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Hudson - Litchfield News
January 15, 2010 - 9
Hudson Car nullire House nullire on Circle nullive
in nulltchnullld subnulltted by nullanda Lenullaro Dirnull enullor onullnullurrinullnullnull
Litnullnullnull SnulloonullDistrinull
This column will appear on a regular basis to assist parents
and the community in understanding about curriculumnull
researchnulland instructional changes in the nulltchfield School
y nullangenullnull
nulle often hear in public educationnullnullt worked for menull
why cannullt it work for the kids nownull nullange in educational
practice is necessitated by changes in our societynullas well as the
changing enullectations of public educationnull null is outlined in
nullayton Mnullnullristensennulls booknull nullsrupting Class nullthe purpose
of nullerican public education has changed significantly since
it was first instituted back in early nullnullsnull nullblic educationnulls
first nullb was to preserve the democracy by teaching democratic
values to those that attended schoolnull null the early nullnullsnullpublic
educationnulls focus changed to preparing everyone for a nullb andnull
thereforenullenullanded from a one-room schoolhouse approach
that the manullrity of students ended after grade school to the
innullnullof significant numbers of students attending high schoolnull
These phenomena led to the development of the high school
with significant course and program offerings for the nenull null
yearsnull nullring the nullnulls-nullnullsnullthe country changed its focus
once again and required public education to keep the nullited
States competitive on an international stage and schools began
to be measured by test scoresnull nullinallynullin nullnull with the passage
of the null nullild nullft nullhind nulltnullstudent learning became the
focus and schools became responsible for making sure that
every student in every demographic group met proficiency
in reading and mathematics by the year nullnullnull nullith all of
these changes in enullectationnullschools have had to change and
continue to change what they do and how they do itnull nullat
used to work may still work with the old enullectationsnullbut
does not work with the new enullectationsnull In the early nullnulls
appronullmately eight percent of all students graduated from high
schoolnullin the nullnullsnullit had increased to null percentnullbut nownull
for enullmplenullthe nulltchfield School nullstrict averages above
null percent and still strives to meet the new enullectation of
nullong with the changes in enullectationsnullas with any other
fieldnullresearch is continually conducted and new findings affect
how things are donenullthe same goes for educationnull In the
past two decadesnullthere has been a manullr push in educational
research that has focused on student learningnull null a result of this
researchnullmore effective approaches to learning have evolvednull
Hudson nullire nullg
The nulltchfield School nullstrict has paid attention to this research
and has made some significant changes to its instructional
Sundaynullnullanuary null nullnullnullanullnull null detectornullStnullMary nullivenull nullnull nullhursdaynullnullanuary null nullnull anullnull nullknown medicalnullTalent nullad
approaches in our educational programnull nullfew enullmples
anullnull nullabetic emergencynullnullrry nulladnull nullnullnullanullnull Mutual aid nullnull nullnullnullanullnull nullest painnullnullbrary Streetnull nullnullnullanullnull nullest painnull
would be the new mathematics programnullnullnullsionsnullin grades
nullbulancenullnullshuanull nullnullnullpnullnull nullerdosenull nullnull pnullnull nullrdiac nulloodburn nullive nullnull nullnullnullpnullnull nullmorrhagingnullnullons nullvenuenull
nullnullthat focuses on the development of basic mathematics
arrestnullnulllgrim nullive nullnull nullnull pnullnull Service callnullnullark nullvenuenull nullnull pnullnull nullad innullrynull
skillsnullas well as emphasizing a conceptual understanding
nullndaynullnullanuary null nullnull anullnull Mutual aid nullbulancenullnullshuanull well nulladnull nullnull pnullnull Service callnullnullbinson nulladnull nullnull pnullnull null
of the mathematical processes and how to communicate
nullnullnullanullnull Motor vehicle accidentnullnullrry nullad and nulltler nullad nullnull nullmorrhagingnullnullason nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullmorrhagingnullnullwell
that knowledge effectivelynull null the middle schoolnullthe
nullnullnullpnullnull nullest painnullSchool Streetnull nullnullnullpnullnull nullaintingnullnullwell nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullcerationnullTammy nullurtnull nullnullnullpnullnull nullfficulty
implementation of reading across the curriculumnullthe increase
nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullfficulty breathingnullnulldson nullark nullivenull nullnull pnullnull breathingnullnullStreetnull
in non-fiction reading for studentsnullas well as the SinullTraits
Mutual aid nullginenullnullrrynull nullnull pnullnull Mutual aid nullginenullnullindhamnull nullridaynullnullanuary null nullnull anullnull nullfficulty breathingnullnullons nullvenuenull
writing instructional program are good enullmplesnull nullinallynullthe
nullnull pnullnull Motor vehicle accidentnullnullbrary Streetnull nullnull pnullnull General nullnull anullnull nulltempted suicidenull nullnull anullnull nullnullalarmnullnullelham nulladnull
high school will put the use of competencies for every course
illnessnullSpringwood nullrclenull nullnull pnullnull nullabetic emergencynullSullivan nullnull anullnull Service callnullnullwell nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullad innullrynullnullrry
and a focus on student learning in the grading pilot into actionnull
nulladnull nulladnull nullnull pnullnull Motor vehicle accidentnullnullinnhaven nullivenull nullnull
nullith much discussion taking place about the grading pilot at
nulluesdaynullnullanuary null nullnull anullnull nullck innullrynullnulld nullach nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullfficulty breathingnullnullver nulladnull nullnull pnullnull Service callnull
nullmpbell nullgh SchoolnullI will outline the grading pilot programnull
anullnull nullall related innullriesnullnullpine nullvenuenull nullnull anullnull nullerdosenull well nulladnull nullnull pnullnull Motor vnull ehicle accidentnullnullason nulladnull
as well as the research that supports its implementationnullover
nullnullnullpnullnull Mutual aid nullbulancenullnullshuanull nullnull pnullnull nullest painnull nullnullnullpnullnull nullest painnullnulloodhawk nullay nullnull nullnullnullpnullnull Mutual aid
the nenull few weeksnull Much information is currently available to
Glasgow nullrclenull nullnull pnullnull nullatient transfernullnullngalow nullvenuenull nullginenullnullelhamnull
parents and the public at the nullmpbell nullgh School nullebsitenull
nullnull pnullnull nullnullalarmnullnullbel nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullfficulty breathingnull Saturdaynullnullanuary null nullnullnullanullnull nullarms in buildingnullnullplewood
wwwnullampbellhsnullrgnullon this topic as wellnull null any timenullif you
nulllknap nulladnull nullnull pnullnull null detectornullSullivan nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullivenull nullnullnullpnullnull Seizurenullnullmwood nullivenull nullnull pnullnull Seizurenull
have questions about the material found in the articlesnullfeel
System troublenullnullwell nulladnull nullnull pnullnull nullresponsive personnull nullmwood nullivenull nullnull pnullnull nullimney firenullnullsh nullll nulladnull nullnull
free to contact nullanda nullcaroznullnullrector of nullrriculumnullat
nullrlene nullnenull pnullnull Motor vehicle accidentnullnullwell nulladnull nullnull pnullnull Mutual aid
nullednesdaynullnullanuary null nullnull anullnull nullest painnullnullnstitution nullivenull nullginenullnullelhamnull nullnull pnullnull nullfficulty breathingnullnully Streetnull nullnull
nullnull anullnull Structure firenullTimothy nullnenull nullnull anullnull General illnessnull pnullnull nullabetic emergencynullnullecutive nullivenull nullnullnullpnullnull nullest painnull
nullelaide Streetnull nullnullnullanullnull nulloot innullrynullnullnstitution nullivenull nullnullnull nullinnhaven nullivenull
pnullnull Service callnullnullmpshire nullivenull nullnullnullpnullnull Service callnull
viernull a nulladnull nullnullnullpnullnull Service callnullnullmpshire nullivenull nullnull pnullnull
Seizurenullnullrch Street nullnull nullnull pnullnull General illnessnullnullwell nulladnull New Year- New Insurance- New SMILE!
nullnull pnullnull Motor vehicle accidentnullnullsh nullll nullad and nullason nulladnull
nullnullnullpnullnull Gas odornullnullrretts nullll nulladnull nullnullnullpnullnull nullck innullrynull Get the MOST out of your Insurance
nullaver nullathnull
Thinking of changing your insurance- This is the time of year when
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Pre-K - 8
confused or unsure what to do- please give us a call
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Collins Dentistry
for Children
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•Brakes •Electrical
• Computerized Digital X-Rays & Intra-Oral Cameras
• Baseball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country Running, Choir
•State Inspection & Emissions
•Steering Components
• Saturday Appointments (resuming in Fall) • Healthy Kids
•Shocks and Struts
•Oil Changes
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•Exhausts •Drive Axles
•Wheel Balancing
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Mon- Fri 7:30-6, Sat 7:30-3
Hank Specks
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Oil Change and
NH State Inspection
an adoption application in advance, please go to
Ricky Inspection- pass or fail
Good until 2-28-2010
603-635-2211 Ad sponsored by Beaver Valley Farms, Pelham, NH
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