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Hudson - Litchfield News
4 - January 8, 2010
The Word Around Town...
Letters to our Editor
nullnulless nullnullnnullt nullant null
nullhite House nullmersed
to be nullruenull
in Pork Barrel
nullen nullesident nullama was
But nullnullant to nullonull hynull
campaigning for nullesidentnullhe made a
solemn pledge that he would eliminate
or reduce earmarks. He broke that
nullr last edition of the Hudson~Litchfield Newsnulldated December 2null
promise during the push to implement
2nullnull had a nulltter to the nullitor from Bob HaefnernullState nullpresentative
the new healthcare program.
and Budget nullmmittee member. Bob nullestioned if there was a good
The nullite House cut backroom deals
enulllanation as to why the Hudson ladder truck and an engine removed a
with a number of senators to secure their
nullg from a businessnulls nullgpole at tanullayersnullenullense.
votes for the bill. Senator Ben Nelson
nullwas present when Selectman Ben Nadeau showed an early edition
of Nebraska received nullnull million in
of the HLN on the 2nullh to Selectman nullairman nullger nullutunullwho was
federal funds for a ripnullff that enullmpted
upsetnulland nullbelieved the words werenull“wenulll nulld out about this.null nullleft
his state from paying for new nulldicaid
thinkingnullis this really a bad thingnull
patients. Senator nullry nullndrieu of
The Hudson nullire Department helped a business in our village by
nulluisiana got a kickback of nullnull million
giving them a helping hand with our countrynulls nullg in a time when
in enullra federal spending for her state.
we are nullhting in two different wars. The businessnullwhich happens
The healthcare bill will add null trillion
to be nullDonaldnullsnullpays tanulls to our town. null was the Hudson nullire
to the denullit over the nenull null yearsnulland
Departmentnulls duty crewnullwhich means the men were being paidnullwhether
the nulldicare system will suffer cuts of
they were helping a business in our community or standing by the nulle
nullnull billion. nullpronullmately null million
station to answer a call. That helps to answer the “why two trucksnull
people will be added to the healthcare
nullestion. null an emergency came innullthe engine would be dispatched
system. This will place a severe strain
to the situation without delaynulland one nullenullhter would put the ladder
on hospitals and doctors who will not
truck back into servicenullwhich would be only two to four minutes by that
be able to handle the huge innullnullof
one nullenullhternulland proceed to the emergency call if needed or back to
or checks nullade payable to nullS nullnull many spots there were in the pews nullled
new patients. The end result will be long
nullntral Station to stand by.
will be accepted. The recycling fees will with giftsnull nullou helped so many people
waiting periods and lower nullality service
er the week that the paper wnull as closednullnullasked almost everyone null
help raise scholarship funds for the eighthnull over this holiday seasonnull Thank you for
for all.
came in contact with if the usage of a nulle truck bothered them. nullitiallynull
grade trip to nullashingtonnullD.nullnulland get your kindnessnulland nullhope you all had
nullparticular concern is the impact of
about nullnullnullwere either upset or not. “nullat if it was a cat in a treenull
rid of your old electronics at the same a wonderful nullristmas and that you are
the program on small businessesnullwhich
was the nenull nullestionnullnullnullpercent had no problem.
time. nullotenull nullcyclenullnullguarantees blessed in the coming new yearnull
will be forced to provide health insurance
nullknow Bob Haefner to be a real nicenullwellnullrounded mannullserving
that all memory chips from computers
to their employees. This program could
our town as a State nullpresentativenulla leader in the nullangenullan elected
and laptops are shredded in order to
nulltty nullaughan nullLitnullnullnull
force many small businesses to raise
member of the Budget nullmmitteenullon the Board of Directors at the
prevent any theft of personal informationnull
prices andnullr reduce costs nullrimarily labor
Historical Societynulland much more. So what got him upset enough to
nulll Hudson and nulltchnullld residents are
costsnull and some businesses will be forced
write to the papernull Bob and nullhave spokennulland didnnullt reach an answernull
welcome to take advantage of this event
nullhank nullou
to close their doors. null should be noted
but a few agreednullpon things.
and we hope to see you there.
small businesses account for about null
Hudson is a good place to livenullone of the bestnullif not the bestnullin our
nullor more information on the items
to null Secret Santa
percent of the nullbs in this country.
state. nullr ranknullndnullle nullenullhters are goodnullhardnullorking people who
that are acceptednullas well as the fees
nulltruly hope that whoever my Secret
null is unfortunate the nullite House had
risk their wellnulleing when in an emergency situation. nullirenullhters have
associatednullgo the the nullS nullebsite
Santa is reads this. null for everyone elsenull
to resort to pork barrel chicanery to get a
historically helped people. The cost to the town of Hudson for the nullg
and click on the nullnulllink on the left
nullhope it gives you a renewed feeling that
highly nullwed healthcare bill passed.
retrieval was only fuel in the trucknulland if on the outsidenullit took nulle
sidenull httpnullnullitchnullldsd.orgnullchoolsnullmsnull
there are truly good people out there and
gallonsnullwhich would total under nullnull Donanull nullsnullnull nulltnullnullLondonderry
lmshome.php. null you have any further
that Santa does enullstnull
So if the letter made you angrynullthen whynull Have the trials and
nullestionsnullor have a large donation that
nullwas busy at work on Saturday when
tribulations of everynullay life made us upset with our nulle departmentnull
you would like picked upnullplease contact
a woman came in to purchase a gift
Have the economy and lost wages made everyone upset with the
nullry nullana at or
Lnull PnullnullSponsors
certinullate and delivered an envelope that
tanulls that they must paynull Have we all lost touch with the concept of a
was given to her by a woman she did not
communitynull nullorge Bernard Shaw wrotenull“nullam of the opinion that my
nullcycling nullent
Litnullnullnull nullddnull
know in the parking lot. null had my name
life belongs to the communitynulland long as nulllivenullit is my privilege to do
Do you have a basement full of old
SnulloonullnullO nullLitnullnullnull
on it. null the end of the daynullmy boss told
for it whatever nullcan.null
me about it and handed it to me. nulle
Has our nulle department stepped away from the community because
electronics that you need to recyclenull
were all curiousnullno one knew who it
of a lack of a contract for two yearsnullor is it the leadership of the
Never seem to know what to do with
was from. The card readnull“nullou probably
departmentnull null morale so low that it shows in the “Blue nullavenull y null
themnull nullenulll make it easy on you. The
Priceless nulloy
donnullt even realinull what a gift you are to
cannullt the department be part of nulld Home Days as they used to in past
nulltchnullld nullddle School nullnullnullnullnull
is sponsoring an nullectronics nullcycling
nullwould like to enullress my gratitude to
others. nullust thought nulld take a moment this
yearsnulland where are the trucks in the nullmorial Day nullaradenull Has the
nullndraiser on nullanuary nullnulland it couldnnullt
all the faithnullased and nonnullaith based
nullristmas to remind you. SignednullSecret
televised budget discussion with the selectmen and the nullire nullief added
be easiernull nullnullcyclenullnulltrailer will be
organinulltions in nulltchnullld that helped
Santa.null The card itself was beautiful and
to the problemnull
parked at nullS from nulla.m. to noon. nullad
my son have a wonderful nullristmas
inside it had a gift card to a grocery store
How can our nulle department become
up your car with your itemsnulland drive
through their donationsnull nulle say that
and a great deal of money. nullwas shocked
part of our village againnull
over to the recycling tent at nullS. nulle will
we have become too materialistic these
and stunned. nullve never had anything like
unload your items while you stay warm
days about nullristmas nulland we have null
this happen to me before. nullfelt the card
in your carnullyounulll pay a reasonable fee to
but at the same timenullthe nully you helped
was a beautiful messagenulland to nulll it with
the gift card and money was unbelievable.
have them safely recyclednulland younulll be
bring to my son on nullristmas morning is
null Secret Santa knows me well enough
on your way. nullnulls as simple as thatnull nullsh
pricelessnull nullen nullwalked in the church
on null on the nullthnullnullwas amanulld at how
to know that nullwould not have accepted
such a large giftnullwhich is
probably part of the reason they
Cookies Casual Corner
have remained anonymous.
null family has had a tough
yearnullif things could go wrongnull
New for Winter at
en Y
r R
they have. This person obviously
e Wh
n - Fr
g i
s Fu
knew at least some of our
situation. nullcannullt thank you
the Chuck Wagon
30am - 6
enoughnullwhoever you arenullthat
was truly a selnullss act of enullreme
kindness and one nullwill never
292 Derry Rd
forget. Something that nullhope to
Hudson, NH
do for someone else someday.
Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. join
nullreally hope you read this
family, friends and make new acquaintances at the Cookie’s Now Accepting Registrations!!
and get my heartfelt thanknullou.
Community Table and enjoy the Casual Corner Buffet. For just
nulloever you arenullyounullre an
$5.95 (+tax) you can help yourself to Coffee, Tea, Juice and a
•Computer Classes •Snacks & Lunch
enullremely thoughtfulnullamanullng
selection of breakfast comfort foods while you enjoy the
•Before & After School
Offered Provided
•Degreed & Certified
•Field Trips
nullrry nullristmas and Happy
company of with others. Bring your newspaper, book or a
•Large Wooded,
•Full Day - Daycare
New nullearnull
friend and enjoy the winter mornings in the warmth of
•CPR & First Aid
fenced in
•Nursery School
Certified Staff
nullristine nullnulldson
Cookie’s Casual Corner.
•Infant / Toddler
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