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Volume 20 Number 27 January 15, 2010 16 Pages
Hudson Fire Department’s
Griffin First Graders Receive Letters
New Imaging Camera Could Save a Life
of Thanks and Salutes of Respect
by Doug Robinson
The first-grade students
by Doug Robinson
of Griffin Memorial School
The thermal imaging camera recently building was empty of any occupantnull The use of never fully realized the
purchased by the nulldson nullire nullpartment could the camera cut down our search time to about difference they would be
save your lifenull It could also save the life of a three minutesnull nullithout the cameranullwe would making this holiday season
firefighternullemergency medical techniciannullpolice have spent many more minutes searching for by creating specialized care
officernullinnullred possible people packages for our troops
personnullor your petnull trappednullwhich serving in Iraqnull
The camera has would not only null a pronullct for
the ability to see endanger the vnull ember and nullcembernull
through smoke firefightersnullbut also the null students in Mrsnull
created by a fire allow the fire to nullohnstonenulls class sought
and detect heat progress furthernullnull out and received many
signaturesnull null The nulldson donations of gamesnullsnacksnull
matter how thicknull nullire nullpartment booksnullcandynullvitaminsnull
how blacknullor how purchased a playing cardsnullpensnullair
Mrs. Johnstone,
danknullthis camera thermal imager freshenersnulltoiletriesnulland even artificial nullristmas
My name is 1LT Alain Chuntraruk and I’m the
can register a known in the decorationsnull
platoon leader of 1
Platoon, 111th Engineer
thermal image on industry as the aris nulluniernullnull s dadnullwho is serving our
Company nullAPPEnull. null nullhalf of myself and
its screennull Tnullanull country and fighting in the war over in Iraqnull
Platoon, I nullant to thank you and nullifnull
The new thermal nullnullnull is the and the children of her first-grade class in
Elementary 1st nulladers nullspenullally Paris Pruniernull
imaging camera most versatilenull nulltchfield thought it would be a
for sending us sunull great nullre panullages. My
went into service small-form great idea to send
platoon nullas so
at the nulldson thermal imager to nullarisnulldad and
happy to renullinulle
nullire nullpartment on the marketnull his soldier friends
all of the gifts
appronullmately four The camera clearly identifies people, in a 100-percent Suited for interior care packages this
you’nulle sent. It’s an
weeks agonulland the darkened room. Snullould tnulle room nullanulle nulleen filled witnull smoke, operations and nullristmas to show
anullsome feeling to
cameranulls versatility tnulle person would nulle enullually nullignulllignullted useful for analytical their appreciation
knonullthat someone
has already proven operations via the for what they
you’nulle nenuller met
to be effectivenullefficientnulland most of allnulla time nullectronic Thermal Throttlenull Tnullnull is the ideal are doingnullnull
nullfore nullres anullut
saving device on two separate occasions when thermal imager for departments that demand the commented nullarisnull
you nullnulluse you’re
the saving of lives is at stakenull highest performance in the smallest packagenull first-grade teachernull
a nullldier. And null all
e recently used the camernull a at a house fire nullurrent thermal imagers are based on Mrsnullnullohnstonenull
lonulle the fanull that your
at null Timothy nullnenullnullcommented nullptain nullve technology that was originally developed for the nullarisnulldadnull
grade nullass are sunull
Morinnullnulldson nullire nullpartmentnull nulle got a militarynull Thermal imaging technology provides Spcnullnullristopher
patriots. nullou guys
report that people were trapped within the two- the ability to see and target opposing forces nulluniernullwas
really set the enullample
story buildingnull nullith the use of the cameranullwe through the dark of night or across a smoke- recently called nullrunier
nulls onulle
for other Amerinullns to
were able to enter into the building and scan covered battlegroundnull The properties that have to serve in the
follonull. Thanks again,
every roomnulllooking for people who might be made infrared detection valuable to military war appronullmately null
nullppy nulllidays and
trappednull The camera is lightweight and has services around the world also make it valuable weeks agonullrecalled
nullll null thinking of you guys.
the ability to hang clipped to my gearnull nullfore to fire services and law enforcementnullnullstates nullarisnullmomnullnullcole
nullLT Alain Chuntraruk
we stretched a hose line to the second nullor of nullllard Industriesnull nulluniernull nulln a recent
the homenullwe were able to determine that the continued to page 10 - New Imaging Camera letternullmy husbandnull Mrs. Johnstone,
nullrisnullasked if we I nullas so monulled nully the
could send to him letters from the nullildren
some supplies which and renullinullng them here
Eleven Neighbors Stop Playground
are not available on Christmas Enulle nullas
in Iraqnullnullcontinued enullen nulltternull They nullre
by Len Lathrop
nullcolenull nullrsnull so nullautiful. A lot of the
Meeting at the nulldson nullish and Game nullub roads in the area of the proposed park were more nullohnstone has been time, null are desensitinulled
for the convenience of the neighborsnullnulldson like driveways and he did not see how emergency great and the kids have here nully our surroundings
nullcreation held a committee meeting to take vehicles and additional cars would fitnullcurrentlynull been unbelievablenullas and our nullnull in
testimony about placing a playground with a you have to use a private driveway to turn around they have gone out and
nullactical tr
aining in null
general, and a lot of the time,
walking trail and volleyball courts on a null-acre in to leave the areanull null also asked if there would acquired a lot of needed kind of nullose tounullnull nullth the nullnulllian side of the
parcel of nulldson-owned land off of nullyers nullond be bathrooms for park-goers to usenull supplies for my husband and the soldiers with nullrld. This nullas a great reminder that there is so
nullad and splitting by nullestnut Streetnull The nenull speakernullnullurel nullckhart of nullalnut whom he fightsnullnull nullver did the children of Mrsnull munull lonulle and support at home from enulleryone. I
This was the third and last opportunity for the Streetnullwants the park for a place for young kids nullohnstonenulls first-grade class at Griffin Memorial thank you and the rest of my unit thanks younull I
community to speak to the nullcreation nullmmittee to playnullrather than being sold into house lotsnull School realize the impactnullimpressionnulland gifts hope you all hanulle a nullery Merry Christmas and
and the town Selectmennulls liaison about the as has been discussed by nulldson Selectmennull of love that they would be sending to our troops I nulluld like to nullery munull thank all the nulloung
pronullctnull to which nullairman Griffus enulllained that the in Iraqnull soldiersnull at nullifnull Elementary, as nullll as yourself.
This park was first cited in a nulldson Master nullcreation nullmmittee has no control over what nullen bonulldnullthe supplies were going to be I am planning to set some time aside in the nullst
nullark nullan for the year nullnullnulland prepared by will happen to the property if the park is not builtnull sent to nullarisnulldadnullwho is assigned to the nullt nullek of April to hopefully meet and thank all of
landscape architects and planners nullown and nullt is in the hands of the Selectmennullnull nullgineer nullttalionnullnullnullh Sapper nullmpanynull nullnull them personally.
we in nullnullnull null null that timenullthe plan noted Mike McGee of nullestnut Street stated that the along with his nullttalionnullis responsible for the Thank you and nulld nulless,
a tot lotnulla nullttle nullague field with a nullnullfoot park is not badnullbut that nullestnut Street is in very dismantling of the Improvised nullplosive nullvices Christopher C. Prunier nullC null AnullnullnullAPPEnull
fencenulla multi-use playing field for soccer and sad shape and couldnnullt handle a lot of traffic or nullnullsnullthat have been set by the enemy to kill
footballnulla cross-country skiing and nullgging trailnull emergency vehiclesnull It is already a recreation nullericansnull nullch daynullnullarisnulldad and soldier
nullar Mrs. Johnstone and the students of nulloom null
and a picnic area with null parking spacesnull The area with neighborhood children playing there friends venture out in search of the Inulls and
nullifnull Elementary, 1
grade nullassnull
nullnull proposal was scaled down with only a nownull nullhers will change the dynamic of the deactivate the bombs before they detonate on any
nulle renullinulled your
conceptual plan and about null parking spacesnull areanull nullhe best thingnullis to nulleave it the way it nullerican soldiersnull null and his battalion
panullages today and
nulleremy Griffusnullcommittee chairmannull isnullnullsaid McGeenull enter into enemy
null are speenullless.
introduced the committee members and outlined nullher speakers enullressed very similar thoughtsnull territory ahead
nulle hanulle a tough nullnull
that anyone could speaknull nullollowing those Selectman nullutu stepped in to advise neighbors of nullerican
here in Iranull and it
remarksnullthe committee would vote to proceed that he would make certain that options would soldiersnulland
is nullth great respenull
with establishing a subcommittee to design the be weighed very heavily on the impact on create safe
and honor to all of
parknullor to abandon the plan and release the their communitynull null enulllained that he would roadways for
our friends, family,
property to the Selectmen to do with as they treat all decisions by keeping the nullhat if this fellow soldiers to
and nullnullT nullAnull
deemed appropriatenull was my neighborhoodnull concern in mindnull null follownull
nullLnullEnull Anull
null the meetingnullthere were nine citizensnull understood that the roads were narrow and in hese null
three nulldson nullish and Game membersnullseven poor conditionnull children are
that null renullinulle
nullcreation nullmmittee membersnullSelectman nullates answered the question about bathroomsnull full of dreamsnullnull
your supportnull
nullger nullutunulland nullcreation nullrector nullvid enulllaining that portable toilets are placed at all commented Mrsnull
The soldiers
nullatesnull nulldson parks and the same would be done at nullohnstonenullnullnd
of the 111th
y null
nulls onulle
nullirst to speak was nullarles nullkenullwho stated that ynull ers nullondnullmany questions followednull they know that the
nullppers are so
This is a mosnulle null
he doesnnullt carenullbut wanted to point out that the continued to page 10 - nulllayground holidays are about
grateful for your lonulle,
givingnull nullat they
support, and generositynull nulle
have accomplished
salute all of
here shows that they
you. The
have the hearts of
nullautiful art
nullrk your
In response
nullildren put
the generosity
so munull time,
and kindness
effort, and
of the childrennull
munull nullre into
the nullerican
nullll null nullrefully
soldiers of the
displayed here
nullt nullgineer
in Iranullin our
headnullarters. I
nullnullh Sapper
nullll take pinullures
to send to you of
sent letters of
them as soon as
time permits, and I
to the students
nullll also null sending
of Mrsnull
some pinullures of
Litcnulleld soldiers
us here in Iranullto
first-grade classnull nullt only
ginulle your nullildren
did the children with nullearts of mountainsnull
an idea of honullthe
receive letters of thanks from our soldiers in Iraqnull
people and soldiers
they also made a big difference in their little waynull
linulle in Iranull nulle nullll distrinullte all the anullsome
The soldiers receiving the packages took the
supplies and goodies to all the
time and wrote personal letters to the first-grade
soldiers here and you should null hearing nullnull
students of Griffin Memorial Schoolnullenullressing
from a lot of us soon, either through snailnullail
their thanksnull nullre are some of the letters offered
or enullail, as a lot of us nulluld like to thank you
by our soldiers in combatnull
personally for your amanullng supportnull
continued to page 10 - Letters of Thanks
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