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17 Executive Drive, Suite 1, Hudson, NH 03051 880-1516 Fax 879-9707 www.areanewsnullounullconull newsnullreanewsnullounullconull
Community Events Library Seminars & Courses
Saturday, January 9 Tuesday, January 19 nullginning nullnday, January 2null
Hudson Regular Meetings & Events
nulllocal Hudson Boy Scout will be hosting The Friends of the Library of Hudson The Community Adult nullucation program
a Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser for his nullgle will be meeting at nullp.m. in the nulldgers in nulltchnullld will begin its winter classes on
null and nuller Coffee Clubnull Rec. Center, 9 – 11 a.m., every Tuesday.
nullonullct at the nullattanick nullange Hallnullnulld nullmorial nullbrary nullmmunity nullom. New nullanuary 2null nullwide variety of courses will be
nullindham nulladnullHudsonnullfrom nullnullp.m. members are always welcomenullStop by for offerednullincluding nullotographynullnulltroduction
Alnullrne Booster Club , Alvirne Library, 7 p.m., first Wednesday.
Tickets may be purchased at the doornullwith an application. to nullnversational nullrenchnullnullne Dancingnull
Alnullrne nullouchdonull Clubnull Alvirne Library, 7 p.m., first Monday.
a discounted price for seniors and children nullnullnullirst nulldnullTai nullinullnullokingnullnullrobicsnull
American Legion Post null nullAunullliary , Legion hall, 7 p.m., first Monday.
under null.
nullmputernull oodworkingnulland Beginner
Anullana Club, New Life Christian Church, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., Wednesday. (from Sept.
nullilting. This opportunity is available to all
nulltchnullld nullesbyterian nullnullnullmmunity
23–May 26) Open to children age 3 to grade 5. For info or to register: 598-9000.
residents and nonnullesidents of nulltchnullld. The
nullurchnulllocated at 2null nullarles Bancroft Friday, January 16
course listing will be mailed to all nulltchnullld
Beekeeping Association, Rec. Center, 7:30 p.m., first Saturday.
Highwaynullnulltchnullldnullis offering a free The Litchnullld Budget Committee will
nullsidents the nullst week of nullanuary. Non
Board of Selectmen, Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 7 p.m., first, second, and fourth
Community Breakfast to nulltchnullld residents hold public hearings on its 2nullnullTown and
residentsnullcheck the Hudson~Litchfield
on the second Saturday of every month. The School District recommended budgets in the
Newsnullwhere information will be posted.
nenull breakfast is on Saturdaynullnullanuary null The auditorium at nullmpbell High School at
Budget Committee, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m., third Thursday.
null you have any nullestions or suggestionsnull
breakfast will be served from nullnull a.m. and nullnull p.m.
eater Hudson Business nulltnullnull orknull Valentino’s, 142 Lowell Road, Friday mornings,
contact nullurie nullthhausnullthe nullult nullucation
will include baconnullsausagenullscrambled eggsnull
8 a.m. For information, contact Mike Falzone at 320-8020.
Saturday, January null Directornullor nullristine nullerraro at nullmpbell
homenullried potatoesnulltoastnullhomenullaked
The nullonull of Litchnullldnulls nullliberatinulle Session High School at nullnullnullnull.
Cable nullility Committee , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 7 p.m., third Tuesday.
mufnullsnullcoffeenulland nullice. nulll nulltchnullld
will be held at 2 p.m. at nullmpbell High
Consernullation Commission, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m., third Monday.
residents are welcome and there will be no
charge. Donations will be accepted. No
Sports & Recreation
Fleet nullsernulle Association , VFW Post, 7 p.m., third Thursday.
reservations needed. Saturday, February 6
Free nullnulles , basement of the New Beginnings Child Care Center, Hudson, 6 p.m. Call
The Litchnullld School nullstrict nullliberatinulle
Sundays nullStarting nullnull
Reverand David Bailey 895-9534 for more information.
Saturday, January 16
Session will be held at 2 p.m. at nullmpbell
Hudson nullomennulls nullen Basketball is
Friends of Alnullrne nulle Hockey , Alvirne High School, 7 p.m., every other Tuesday.
Hudson Cub Scouts Pack 20 will be
High School.
currently being held on Sundays from
sponsoring an All-nullou-Can-nullt Pancake
Friends of Alnullrne nullsic , Alvirne Band Room, 7 p.m., first Thursday.
nullnullp.m. at the nullmmunity nullnternull
Breakfast at nullplebeenullsnullnullnullnullherst Streetnull
null nullon nullvenuenullHudson. nullor additional
Friends of Alnullrne Snullm nulleamnull Alvirne Library, 6:30 p.m., second Thursday of the
Nashuanullfrom nullnull a.m. The breakfast will
School Activities
informationnullplease enullail nullri at
include allnullounullannullat pancakes as well as or contact
Friends of the Library of Hudsonnullnullnullnullgers nullmorial Library , 194 Derry Road,
nullicenullmilknullcoffeenulland tea. This event helps
Tuesday nullFriday, January 12 null1null
the nullcreation Department at nullnullnullnull.
7 p.m., third Tuesday, every other month (except June – August)
fund the nullacknulls annual Blue nullnullld bannullet.
nullifnull nullmorial School will hold
Friends of Hudson nulltural nullsources , Town Hall, 7 p.m., second Monday.
Tickets may be purchased in advance by
registration for nullndergarten and First nullade Tuesday, January 12, nullednesday, January 20,
contacting Deanna Tardif at 2nullnullnullnullor by
students nullho are not currently attending and Saturday, January 2null
nullnull Hudson Community Club , Checkers Restaurant, 7 p.m., first Wednesday.
enullail at They may
nullifnull nullmorial Schoolnullfor 2nullnullschool Hudson nullouth Baseball will hold registration nullnull Hudson nullunior Club , George H. & Ella M. Rogers Memorial Library,
also be purchased at the door.
year on nullanuary nullnullnullnullnullnulland nullnullfrom for the spring 20null season on the following 7 p.m., second Wednesday.
null a.m.null p.m. and Thursdaynullnullanuary nullnull dates and timesnullTuesdaynullnullanuary nullnullfrom
Tuesday, January 26
Hannah nullstin nullilternulls nullild , Hudson Community Center, 9 a.m., first Monday
from nullnullp.m. To register your studentnull nullnullp.m. at the nullmorial nullddle Schoolnull
null Hudson Cub Scout roller skating party
(except June through August)
please print and complete the forms available nullnullmorial DrivenullHudsonnullnullednesdaynull
will be held at nullller nullngdom in Tyngsboronull
Hudson Area nullms Club , 10 a.m., Last Wednesday (except December)
on the nullifnull websitenullwww.litchnullldsd. nullanuary 2null from nullnullp.m. at the nullmorial
nullnullfrom nullnullp.m. There is a nominal cost
orgnullchoolsnullms or the nulltchnullld School nullddle Schoolnulland Saturdaynullnullanuary 2null
for skate rental. Sign up for nullb Scouts and
District websitenullwww
There from null a.m.null p.m. at the Hills nullrrison
Hudson Boy Scout nullroop 2null Wattannick Grange Hall, Thursdays, 7 p.m.
skate for freenull nullntact Ben Dibble at nullnull
will be an additional form to complete nullementarynullnullnullDerry nulladnullHudson. nullor Hudson Cub Scout Pack 2nullnullnullnull Hills Garrison Cafeteria, third Tuesday, 7 p.m.
2nullnullfor more information.
when bringing registr
ation materials to the more informationnullvisit www
Historical Society, Alvirne Hills House, 7 p.m., fourth Wedneday.
school. nullou will also need to bring the comnulludsonyouthbaseball.
Hudson Lions Club, Valentino’s Restaurant, 6:30 p.m., second and last Monday.
following documentation w
hen registering
your childnull nullphysical dated between
nullrtin Luther nullng Panullreenullnd,ent Januars y 1null18
Hudson Senior Council on Aging actinullties , Community Center, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.,
send us your stories
The Hudson nullcreation Department will
Friday & Saturday, January 8 & 9
September null 2nullnulland nullugust nullnull2nullnull a
send us your stories
every Wednesday and Thursday.
& photos hold its nullrd Annual Basketball
& photos
The nulldgers nullmorial nullbrary will offer
copy of immuninulltion records provided by Hudsonnullitchnullld nulltary , Hudson SAU Building, 7:30 a.m., every Thursday. for boys and girls in grnews@areanewsgades nullnull roup.comThe
ernull due Fine Amnesty nulleek nullwhere you can
the childnulls doctornulls ofnullenullproof of residencenull
tournament will be held at four locations in
Hudson nullited Soccer Club Board nulletings , Hudson Police Community Room,
return your currently overdue items to the
such as a current utility billnullrent receiptnullor
Hudson. null is a nullund nullbin formatnullwith a
7:30 p.m., second and fourth Wednesday.
library and no overdue nulles will be charged.
purchasenullales agreementnulland an original
threenullame minimum in both the girlsnulland
nullnullanis , Kiwanis Hall, 7 p.m., first and third Monday. (If Monday is a holiday, call
This amnesty does not apply to previous
birth certinullate. nullcopy will be made at the
boysnulldivisions. There will be individual
overdue nulles.
school and the original immediately returned
to you. null you are unable to print and
awards given to the nullstnulland secondnulllace nullights of Columbus , St. Kathryn Parish Hall, 7:30 p.m., first Wednesday.
Sunday, January 10
complete the packet prior to the registration
nullishersnulland an nulllnullourney and nullnull
Library nullrustees, Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 7 p.m., third Wednesday.
The nullriends of the nullbrary of Hudson will
sessionsnullthere will be packets available at
award for each division. nulll registrations are
hold a Second Hand Prose Book Sale at a
Lions Club of Hudson Bingo, Kiwanis Hall, 4 p.m., second Saturday.
the school on the abovenullisted dates.
nullstnullomenullnullstnullervednulland there is an entry
new location in the lower level of the Hills fee per team. nullor more informationnullcall
nullrine Corps League , VFW Hall, 7:30 p.m., last Tuesday.
nullmorial nullbrary Buildingnullnull nullbrary Streetnull
nullednesday, January 1null Dave nullates at nullnullnullnullnullor visit the Hudson
nulle nullghtnull , Hudson Community Center, 7 p.m., first Friday of the month (October to
Hudson. nullter via the ramp at the rear of the
nullmpbell High School will hold a
drawn by Sarah Pachec
nullcreation Department website at drawn by Sarah Pacheco May)
building. nullarly Birdnulladmittance at
nullth the Administrationnull from nullnullnull a.m. in
nullshua-Hudson nulloastmasters , Nashua Public Library, 6:30 p.m., first and third
null a.m. will be granted to paid members of
the High School nullbrary. nullarentsnulluardians of
the nullriends. nullnthly specials dependent on
nullmpbell High School students are welcome
Saturday, January null
nullttingham nullest Lions Clubnull Hudson Police Department Community Room,
to come for coffee and con
versation with the
Hudson nullcreation will host a Comedy
7 p.m., first and third Tuesday.
nullght with the doors opening at nullnull p.m.null
nullnday nullThursday, January 11 null1null

and the show beginning at nullp.m. Tickets
nullen Space Subcommittee , Town Hall, 7 p.m., fourth Thursday.
The nulldgers nullmorial nullbrary will be
nullmpbell High School will also have a
will go on sale soon.
Planning Board, Town Hall, 7 p.m., first, second, and fourth Wednesday.
offering a series of free computer nullorkshops.
yed opening
on nullednesdaynullnullanuary null.
Sunday, February 1null
This weeknulls workshops arenullnullndaynullnullanuary
nullasses will begin at nullnull a.m. on that day.
The Hudson nullw
anis will hold its
nullnullnullnullp.m.nullnullcrosoft nullowerpoint Basicsnull
The nullnull a.m. bus to nullvirne vocational class
Annual nulle Fishing nullrby at nullbinson null
nullcreation Committee , Rec. Center, 6:30 p.m., second Thursday.
School Board, Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 6:30 p.m., first and third Monday.
Tuesdaynullnullanuary nullnullnull2 p.m. or 2null p.m.null
send us
will run at the usual time.
in Hudson from null a.m.null p.m. Signnullps
Senuller nullility Committee , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 5:30 p.m., second Thursday.
nulltroduction to the nullternetnullnullednesdaynull
your stories
Sons of the American Legion, Legion Hall, 8 p.m., first Monday.
nullanuary nullnullnullnullp.m.nullnullcrosoft nullcel Basicsnull
& photos
Nottingham nullest nullementary School will
will be held from nullnullnullnulla.m. nullgister the
Thursdaynullnullanuary nullnullnullnullp.m.nullnullline null
hold a Pnullnullmeeting in the school library at
day of the eventnullor call the nullwanis ofnulle to
nullnullS nullake off Pounds Sensiblynull First Baptist Church, Tuesdays, 3:45-4:15 p.m. for
mail. Basic mouse and keyboarding skills
get a registration form ahead of time. There
weigh in, and 4:15-5:00 p.m. for the meeting.
drawn by Sarah Pacheco is a small fee per participantnulland prinulls will
send us your
are needed for these workshops. nullenullegister
nullnday, January 18 be available. Bait will also be a
stories & photos
nullot Playgroup, Rec Center (Merrifield Park during summer months), 9:30 a.m., every
vailable from
at nullnullnullnull.
nullrtin Luther nullng nully nullNo school a licensed NH bait dealer.
nullrustees of the nullrust Fund, Town hall, 3:00 p.m. fourth Thursday.
nullednesday, January 2null drawn b
Anullnullnull unullliar
y Sarah P
, VFW Post, 7 p.m., second Monday
nulleacher nullsernullce nully nullNo school
nullnullnullnnulls Aunullliary , VFW Post, 7 p.m., first Monday
nullater nullility Committee , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 5:00 p.m., third Wednesday
Honullthe American
nullattannick nullange , Grange Hall, 7:30 p.m., first and third Monday (889-5575)
nullning Board , Town Hall, 7:30 p.m., second and fourth Thursday
Legion Can Help nullou
send us your school’s stories & photos
subnulltted by nullnull nullonsentino
drawn by Sarah Pacheco
Twentynullinullmillion nullericans are military veterans.
Theynullre men and women who have earned benenulls
because of their service and sacrinulle.
Litchfield Regular Meetings &
nullet too many nullerican veterans donnullt know what their
Board of Selectmen, Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., Mondays; second and fourth Monday (June
benenulls arenullr how to claim them.
– August)
nulle you a veteran who needs to nulld out about your
benenullsnull nulle you getting what you earned by your
Boy Scout nullroop null , Litchfield Community Church, 7:00 p.m., every Monday during the
servicenull Do you need help with a nullnullclaimnull
school year.
null you answered yes to any of these nullestionsnullyou need
Campbell High Booster Club, Campbell High, 7:00 p.m., second Wednesday.
to talk with the nullerican nullgion Department Service
Consernullation Commission, Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., first Thursday.
nullnullernullnullry nullayman. He is ready to help you at no
Fire nullpartment meeting , Station House, 7:00 p.m., second and fourth Wednesday.
nullntact nullry nullayman by calling 222nullnullnull or enullail
Friends of Aaron Cutler nullmorial Library , Library, 7:00 p.m., third Monday. (except
him at
January & July)
null younullre a veteran and if you need answers about your
nullrl Scouts Adult nullolunteers , Litchfield Service Unit, Litchfield Middle School, Art
earned benenullsnullyou owe it to yourself to pick up the
Room, 6:30 – 8 p.m., second Wednesday. Anyone interested is welcome.
phone and make the call.
Hudsonnullitchnullld nulltary , Hudson SAU Building, 7:30 a.m., every Thursday.
Helping veterans is what the nullerican nullgion is all
Library nullents :
about. nullenullve been doing it since nullnull. How can we
help younull
Library nullrustees, Library, 7:00 pm., second Monday.
Litchnullld Area nullrden Club , 7:00 p.m., second Wednesday, e-mail for location.
Litchnullld Budget Committee , Campbell High, Media room, 7:00 p.m., fourth Thursday
Hudson~Litchfield News
of the month.
at 17 Executive Drive, Suite One
Litchnullld Lions Club , Litchfield Middle School, 7:00 p.m., second Thursday.
Litchnullld nullpublican Committeenull Litchfield Tech Park, 480 Charles Bancroft Hwy,
Editor in Chief: Len Lathrop
Errors: The liability of the publisher on account of errors in or omissions from any advertisement will in no way 7:00 p.m., third Thursday. For info, call 424-5487.
exceed the amount of the charge for the space occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first incorrect
Litchnullld nullomennulls Club , Litchfield Middle School, 7:00 p.m., second Tuesday. (July &
insertion. Advertisers should notify management within three (3) business days if any error occurs.
August at member’s homes)
Michael Falzone • Brian Marrocco
Deadline for all materials is due Tuesday at noon, prior to Friday edition.
The Area News Group prints “Letters to the Editor” on a space available basis, with preference to non-frequent Planning Board, Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., first Tuesday.
Denise Dolloff • Cindy Hansberry writers. Requests to withhold a writer’s name will be honored at the discretion of the editor. Letters more than 600
nullcreation Commission , Talent Hall, 7:30 p.m., second and fourth Tuesday.
words will be returned to sender.
880-1516 • Fax: 879-9707
Any article, “Letter to the Editor,” “Thumbs,” or advertisement appearing in Area News Group papers are the sole
nullcreation nullpartment actinullties :
opinion of the writer(s) and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff or ownership of the newspaper. We
reserve the right to edit or refuse ads, articles, or letters deemed to be in bad taste.
nullhe Club at Lnull After-School Adnullsory Board , Litchfield Middle School, 6:00 p.m.,
Published by Michael Elizabeth & Moore, Limited
last Monday, every other month during school year (Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May)
nullning Board , Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., second Wednesday.
An Area News Group publication.
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