck nullad. nullnullnulla.m. nulldian nullck nullad and nullnge nullad. nullnull p.m. nullrafnull hanullrd,
nullunty nulleterans nullmorial Arena. league’s best home records at nullnullnullnull
nullpossession, nullburn nullad. nullnullnullp.m. Fire department nullrblehead nullad. nullnull p.m. nullanted person, Fellows nullad,
nullchael Swift broke a scoreless tie null null nullwo of nullnchester’s four losses at
response, nullute null South. nullnull p.m. Fire department arrested Brook nulltberg, null, Somerville, null, nullsuing Bad
seconds into the second, while nullthan home have come at the hands of the
response, Fellows nullad. nullnull p.m. nullanted person, Fellows nullecks. nullnull p.m. nullnullnullstop, nullbbetts Pond nullad. nullnull
Perkovich made it a twonulloal lead at nullvils. nullwell is nullnullnullnull allnullime on
nullad, arrested nullrick nullones, null, nullindham, Aggravated p.m. Alarms, nullnullngton nullad. nullnull p.m. Assist other agency,
nullnull on the power play. Patrick nullvis the road versus nullnchester.
Felonious Senullal Assault, Statutory nullpe, Senullal Assault. nullnull nullcholas Street. nullnullnullp.m. nullrafnull hanullrd, nullrrison nullad
provided the eventual gamenullinner
p.m. Soliciting, nullrtrude nullad. nullnull p.m. nullanted person, and nullncock nullad. nullnullnullp.m. nullise complaint, nullove
with sinullminutes left before the second
Fellows nullad, arrested nulltthew P. nullohnson, null, nullheft From Street.
intermission. Brandon Svendsen twice
a nulltor nullehicle, Simple Assault. nullnull p.m. nulltor vehicle
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