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Hudson - Litchfield News
January 8, 2010 - 11
What:./? t is
Is there more to life
the m’:=eaning
than this?
o+f {LiFe}?
If you could ask God
some questions, Holding Forth the Word of Life
Home of
10 Weeks 10 Questions what would they be?
Christian School
11 Colby Rd. Litchfield, NH 03052
10 Dinners 10 Discussions.
Sunday School (all ages) 9:45 AM
Sundays 4-6PM
a distinctly Christian
Morning and Children’s Services 11:00 AM
Come explore your questions
education Sundays 10:30am & 6:00pm
Evening Service 6:00 PM
• Grades K-3 through 12th
in a casual non-intimidating
starting January 17

Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer 7:00pm
Full and Half-day Pre-school
atmosphere over dinner on us... King’s Kids Club (ages 4 - 6th grade)
• Bible-based curriculum
Teen Group (7th - 12th grade)
Register online to attend at...

Competitive athletics
Adult prayer and Bible study

(9:15 -10:15 every Sunday morning)
Challenging courses
Windham Bible Chape1
Nursery provided for ALL services
• Safe environment
For more information call 429-2979
236 Central St., Hudson, NH
Well Stocked
Growing together in Christ.
yone Food Pantry for
Those in
Come grow with us!
Sunday Worship Services-
Material Need
•9 am - Contemporary Service •11 am - Traditional Service
The first Sunday of the month at 11 am is a combined Communion Service (No 9am service)
Sunday Bible Study (all ages) • 9:15 AM Francis AnullColburn
See us on Comcast Cable ch. 20 Sundays at 9AM and 6PM Sunday Worship Service • 10:30 AM
nullrancis null “nullranknullnulllburnnullnullnullof
Hudsonnulldied December 2null 2nullnull at nullhey
290 Derry Road Unit 9A. (In Hudson Village Shops Plaza by White Hen Pantry) nullinic in Burlingtonnullnullnullsurrounded by his
loving family.
He was born nully 2null nullnullnullin Haverhillnull
nullnullson of the late nullrank and nullrtrude
May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved
. nulllburn wnull as the husband of nullry
and preserved throughout the world now and forever.
nulllen nullnulleillnullnulllburn of Hudson with
Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, worker of
whom he shared null years of marriage.
miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, help of the hopeless, pray
for us. Say this prayer 9 times a day. By the 8th day your
He was an nullmy veteran and received an
prayer will be answered. Say it for 9 days. It has never
associatenulls degree and a bachelornulls degree from Bentley nullllegenull
been known to fail. Publication must be promised.
as well as a masternulls degree from Northeastern nulliversity. null
Thank you St. Jude.
resident of Hudson since nullnullnullnullrank coached recreational
basketball and baseball. He was an avid golfer who ennullyed
wintering in nullorida and taking family cruises. He loved spending
9 4 7 5 2 8 1 3 6 time with his familynullespecially his grandchildren.
3 2 6 7 1 9 8 4 5
Besides his loving wife nullry nulllennullsurvivors include three
nulldgers nullmorial Library
sons and a daughternullnnullawnullnullchael nulllburn of HudsonnullStephen
5 8 1 6 3 4 2 9 7
nulllburn of Tauntonnullnullnulland nullevin and nullistine nulllburn of
Public nulltice
7 1 9 8 6 3 4 5 2
Hudsonnullnulle daughters and nulle sonsnullnnullawnullnullynn and nullchard
nullndron of NashuanullSusan and nullchael nullnullcnulle of Nashuanull
8 6 2 9 4 5 7 1 3
nullane and Daniel nullarkenullSr.nullof HudsonnullBrenda and Nils nullygant
The Trustees of the nullorge H. and nullla null nulldgers nullmorial nullbrary
4 5 3 1 7 2 6 8 9
shall hold a nullblic Hearing at nullnullon Tuesdaynullnullanuary nullnull2nullnull at
of NashuanullDonna and nullsty Smith of Nashuanullas well as null
the nullmmunity nullom of the nulldgers nullbrarynullnullnullDerry nulladnullHudsonnull 1 9 8 2 5 7 3 6 4
grandchildrennullnullndynullDonnynullBradleynullinullhnullHarper nullnull ynull
NHnull to receive input from the public related to the renullest for the
reconsideration of a particular volume of nulltion per the nullolicy on
2 3 5 4 8 6 9 7 1
Danielnullnull.nullnullylanullnulllbynullnullleighnullBraedonnullnullhennulland nullredithnull
nullnsorship and nullconsideration of nullterials.
6 7 4 3 9 1 5 2 8
a brother and sisternullnnullawnullnullbert and nullanet nulllburn of Billericanull
To renullest special accommodationsnullandicap accessibilitynullplease contact
Puzzle 44 (Easy, difficulty rating 0.41)
nullnulla sister and brothernullnnullawnullnullatricia and nullthur Howes of
Generated by
nullbrary DirectorTnull oni nullellernullnullnullnullnull.
Haverhillnullnullnullas well as several niecesnullnephewsnulland cousins.
Community News In A Home Town Format
The Dumontnullullivan nullneral Home in Hudson was in charge
Connie nullennull
of arrangements. To send an online message of condolence to the
Chairperson nullr the Librarnullnullard onullTrustees Area News Group Papers
familynullplease visit
nulltenull nullcember nullnull nullnull
Lady Broncos Pound nullest
Lillian nullnullnullubenullnulllin
by Sue LaRonulle
Two to nothing was as close at nullnchester nullest points and two steals. nullya Defosses contributed
nullllian D. nullubenullNolinnullnullnullof Hudsonnull
would get to the nulldy Broncos on Tuesdaynullnullanuary sinullpoints and one rebound. nulltie Donovannullnullber
died unenullectedly in her home December
null nullvirne handed nullest a nullnullnullloss on their way to Brouillettenulland nullcy Torres had nulle points eachnull
2null 2nullnull
leveling their record at 2null on the season. while ripping down a combined null rebounds and
nullllian was born on nullebruary 2null
The Broncos nullmped out to a nullnulllead in the nullst e steals.null
nullnullnullin BerlinnullNHnulldaughter of the late
nullarter and enullended that to nullnull at the half. null The nullnior varsity snullad also had a great night as
nullenullnder and nullese nullotenullDubenulland
swarming press and some good aggressive defense they won nullnullnull nulless nullderwood led the team with
was the loving wife of nullward null Nolinnull
gave them many opportunities for easy baskets. The sinullpoints. nullvirne will again be at home on Tuesdaynull
who passed away in nullnull. nullllian was
Broncos amassed null steals by halftime and had nullanuary nullnullas they host Timberlane.
also predeceased by one sonnullnullo Nolinnull
control of both the offensive and defensive boards.
in 2nullnull
erynull one on nullach nullren Bonneynulls bench
nullllian was a simple woman who
contributed to the victory. Dnullnullrcell led the way Cathryn nullernandes powers to the hoop against nullest
ennullyed the simple things in life. She was good at sewingnulland
with null pointsnullnulle reboundsnullthree stealsnulland two in a null-null win at home
loved using the computer and going shopping. She ennullyed
assistsnullfollowed by nullthryn nullernandes with eight
visiting with family and friendsnullespecially her grandchildren and
nullllian is survived by two sonsnullnullymond Nolin and his
Alnullrne Hockey in nullshua Holiday nullournament
wifenullnullcillenullof nullndonderrynulland nullurice Nolin and his wifenull
nulllandenullof Hudsonnulla daughternullnnullawnullnullolene Nolinnulltwo sistersnull
Doris nullinch and nullcille Dubenullboth of Berlinnullsinullgrandchildrennull
nullsanullnullmberlyTnull homasnullSherylnullnullelleynulland nullenullnull greatnull
grandchildrennulland many niecesnullnephewsnullcousinsnulland friends.
nullprayer service was held nullanuary nullat the Dumontnullullivan
nullneral Home in Hudson. Burial took place at nullgewood
nullmeterynullNashua. To send an online message of condolencenull
please visit
John DeCosta brings the puck across the blue line
Alvirnenulls nulle nullandergranullis tripped A block behind the Bronco net by Anull Captain
while being pursued by nullashua nullorth skaters
as he puts a shot on goal John DeCosta puts the nullorth play on the glass
nullchard nullicknullnullAhlnullistnullnullnull null
by Sue LaRonulle nullnullrecord for the tournament. null was on to Seth nullubinnulland nullosh Steele.
The nullvirne Broncos hockey snullad Nashua Northnullwho the Broncos soundly null NHnullnullDivision 2 playnullthe Broncos are
nullchard “DicknullT. nulllnullistnullnull.nullnullnull
participated in the Nashua Holiday defeated nullnull nullnull They will host nullinnacunnet on nullanuary
of Hudsonnulldied December 2null 2nullnull
tournament and placed a respectable third nullach Brian nulluld felt that “this was a null and nullrrimack on nullanuary 2nullat their
at Southern New Hampshire nulldical
for the tournamentnullwhich was held at the very good showing for this team.null home rinknullSkate null in Tyngsboroughnull null.
nullnter in Nashua surrounded by his
nullnway nullena. The Broncos took on a team nullalie Brian nullrpentier has been solid
loving family.
from nullorcesternullnullnullin their nullst game of all season and this tournament was not
Dick was born on nullugust 2null nullnullnullin
the tournament and handed St. nulleter nullrion differentnullas he played a great tournament http://www
erettnullnullnullson of the late nullcnull hard T. Sr.
a nullnullloss. Their second game featured a as the stopper for the Broncos. nullal scorers
and nulla null null

rudellanullnulllnullistnulland was
heartbreaking null2 loss on a last second goal for the Broncos included nullil Sweeneynullnulle predeceased by his loving wifenullBernice
from Nashua Southnullgiving the Broncos a nullandergrafnullnulled nullandergrafnullNate Dignannull
This event has more to be seen! Click photo reprints or the red button.
null nullcnullwainnullnulllnullistnullin nullnull.
This event has more
Dick served his country honorably
in the nullmy during the null
to be seen!
null Anull nullghth nullade All-Stars
Click photo reprints
orean nullar where he reached the rank
of sergeant. He loor the red button.ved deer hunting and was very proud of his
ear career as a meat cutternullnull . nullor the past null yearsnullDick
nullake nullhird Place in nulltional Championship
lived with his daughternullsonnullnnullawnulland their two daughtersnulland
was able to cultivate a special relationship with them that many
subnulltted by nullenulln null nullarnullon the leadnullnullnullnullin the second halfnullonly to have nullnnecticut come
grandparents never have the opportunity to do.
nullour local boys competed in the nullerican nullouth nullootball nullghth
Dick is survived by a daughternullHeidi nullvanulland her husbandnull
ade null nulllnulltar National nullampionship in nulllandonullnullnullduring the
nullbertnullof Hudsonnulltwo brothersnullnullnald nulllnullist and his wifenull
week of December nullnull.
nullnnienullof Tewksburynullnullnulland nullayne nulllnullist and his wifenull
nullody nullrlsonnullnullose nulldriguenull nulllin nullBrien and nullosh nullo were
Nancynullof nullionnullnullnulltwo granddaughtersnullnullelsea and nullsey
members of the Hudsonnullitchnullld Bears and were selected to the
nullva of Hudsonnullhis loving companion of 2nullyearsnullSue nullilsonnull
2nullnullnullnull NH nullghth nullade nulllnulltar team. They were nullined by
and her daughternullnullkki nullilsonnullof nullynnnullnullnulland several niecesnull
several other nulllnulltars throughout New Hampshire to compete in this
nephewsnulland cousins.
yearnulls National nullampionship. This weeknullong tournament included
nullfuneral service was conducted on nullanuary nullat the Dumontnull
teams from across the countrynullincluding nulllifornianullnullinullnanullnulllinoisnull
Sullivan nullneral Home in Hudson. Burial took place at nullritan
nulloridanullnullssachusettsnullnullrginianullnullnnecticutnulland New Hampshire.
nullmorial nullark nullmeterynullnulleabodynullnull. To send an online
nullch team was allowed three practices prior to their trip to nullorida.
message of condolencenullplease visit
Hudsonnullitchnullld Bears Head nullach nullrk nullhen and nullsistant
nullach nullmon nullranda helped shape the team as they prepared
for their upcoming games. nullile nullach nullrk was unable to nullin
the boysnullhe was there in spiritnullhaving coached many of them for
203 Central St
several years. nullach nullmon made the trip and contributed right Hudson, NH
away with his enthusiasm for the game.
nullody nullmashnullCarlsonnullColin nullriennullJnull osh Ahonulland Jose nullodriguenullnullrontnull
New Hampshirenulls only loss came at the hands of the eventual
Flowers for Every Occasion
Delivery to all
local Funeral Homes
National nullamps from nullicagonullnull. null a nullht for third placenullthe back and score. New Hampshire held on by blocking the enullra
team from New Hampshire fought hard against a strong nullnnecticut point to secure a nullnull2 victory and third place in the National
Local & National SAME DAY Delivery Available
team. The game was tied nullnullat halftime. New Hampshire took nullampionship. 603-886-0003
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