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Aglyph1197 OPEglyph1197 LETTER TO glyph1197ELSOglyph1197 MAglyph1197DELA FROM EX-Aglyph1197C DETAIglyph1197EES
YMCA Shauri Moyo
P.O.Box 17073
Dear Cde Mandela Revolutionary Greetings!
The news through the press about our horrific experiences at the hands of the ANC security organs
must have left you in a state of bewilderment. Fully aware of that, we realise the need to write you this
letter giving an account of our vicissitudes in combating the enemies of democracy within the ANC and
putting across also our incessant efforts to have these problems resolved democratically with the full
participation of the entire membership. By this we hope to dispel any misunderstandings regarding our
decision to expose this disgraceful and shameful page in the history of our organisation, which we hold
at high esteem, even at this hour.
First, it is a fact, undisputable indeed, that the 1984 mutiny was a spontaneous reaction of the
overwhelming majority of the cadres of MK to crimes and misdeeds, incompatible with the noble and
humane ideals of our political objectives, carried out by certain elements in the leadership of the ANC.
These included, among other things, acts of torture and murder through beatings, committed by the
ANC Security personnel under the leadership of Mzwandile Piliso; brutal suppression of democracy
denying the membership of the ANC any opportunity, for a period exceeding thirteen years, to decide
through democratic elections who should lead them; and misleading our people’s army by locking it
into diversional battles from which our struggle did not benefit, thereby weakening and destroying its
fighting capacity.
Second, it remains our firm belief that, had the ANC leadership acted honestly at the very early stages
of mutiny, and most of all, had President Tambo responded responsibly to our appeal for his immediate
and direct intervention, many lives could have been saved. Regrettably, in a manner identical to our
political enemy, the South African regime, the ANC leadership fished out the “ringleaders” and their
most plainspoken opponents and unleashed virulent brutalities against them.
Third, having gone through close to five years without trial in the most notorious prison within the
ANC, and having endured the humiliating, dehumanising and hazardous conditions in which some of
us perished, we remained committed to the ANC. This was in recognition of the justness of our cause,
in honour of men like you and the multitudes in our beleaguered homeland who languished in racist
dungeons and got murdered in this noble cause, and lest we forget our comrades whose lives were cut
short by those who deceptively made noise and declarations about democracy on behalf of our people.
Fouith, embarrassed at the way the ANC community in Dakawa absolved us by electing us into the
political structures in the Tanzanian ANC region, Chris Hani and Stanley Mabizela, acting on behalf of
the National Executive Committee, then muzzled us by banning us from participating freely in ANC
political life and dissolving democratically elected structures. Our efforts to challenge such an
undemocratic action and to explain the causes of the 1984 mutiny for which we were being
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