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Hudson - Litchfield News
6 - January 8, 2010
Cops and nullds nullite nullth nulloys for nullots
Dental Health
by Doug Robinson
The Hudson nullolice Departmentnullin
connullnction with the nullited States nullrine
nullrpsnullunited together in the Toys for Tots
program during this past holiday season.
Togethernulltheir partnership met the nullrinesnull
obnullctive to “bring the nully of nullristmas to
nullericanulls needy children.null
Since nullnullnullorganinulltions across the
nullited States of nullerica have embraced
the mission of the nullS. nullrine nullrps
nullserve Toys for Tots nullogram “to collect
newnullunwrapped toys during nulltobernull
Pregnancy and Oral Health
Novembernulland December each yearnulland
distribute those toys as nullristmas gifts to
Pregnancy is a very important time for a
needy children in the community in which
woman to pay particular attention to her oral
the campaign is conducted.null
health. Not only can she prevent oral
The nullnull pilot pronullct was so successful
problems during pregnancy, but she can also
that the nullrine nullrps adopted Toys for Tots
help determine the dental health for her
in nullnull and enullanded it into a nationwide
unborn child. For this reason she should be
campaign. That yearnullnullrine nullrps nullserve
mindful of her eating habits, oral hygiene
units across the nation conducted Toys
practices, and professional dental care needs.
for Tots campaigns in each community
The mother's nutritional status plays an
in which a nullrine nullserve nullnter was
important role to the development of the
located. nullrines have conducted
unborn child's teeth. The child's teeth begin to
successful nationwide campaigns at
courtesy photo
calcify between the third and sixth months of
nullristmas each year since nullnull.
nullront nullow. nullcer Christopher nullanninullCaptain Bill AverynullAmy Corcorannullnullcer nullharith Deng.
pregnancy. It is, therefore, essential that the
nuller the null years of the nullS. nullrine
Back rownullnullarine nullepresentativenullnullcer nullachelle nullegowennullChief Jason nullvoienull
mother receive adequate amounts of
nullrps nullserve Toys for Tots nullogramnull
nullcer Jason Downeynulland nullarine nullepresentative
nutrients, since deficiencies may result in
nullrines have distributed more than nullnull
abnormal tooth formation. Especially
million toys to more than nullnullmillion
a call and it was a couple of days before bags and cart loads of new toys for children
important are vitamins A,D,C, protein,
needy children. This charitable endeavor
nullristmas. nulle went to a Hudson home to ennullynullnullcommented y nullrnull corannull
calcium, and phosphorus. Eating a well
has made nullS. nullrines the unchallenged
and nullremember the mom talking about Hudson nullolice Department. “nulleople
balanced diet will usually provide the
leader in looking after lessnullortunate
how she was nullancially hurting. She told came to nullalnullart nullst to give to Toys for
necessary amounts of nutrients to nourish both
children at nullristmas. nuller its nullnullear life
us that the childrennulls father was not paying Tots. null was amanullng. nulle guy came to
mother and child. During pregnancy many
spannullthe nullrine Toys for Tots nulloundation
child support and that she could not afford me with a couple of gifts. He told me that
women have a desire to eat between meals.
has supplemented local toy collections
presents for the kids. nullcan still see the he had been a recipient of Toys for Tots
Foods generally selected are rich fermentable
with more than null.nullmillion toys valued at
nullristmas tree in her living room without when he was younger and nullst wanted to
carbohydrates (starches and sugars). This
more than nullnull millionnulland has provided
any presents under the tree. nullen we help out. nullhers who stopped by donated
habit can be harmful to dental health and is
promotion and support materials valued at
looked at the kidsnullwe started to collect moneynullas they had not had the chance to
an invitation to tooth decay. The best advice
over null.nullmillion.
money from the cops at the station. nulle nullst purchase a toy. The community as a whole
is to avoid eating between meals. For snacks
Disney also designed the nullst Toys for
wanted to do it. nulle bought mom stuff and came together to make this program work.
it is best to select foods that contain little or no
Tots poster used to promote the nationwide
we bought gifts for the kids. nulle bought nulleople told us that they were doing null this
fermentable carbohydrates, but do contain
program. Nat “nullngnullnulllenullnulleggy nullenulland
wrapping paper and gave the paper to the year and nullst wanted to help others out.
nutrients to meet the needs of the mother and
nullc Damone recorded the Toys for Tots
mother so that she could wrap the gifts. Two ladies came to the station and asked
unborn child.
theme composed by Sammy nullain and nullaul
To this daynullnullstill receive a nullristmas card us what we needed. nulle told them that we
nullebster in nullnull. Bob Hopenullnullohn nullaynenull
from her. nullter thatnullwe helped out a family had some older teenagers who had some
Doris Daynullnullrrie nullrgannullTim nulllennullnullenny
each year until y nullrnull corannullwho works specinull renullests for nullristmas and that as
nullgersnulland Billy nully nullrus are but a few of
in records as well as Dispatchnullcame up they were older teenagersnullpeople tended
the long list of celebrities who have given
with the idea of helping Toys for Tots. This not to buy them nullristmas gifts. They left
their time and talent to promote Toys for
was such a great idea for the Hudson nullolice and came back in two hours or so with bags
Department to help out so many more and bags of stuff for the two teenagers. null
“nullcal Toys for Tots nullmpaign
families. nulld it nullst mushroomed.null was totally overwhelming.null
nullordinators conduct an array of activities
nullcording to nullures received from the “nulle are enullremely appreciative to all
throughout the yearnullwhich include golf
nullS. nullrine nullrps Toys for Tots nullogramnull the dedicated volunteers from the Hudson
tournamentsnullfoot racesnullbicycle racesnulland
the Hudson nullolice Department helped rise nullolice Departmentnullboth sworn ofnullers
other voluntary events designed to increase
between nullnullnullto nullnullnulltoys during this and civilian personnelnullthe entire Hudson
interest in Toys for Totsnulland concurrently
yearnulls Toys for Tots campaign. communitynull alnullartnulland the nullS. nullrine
generate toys and monetary donationsnullnull
“nulle are very thankful to nullnullnullnulland nullrps nullaguenullwho provided many hours of
states Toys for Tots.
their news broadcast about the Toys for their offnulluty personal time to assist us with
nullolice nullief nullason nullvoie stated that the
Tots program. nulltil they broadcasted the the Toys for Tots donation drive this yearnullnull
“Hudson nullolice Department has had a rich
storynullthe Toys for Tots drives were not very stated nullrcoran.
history of nullristmas giving. nullremember
successful. The morning after the news
as far back as nullnullnullwhen we went on
broadcastnullpeople came to nullalnullart with
Crash Caused by nullinuller nullth Suspended License
subnulltted by nulldson nullonullnull Departnullnt accidentnullwith no innullriesnullin the parking lot of Haffnernulls gas stationnull
null nullanuary null at appronullmately 2nullnullp.m.nullnullnuller nullschinsky of located on nullwell nullad. nullon the ofnullernulls arrivalnullhe identinulld
the Hudson nullolice Department responded to a minor motor vehicle one of the motor vehicles involved in the accident as a nullnull nullevy
Bradley Tree & Landscape
picknullp truck. nullcupants of the picknullp truck were identinulld as
Bobby Ducharmenullnullnulland nulldrew nullmpofredanonullnullnullboth of
nullnuller nullschinsky identinulld nullmpofredano as the driver of
Indoor Air Quality ranked
in the top five environ-
the nullnull nullevy picknullp truck and Ducharme as the passenger.
nullter conducting an onnullcene investigationnullwitnesses identinulld
mental public health risks.
Now Open
Ducharme as operating the nullevy picknullp truck and nullmpofredano
as the passenger. nullcording to witnessesnullDucharme allegedly
Did you know that the air Air Duct Cleaning.
swapped places with nullmpofredano prior to nullnuller nullschinskynulls
circulating in your home
Free Video Inspection.
We Accept Credit Cards!
and business probably in-
SubsenullentlynullDucharme was arrested for Disobeying a nullolice
225 Lowell Road
cludes most of this?
nullnuller and Driving nullter Suspension and nullmpofredano was
Dust Mites, Mold,
Spanos Environmental
(603) 595-7827
arrested for nullsworn nullalsinullation. Both men were released on
nullnullnull personal recogninullnce bail with a court date at Nashua
Mildew, Pollen. because your environment matters
(in front of Hudson Cycle) District nullurt on nullanuary null
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