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Hudson - Litchfield News
8 - January 8, 2010
Hudson Acting nullonull nullgineer nullrns Promotion
by Doug Robinson homenullhe says. Henullalong with null with building and construction of many and Board of Selectmen. His
The Board of Selectmen for the town othersnullgraduated with the nullvirne High baseball nullldsnullhockey rinksnulland other responsibilities include compliance
of Hudson recently promotednullby the School nullass of nullnull. null the interview community engineering pronullcts. to State auditsnulleasements regulationsnull
unanimous vote of nullnull nullting Town process was conducted within the null the Town nullgineer for the town and personal involvement with
nullgineer nullry nullebster to the position chambers of the Selectmennulls meeting of Hudsonnullnullebster sees his role as the New Hampshire Department
of Town nullgineernulleffective nullanuary null room for the town of Hudsonnullnullebster that as of not only saving the tanullayer of Transportation. nullebster is also
nullger nullutunullnullairman of the Town recalled as he pointednull“nullirst base was moneynullbut to also provide the citinullnsnull responsible for grant writing and the
of Hudson Board of Selectmennullstated over therenulland the pitchernulls mound childrennulland the tanullayers of Hudson answering of all innulliries from State
that nullebsternulls promotion was “well was over there. That was before the a very safe community within which and National innulliries.
deserved.null Town Hall and nullire Station was built. to live. nullebster current serves as the
Homegrown and Hudsonnullchoolednull nulle used to play ball on this vacant Some of his current town pronullcts nullairman of the nullerican nullgion
nullebsternulls passionate love for the town lot. nullplayed nullt base. nullremember include the nullute null2 nullnullnullfoot Baseball nullague. He oversees null
of Hudson transcends the schematics playing baseball right here where we sidewalk pronullctnullwhich travels from teams involving over 2nullnull kids who
of the sewersnullsidewalksnulland setbacks. are sitting.null ergreen to null Towheenullthe nullelham play baseball. null the town of Hudsonnull
null his new role as Town nullgineernull“the nullter graduating from nullvirne High null. Dam nullonullctnullSewer nulllocation he has not only coached nullttle nullague
safety and wellnulleing of the residents is Schoolnullnullebster spent null years with concernsnullbuilding of water tanksnull Baseballnullbut he has also coached
my primary concernnullnullhe says. the National nullardnull2nullth nullgineers as well as interactingnulladvisingnulland basketball nulloth boys and girlsnulland
nullen though born in Nashuanull in nulleterboroughnullNH. null an engineer remaining involved with Hudsonnulls founded the nullerican nullgion Baseball
nullary nullebster
Hudson has always been nullebsternulls for the National nullardnullhe participated nullanning Boardnullnullning Boardsnull Team.
Learn Something
Stop Signs nullstalled to Promote Safety
New This Winter!
by Doug Robinson
4 Lesson InGIFT OF MUSICtro $60.00
The Highway Safety nullmmittee for the Town of Hudson recently
recommended to the Board of Selectmen that stop signs be installed
4 L
ift C
esson In
o $60.00
at the intersecting streets of nullalnut Streetnullnullilbrick Streetnulland
Blueberry nullne.
Music & V
Gift C
Music & Voic
e lessons
e lessons
nullason nullvoienullTown of Hudson nullolice nulliefnullstated at the
December 22 Board of Selectmennulls meeting that the department
Rosita Lee Music Center had received information that vehicles traveling on those three
136 Lowell Rd, Hudson, NH
intersecting Hudson roadways were not only speedingnullbut that the
vehicles were also not slowing down when children were at playnull
as well as not stopping as the vehicles crossed the
“nulle sent patrols and we set down speed
sticksnullnullcommented nullief nullvoie. “nullhe
Highway Safety nullmmittee recommends that we
install stop signs.null
Having received approval from the Board of
SelectmennullHudsonnulls Highway Department has
nulltop sign at the corner of nullalnut and nullhilbrick nulltreets
installed stop signs on nullalnut Streetnullintersecting
nullilbrick Streetnullnullilbrick Streetnullintersecting
on the corner of his property in an
Blueberry nullnenulland on Blueberry nullnenull
effort to stop vehicles from crossing his property.
intersecting nullilbrick Street.
Selectman nullen nullssey stated that he “travels that area frenullently
nullcording to nullief nullvoienullone resident was so
and the area is prone to speeding. The stop signs should be
frustrated that he innullired about placing a boulder
Hudson Police Chief nullnullests
of Selectmen to Fill nullen Position
by Doug Robinson but we need someone to ensure Technology nullTnullperson. nullen
Hudson nullolice nullief nullason nullvoie the information is processed and the Town decided it wanted to
renullested of the Hudson Board of analynulld. They need to understand implement its own null departmentnull
Selectmen to post for the hiring of the public rightnullonullnow law and they asked us if we would have any
a nullcords nullnager at the Hudson whennullhat information can and obnullctions if they took nullsa Nute
AFFORDABLE, Quality, Family Dental Care
nullolice Station at the December 22 cannullt be releasednullpublic record from us to head up this department.
Board of Selectmennulls meeting. storage and purgingnullknow how to nullthough nullohn works out of our
nullcording the nullief nullvoienull dispatch for policenullbe familiar with stationnullhe is also doing work for the
the nullcords nullnager position running record checksnullhave the nulle department nullndnullDepartment of
would supervise appronullmately null ability to train othersnullhow to ensure nullblic nullorks nullnullnullnull
Dr. Rajni Nalla, B.D.S, D.M.D.
$100 OFF
employees whose responsibilities proper shift coveragenulland prepare null a result of Nutenulls new position
would not only oversee the records department compnulltat meetings.Tnull he as the manager of null for the town
Exam & X Ray
and communication divisionsnull position also calls for other related of Hudsonnullthe Hudson nullolice
We treat the whole family
*New Patient Only Expires 1/22/2010
but also manage the analysis renullirementsnullhe says. Department has not funded the
•Cosmetic and esthetic dentistry
and “compile statisticsnullf crime nulltil promoted to the position of 2nullnull hours annually for the nullcords
•Dentures, partial dentures,
$50 OFF
trends. nulle have the software Hudsonnulls nullformation Technology nullnager position at the Hudson
that can pull out the informationnull Departmentnullthe position of nullcords nullolice Department.
crowns, bridges, veneers, Any Single Restorative Procedure
nullnager was originally managed nullief nullvoie stated that should
bonding, implants
Expires 1/22/2010
by nullsa NutenullHudson. “nullsa Nute he be allowed to nulll the position
•New patients always welcome
FREE Whitening
oversaw both records and dispatch. internally by following the
nulle also had nullohn Beike working 2null “guidelinesnull he would not “backnulllnull
•State of the art new dental practice
With Any Service Over $249
You need
hours a week for us as an nullformation the position.
•Digital x-rays Expires 1/22/2010
a lawyer you
•The most current up to date sterilization
•Most insurance accepted
can talk to.
•All major credit cards accepted
Laws & Demers, PLLC
• Financing available
Personal, Effective
36 Library St
Divorce • Custody •Guardianships
Hudson, NH
Support • Adoptions
Modification of Orders
All Calls Promptly Returned nullanuary null nullnullnull20null
nullementary and nullmorial Schools
nullnday null nullicken burgernullollnullSweet potato friesnullnullnulld fruit cup. nulluesday null
221 Main St. Suite 300, Nashua
Ham nullcheese nullichenullnullen potatoesnullnullplesauce. nullednesday nullSpaghettinulllain
saucenullnullnullarella sticksnullnulleen beansnullnulleaches. nullhursday nullTurkey nullcheese
wrapnullTomato vegetable soupnullSliced pearsnullBlueberry cakenullopping. Friday
nullnulluicenullDominonulls pinullanullnulleggiesnullipnullnullsorted desserts.
unch alternatinullnull enull nullnbutter nullnullllnullsandwich.
nullnulle cream on sale nullr null cents enullerThursdanull null.
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