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Hudson - Litchfield News
10 - January 8, 2010
Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?
Comments enullressed in this column are the sole nullews onullthose callers and do not renullct the nullews onullthe Hudson~Litchfield News or its adnullertisers. The Hudson~Litchfield News
Thumbs column should not be used to hurt or denullme an indinulldual or business. Town and school onullcials encourage readers to seek out assistance directlnullto resolnulle annullproblems or
issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial stanull holds the right to renullse annullcomment deemed inappropriate.
humbs donull null to the parents whonulls redundant at nullmpbell High School. null cannullt get over the fact that the
and sometimes irrelevant nullestions prevented null. principal is someone that all
“We want to be your Mechanic”
Democrats are running the
nullne from nullishing his presentation regarding the children can communicate show. nullpecially the person
competencies on nullednesday nullnullnull nullerhaps with and build some type of
if you had let him nullishnullall of your nullestions relationship with. nullprincipal
Autos – Trucks – Commercial Vehicles – RV’s
who made the comment that
Sarah nullalin was going to be
would have been answered. This should have is not someone whom the nenull nullesident in 2null2.
been a general information session but instead it picks favorites and doesnnullt
was turned into a private one on one regarding communicate with any of the 886-0899
That was nullst the most head
shaking ridiculous statement
your particular studentnullfor which you should children. The only time he has
Professional, Quality
to ever be heard. Because not
have made an appointment with null. nullne or a communicated with any of
Service in a Clean, Modern
only do the Democrats think
guidance counselor.null the children is if a child needs
Repair Center
shenulls incompetentnullbut half the
a letter of recommendation
Loaner Cars Avaliable - State inspections –
nullpublicannulls think it too. So
humbs donull null to the woman saying nullt takes
for college or if a child is not
oil/lube/filter – brakes – shocks – exhaust
time to null mistakes.null null course this is truenulland

nullit making fools of yourselves
going to graduate. null nullincipal
systems – batteries – starters – alternators – S

why didnnullt the current president say so when he
g n
and move on.null
nullnseau was the right person
Complete suspension repairs –
was running for ofnullenull He sold us a bill of goodsnull
to represent all principals in
tires – radiators – clutches – tune-ups –
humbs upnull to those who
saying he could null things in null months. He has
the state of New Hampshire he
electrical repair – air conditioning service –
see nullason nullerrette and nullorge
done nothing enullept campaignnullafter the election
would have more relationships
computer diagnostics and troubleshooting
nullmbert for who they are nullover
is over. Too bad we believed his promises. Now
with his students and he would
– engine and transmission replacement –
bearing ego maniacs who are
it will take three more years to null the mistake we
probably have more to say
seasonal services - computerized four
sharing only half the story so
made when we elected him.null
during the nulltchnullld School wheel alignment – emergency towing –
as to rile up the towns people.
Board meetings. nullean up your complete foreign & domestic repairs
They are not in this for the
humbs donull null to Tiffanynulls so called friend
act and be more of a principal Clean, Spacious Waiting Area
“good of the townnull null they
giving her a nullhumbs down.null nullybe your friend
than nullst a disciplinarian.null
is confused because everything you say is the
Used Cars Available For Sale!
werenullthey would give you all
the information and let you
opposite of what you mean. Did you ever think
humbs donull nullnull nullnullnulldown
about thatnull nulletty simplenullactually. nullen you say
to people who will not or can
Clark's Car Care
decide. Become involved and
get the real factsnullnot nullst the
nullhanks for telling all my secretsnulldid you mean the
not control their dogs. nullr
oppositenull Does she know thatnull null does she live
neighbor has allowed his dog
Auto Repair
ones they choose to share.
nulll of Southern NH must be
in insane world alsonull
to run through our yard for
years. nullenullve called them
Save Time and $$$- Do all services at once with coupons!
millionaires since nullnullof
them pay more in tanulls than
humbs donull null to nullnuller Harris who decided
and politely asked them to
to harass retired army veterans nullnull disabled for
keep their dog in their own
Check Engine
Oil Change
nulltchnullld. nulleck out the statenulls
me sticking up for my own rights. null it nulltchnullld
yard yet the dog continues Light Scan
SAVE 5% enullalinulltion charts for all of
police or Brickyard police. nullhave a whole history
the surrounding communities.
to run into our yardnullhas dug
of the Brickyard personnel and how they get
OFF Labor 19.95
So your kids donnullt use the
(reg. $25.95)
up our magnolia treenullleft his
Find out why your check
charges over $100.
Most cars, Oil Change includes
school systemnull nulldonnullt use the
their fair share of the police but their kids can
“businessnullbehind on top of the
engine light is on?? expires 1/29/10 up to 5qts., 10/30 and Standard Filter
dump and nullhave never called
come down my easement blowing their horns all
white snownull and continues to
expires 1/29/10
expires 1/29/10
the police or nulle. The state
night and we have kids nullhting for our freedom
wreak havoc on our property.
overseasnulltheir schoolmates. Doesnnullt that make
nulle donnullt blame the dognullwe
Headlights Dull?
Winter Check-UP
does not renullire any of these
complete pre-winter check-up
services. Should we nullst have
Brickyard so proudnull nullou tell menullhave a good
blame the irresponsible owners.
NH State
ARK We can fix it! $59.95 reg. $89.95
a cafeteria plan when we pay
nullfortunately our nenull course
CL Inspection
our tanullsnull nullou want to play that
of action nullnull be the dog
Starting at $29.95
$69.95 if Dex-Cool Antifreeze
most cars ’S CAR CARE
gamenullthen nullshouldnnullt have to
humbs upnull to my nullnullnullnull Thanks for the good expires 1/29/10
With Coupon expires 1/29/10
ofnuller. nullen we moved in
pay for the things nulldonnullt use
time at the Bruins nullmenull
several neighbors warned us
Now Offering
(with emission)
either. “
Auto Body Repairs
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm expires 1/29/10
humbs upnull to everyone who has to work
about the nullanderingnulldognull
and Auto Welding
on the holidays. The policenullnullenulland hospital
nullnulland did nullmention the dog 317 Derry Rd, RT. 102, Hudson, NH
humbs upnull and thank you
for the gift card to a restaurant
workers give up so much to serve the public.null
owner is an elected ofnullialnull
of our choice. nullou give this to
evernull nulll we got null. nullean was a nullnullrollback
humbs donull null to the complaint about the bus
humbs donull null to the personnullnullwho egged us every year and we would like to suggest that a
on our electric bills nullyeah right.....she slid the
on nullason nulladnull nulle you seriousnulltake a different
the house on Shefnullld Street last nullriday night. gift card to do groceries would be more practical
Stranded costs enullmption in on behalf of nullNH
route or make sure your there nullor null minutes
nullat happened to people talking when there in this day and age. nullrket Basket would give
stockholdersnullso our bills doubled...... another
earlier to be ahead of the bus. nullnulls not rocket
is problemnull nullou donnullt take out your anger on a us more for our dollar. nulle all have medical bills
legacy of the Senatornulls dealnullaking prowessnull nulle
sciencenull nullviously you travel that road every
familynulls home. The poor family has had their trust because your health insurance is no good and
nullwant to vote for her for a second term.... and null
morning and you should know there is no place
in a neighborhood shaken nullst before nullristmas. not many of us like to go out to eat anymore. nulle
believe in Santa nullausenull
for the bus to pull over to let vehicles pass. “
nulle want that family to know they didnnullt deserve would rather use that money to nulll our cabinets
what happened to their home and hope they
humbs donull null ... To people who accept gifts
with food. nullybe nenull yearnull
humbs donull null . nullou live on a busy roadnullboth
will recover. nulleople in this world are heartless.
without so much as a thank you.
of your cats get hit by cars and killed. Then you
Sincerelynullnull our neighbor on Bradford.null
nullour thankless appreciation
go out and get two new kittens. nullat did you
name themnull Target and Bullnullsnullyenull
humbs upnull to the nullS nullTnullbeverage
mocks what nullristmas is all
bunchnull nullat a great group of students. nulle have
humbs donull null to the nomination of nullincipal
chaperoned many events with our son but have
humbs donull nullnull nullo wins
nullnseau for principal of the year. Not only
never seen a concession stand having so much
in a divorcenull nullildren loose
does he not deserve the nomination but also
fun. nulll the smiles and laughter added to the
the life they knewnullnullms are
doesnnullt deserve the privilege to be a principal
ennullyment of the nullh and nullh grade dancenull nulleep
thrown into povertynulland Dads
smilingnullkeep laughingnullkeep dancing and
loose their family. nullwyers
keep up the great worknull nullou are the best
make a lot of money from
and we hope you come back soon.null
endless court battles that they
humbs upnull to nullyle for your Bnull heart.
incite. Therapists guarantee a
Hudson Youth Baseball nullou were so happy to win a holiday
revenue string by insisting their
Spring 2010 Registration
rafnull basket but after looking at the
patients are the victims. nullinallynull
many games that you chose
nulloliticians can nullstify spending
Memorial Middle School Cafeteria
to donate them to other children who are
to increase social workers and the associated
Tuesday, Jan. 12, 6:00PM to 8:00PM
humbs upnull nullway up to nullia for once again
Wednesday, Jan. 20, 6:00PM to 8:00PM
not as fortunate as yourself. The ofnuller
tanulls. Divorce is a tool by the elite to oppress the
making the Deannulls list at nullinnipiac nulliversitynull
Hills Garrison School Cafeteria
at the station said he was “proud of younull
poor and middle class.null
nullster of nullcupational Therapy nullogramnullwith a
Saturday, Jan. 23, 10:00AM to 1:00PM
and you know dad and nullare nullnullnullproud
humbs upnull to people who make a conscious
nullof nullnullnull null nullounullre an amanullng girl. nulle love
of you. Stay nullst the way you arenull
choice to be positive even in the most trying
you little Sweet nulleanullnull
Registration forms can be downloaded from: or available
humbs upnull to the person who
times. To all of you nullhumbs downnullpeople nulld
at the registration sessions.
humbs upnullnull a big nullhumbs upnullto nullic and
nullnull that the Hnull wouldnnullt rise to the
something productive to donull
nullllie Smith for all you have done for me during
Note: Players must be a Hudson Resident and at least
occasion and nullnullnullprint nullhumbs upnullnull
humbs donull null . To all the enullra STnull signs on
my recent knee surgery. nullming to check on
5 years old by April 30, 2010. Nnulldowns through the holidaysnull How
nullbunullernulle nullve. Hnullnullnullnull. nullou donnullt need
me every daynulldriving me to and from physical
right you were. nullat are we teaching
such high pronulle STnull signs all over the place.
therapynulland making sure nulldid what the doctor
• First time players must bring birth certificate
our childrennull That it is okay to complain
How about painting STnull on the walk trailnull
told me to do. nullou can put the BB gun away now.
• Registration Fee (see registration form )
about someone or something if we donnullt
nulltagon STnull signs on the side of the road are
nullnulls great to be the favorite Sonnullnnullaw.null
• Pre-season Candy Bar Sale Fund Raiser have to face themnull null maybe it is easier
for cars. not bike path. There
• Parent participation agreement required
to complain about someone than to
•Please make one of these 3 dates.
are octagon STnull signs less then
consider they may be having difnullultiesnull
Late registration fee will apply.
nullfoot from the side road. nullor a
• Any Parent seeking a Manager or Asst. Coaching
Shame on you Hnull for not meeting the
bike pathnullnull. That cant be legalnull
position, please be at registration to complete the
Tune-up your heating equipment NOW
nulle need to have the DnullT look
Notarized Background Check Form
humbs donull nullnull Nice work Senatornull
into thisnull Be carefulnull nullrom a
and SAVE on winter fuel bills
nullere is NHnulls special deal for the
distance you think the signs are
Healthcare reform she supports on behalf
for you. nullat a distraction its an
Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services
of NHnull The esteemed Senator from NB
accident waiting to happen.null
got his state a free pass on nulldicaid nullfor
humbs upnull to Tayla null for 26+ years of experience - FREE ESTIMATES - Fully Insured
being a great basketball playernull
nullnullyou go girlnull nulllove seeing
High Efficiency Hot WaterBoilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters
All Brands
you score those goals like no
Senior Discounts
one elsenull nullve ya hunnybunch
January is a time for new beginnings....
you open your heart to a pet in need this holiday?
humbs donull null to divorce. Donnullt divorce to
won't you help us find ours?
humbs donull null to all those who stood in protest protect the children. nullou might dislikenulldespise

of the new capital building gun ban in nullncord. or even hate your spouse but your children donnullt.
Please come and meet us
Though it is your nullnstitutional right to gather in Divorce and the subsenullent absence of a parent
protestnullit is not your nullnstitutional right to carry is an enormous loss for them perhaps the very
January 23rd guns wherever you please. null you took the time to worst effect of divorce. Statistics also show that in
from 11:00 - 2:00
et A
doption D
actually read the second amendmentnullyou would many cases divorce actually heightens connullctnullor
understand this. nullat militia do you belong tonull causes it where little enullsted before. nullter allnullthe
at the First Congregational Church
No militianullthat is who. nulle have something called process of divorce is hardly designed to make you
in Pelham.
the National nullard these days.null the best of friends.null
humbs donull nullnull The nullllnullirenullhters have to
To see a
train for months and are there to help the townnull
and some for many years. y do they get null nullnk you for your submissions. All commentsnullthumbs
listing of
only nullnullnullnullr and the town hires nullterns to do up or downnullare anonymous and not written by the
our dogs data entry at null2.nullnullr. nullere are the townnulls nulludsonnullitchfield nullews stanull nullmbs comments can
and to
priorities.null be sent via telephonenullnullnullnullnull or emailed to us at
come nullen submitting a nullmbs
an adoption application in advance,
humbs donull null to the nullpublicans or maybe null
commentnullplease specify that you would like it printed in
please visit w
should say nullhumbs upnullfor keeping us so amused
Sambo the nulludsonnullitchfield nullews. nullo names are necessary.
with their whiney comments. They are nothing
nulllease keep negative comments to the issue. Comments
603-635-2211 Ad sponsored by Beaver Valley Farms, Pelham, NH
but the laughing stocks of the world. They nullst
should be kept to nullnullwords or less.
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