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Hudson - Litchfield News
January 8, 2010 - 7
Positive News from Our
Business Community
Knife Enthusiasts
Continental Academie of Hair nullsign
HB nullnullnullsubmitted by nullpresentative nullffey and supported
nullceinulles 200nullBest of Hudson Anullard
by nullpresentatives nullaspernullnulltonnullnullelchnulland nullinters and Senator
nulltourneau is a bill of interest to allnullincluding outdoorsmennull
subnulltted by nullnullnull nullonullernull nullsonullation nullarious sources of information were gathered and analynulld our nullst respondersnullmilitarynullknife collectorsnulland yesnulleven our
nullntinental nullademie of Hair Designnulls student salon has been to choose the winners in each category. The 2nullnullnullnullnull ward police ofnullers. nullust recentlynullthe federal government attempted
selected for the 2nullnullBest of Hudson nullward in the Beauty Shops nullogram focused on nullalitynullnot nullantity. nullinners are determined to classify virtually all onenullandnullpening knives as switchblades
category by the nullS. nullmmerce nullsociation nullSnullnull. based on the information gathered both internally by the nullnullnulland under federal lawnullfortunatelynullthis effort was legislatively thwarted.
The nullnullnull“Best of nullcal Businessnullnullward nullogram recogninulls data provided by third parties. nullfortunatelynullNew Hampshire has a prohibition against knives
outstanding local businesses throughout the country. nullch yearnull nullntinental nullademienulla cosmetology career schoolnulloffers that can be misinterpreted in the same way. nullpresentative nullffey
the nullnullnullidentinulls companies that they believe have achieved beauty salon services performed by students under instructor saysnullnullnullbelieve it is time for that to change. nullhave nulled a bill to
enulleptional marketing success in their local community and supervision at reduced prices to the public. Hours of operation are do nullst that. null removes the prohibition on the sale and carrying
business category. These are local companies that enhance the Tuesday through Saturdaynullnulla.m.null p.m.nulland Thursdaysnullnulla.m.null of these knives. This means that people who intend no harm will
positive image of small business through service to their customers nullp.m. To make an appointmentnullyou can reach the student salon not have to fear having their knives. nulllook forward to defending
and community. by calling nullnull22null. the rights of knife enthusiasts and businesses across our state
while ensuring that lawnullbiding citinullns will be protected and
Hudson Stop nullShop nullises Funds
the criminals in our midst will have more of a deterrent against
committing atrocities with these knives in our state.null
nullor more information about the proposed legislationnullcontact
to Help Fight Hunger
nullpresentative nullffey at nullnnnullenncoffey.comnullor view the bill at
subnulltted by nullnie nullenuller customers donated over null.2 million. Together with a corporate
Charlie Chalk can be reached at
The Stop nullShop Supermarket nullmpany announced today that matchnullStop nullShop will donate more than null.nullmillion to local and
its store in Hudson raised nullnullnull for the St. nullncent de nullaul Society regional food banks.
and local and state food pantries to help provide hunger relief to “null this challenging economic climatenullwe are so grateful to
Contractors - need extra space?
Free Up Space!
area residents. our customers and associates for supporting the nullood for nullriends
We have that!
nullrom nulltober null until December null all Stop nullShop stores programnullnullsaid nullaith nulleinernullStop nullShop Director of nullblic nullfairs.
from New Hampshire to New nullersey participated in the 2nullnull “nulle enulleeded the amount of money raised last year and that can
nullood for nullriends campaign. Through the sale of paper turkeys and truly be attributed to people wanting to support their own local
fundraising events held at the storesnullStop nullShop associates and communities and neighbors.null
Sizes from 5x5
Store your motorcycle,
nullng null nullnullntinued nullonullnullont page
to 10x40.
automobile and household
goods with us.
prohibit local nullrisdictions from enacting restrictions. null other concluded that one million people are chatting behind the wheel at
statesnulllocalities are allowed to ban cell phone use or tenulling while any given moment.
Our Ceilings Give You an Advantage 84 River Road - Rt. 3A, Hudson 603.595.4700
driving. Some statesnullsuch as nullinenullNew Hampshirenulland nullahnull null speaking with Hudson nullolice nullief nullason
treat cell phone use as a larger distracted driving issuenullaccording to vnull oienullhe stated that “when we complete an
the nullvernornulls Highway Safety nullsociation. nullcidents involvingnullor accident formnullwe use a state reporting form. This
as a result of the use of a cell phonenullare referred and categorinulld as standardinulld form does not have a bonullfor cell
“distractionnullaccidents. phones. So we are not able to track accidents by a
Catholics Can
Distractions are denulled as “anything that diverts the drivernulls cell phone checknullff bonullnull
attention from the primary tasks of navigating the vehicle and nullief nullvoie went on further to state that “no
responding to critical events. To put it another waynulla distraction is town vehicle has had an accident when someone
Always Come
anything that takes your eyes off the road nullisual distractionnull your is talking on a cell phone.null
mind off the road nullognitive distractionnull or your hands off the wheel
nullanual distractionnull
Home reports that “Several studies show cell phones
are a leading cause of car crashes. null is estimated that cell phonenull
•Do you feel something is missing
distracted drivers are four times more likely to be in a car wreck.null Opening!
in your life?
nullcording to a Harvard nulliversity studynullcell phones cause over
2null deaths and half a million innullries each year. Special
•Have you or someone you love been
away from the church for a long time?
The National Highway Trafnull Safety nullministration nullHSTnull
recently held a twonullay Distracted Driving Summit that highlighted
•Thought about coming back
the undernullecogninulld dangers of distracted behavior behind the but found it difficult?
wheel. Department of Transportation Secretary nully nullHood
•Been victimized, but didn't know where
announced new research nulldings by NHTSnullthat show “nearly
nullnullnullpeople died in 2nullnullin crashes involving a distracted or
to turn?
M-F 9-9, Sat 9-8, Sun 10-6
Hudson Mall Plaza
(77 Derry Road, Hudson, NH)
inattentive drivernulland more than half a million were innullred. null ©
any given day in 2nullnull more than nullnullnullnullvehicles were driven
St. Kathryn's Parish is offering seven sessions designed to

by someone using a handheld cell phone. nullery single time
offer expires 2/28/09
T discuss your issues, answer your questions,
someone takes their eyes or their focus off the road nulleven for
Not valid with any other offers. Limit
IN and provide information. Sessions start
nullst a few seconds nullthey put their lives and the lives of others in
one coupon per customer. Good only
at Hudson Mall Plaza
dangernullnullsaid Secretary nullHoodnullSeptember nullnullin nullashingtonnullD.null
Thursday, January 21st
“Distracted driving is unsafenullirresponsiblenulland in a split secondnull
its consenullences can be devastating.null They further
Find out why so many Catholics are returning!
estimate that 2nullpercent of all accidents are related
to distract driving.
You’ll meet people just like yourself,
DiPrete Promotions, Inc
The report from the NHTSnullalso states that
$53.55 per week, $25 color
300 Tables
who came home but left the baggage behind.
“nullHoodnulls biggest challenge will be to nulld a way
5% discount for a 4 week run
to enforce unpopular restrictions on drivers in love
10% discoun
Manchester, NH
t for 10 ads in a year
Curious? Give us a call or just drop by at 7:00 pm on
with their cell phones. nulle survey found that eight
in null drivers talk on their phones while behind the
Thursday, January 21st in our parish center!
wheel. nullHood is counting on frightening numbers RADISSON HOTEL
JANUARY 9-10, 2010
nullcell phone use is a factor in an estimated null2nullnull EXPO CENTER
4 Dracut Rd, Hudson, NH
auto accident innullries and costs nullnullbillion each 700 ELM ST., MANCHESTER NH
Saturday 9-5
For directions or information, call
year in property damagenulllost wagesnullmedical billsnull I-293, EXIT 5
Sunday 9-2
and loss of life nullto help win support.null nullcording
to nullHoodnullnullhe public is sick and tired of people
Admission $8.00 (603)255-3846
being distracted and causing accidents.null nulllittle
more than a generation agonull
cigarettes and pushnullutton
radios caused drivers to tear
their eyes from the roadnullnownull 6.5 tall by 2.5 columns wide
cell phonesnullcoffee cupsnullnullsnull
$314 each week for every home in Hudson, Litchfield,
nullobal nullositioning System nullnullnull
devicesnulland televisions compete
Pelham and Windham
for the attention of people behind
the wheel. Tenull messaging and
cell phones have gotten most of
the attention latelynulland it might
take nullHoodnulls federal innullence
to wean the nation from them.
We are here for all of your Rehab needs
• All Private Rooms
nullmost null percent of nullericans
• Physical Therapy
• Nursing 24/7
own cell phones. The National
• Occupational Therapy • All Meals, Housekeeping, Laundry,
Safety nulluncil has estimated
that nullnullmillion drivers use
• Speech Therapy
Cable & Maintenance Services Included
cell phonesnulland another study
We also provide….
• Full Calendar of Activities
• Short Term & Long Term Care
• No Entrance or Applications Fees
• 24 Hour Nursing Care
• Pulmonary Management
“ Just think of these as your private
Dr. David V. Appler
• Wound Care
studio apartment with built in services.”
• Social Services
• A variety of Activities
For a warm welcoming experience,
please contact our office for a tour and we will be
• Laundry/Housekeeping
happy to show you around.
Vision Care
• & much more!!!!!
188 Central Street
203 Lowell Road
Hudson, NH
Hudson NH 03051
Hours By Appointment
an Opt
Fairview Healthcare is
Medicare and Medicaid Certified
Skilled Nursing F
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