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Volume 7 Number 26 January 8, 2010 12 Pages
Tricycle Gives Girl
Board of Selectmen
the Gift of
Chairman Resigns
by Barbara O’Brien
nullindham Selectmennulls nullairman nulllen Stearns has tendered his resignation by Doug Robinson
from that board effective nullebruary null following the townnulls annual deliberative null young children we all learn to ride a
session on nullebruary null Stearns said he feels an obligation to the voters to be at binull the same way. nulle all started out riding
the deliberative session so he can assist in answering any questions they might a tricycle. These three-wheeled vehicles,
have. operated by the pushing and enullension
Stearns made the announcement of his pending resignation during the movement of our legs, seemed pretty easy
nullard of Selectmennulls meeting on nullnday, nullcember null. Stearns has recently and was a safe way to learn how to ride
tanulln the job of town administrator for nulltrim and as his responsibilities a binull. nulle just pushed out our legs, and
there increase, it is difficult for him to perform both jobs. Stearns has been a away we would go.
member of the nullindham nullard of Selectmen for many years, with only a one nullt for some, physical mechanics of
year hiatus in recent years. operating a tricycle are impossible. nullor
Stearns said he made the announcement early enough so that anyone who those children who suffer from cerebral
wishes to file for a one-year seat as nullindham Selectman will have ample time palsy and other related muscular
to contemplate that decision. The filing period for town office is nullanuary null to disorders, they cannot physically move
nullanuary null at the Town nullernulls nullfice in the old Town nullll nullilding. or maneuver a tricycle. These children
Selectmen accepted Stearns resignation with regret by a vote of nullto nullto null are left behind while their peers ride off
nulloting to accept the resignation were nullger nullhenberger, nulluce nulleton, and into the sunset.
nullarles nullnullhon. Selectman nullss nullnullod did not attend the nullcember null Such was the case for null-year-old
board meeting. Stearns abstained from voting on his own resignation. nullelsea nullnnion, Salem. nullelsea
nullnnion has cerebral palsy. She has
never been able to ride a trinull, nor
has she ever been able to share in the
Selectmen Send
joys of riding during the cool summer
nights, or even joining her nullyear-old
brother, nullnnor, while riding their
New Fire Station
That is, until recently, when she
received a very special gift from the
staff of Southern null nulldical nullnter.
to Ballot
Staff members from Planning and
nullmmunity, nullality and Safety,
and nullhabilitation Services
by Lynne Ober joined together and raised
The long-range question
Selectmen continued to hear
enough funds to purchase
surrounds the safety of the road
about the importance of training.
a specially made trinull for
configuration in Pelham center. The
nullalnullr had fought for an increased
time has come for that project to
training budget. nulldgley continued
The custom-made therapeutic
start and Pelham Selectmen will not
with this theme and sponull about the
tricycle, valued at nullnull, has
be able to delay any longer. In fact,
national standards that urge all fire
provided a new life, a new
Chelsea and mom, Lisa, posed with Members of the SNHMC, who raised the money for the AmTryke.
Selectmen have tried not to delay,
departments to have a training area.
beginning, and a new set
From left: Linda Botos, Amanda Mnullann, and nullthy nulliernull
but have been concerned about
nulldgley enulllained that the
of enulleriences for nullelsea,
proposal met all building codes
which she would never have been able to enjoy
were still able to enjoy the fun and freedom of riding their own
If the fire station is not moved,
and allowed for the lot setbacnull.
the configuration of the roadway
The septic system nullump and tannull
nullst spring, nullelseanulls parents added nullelseanulls name
nulltional nullnullnullnull Inc. is a non-profit service organinulltion
will bring traffic even closer to
would be located in the rear of
to nullTrynullnulls nulltional nullish nullst registry. This registry
consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated
the fire station. nullo can forget
the buildingnull the leaching field
offers financial help to those who need an nullTrynull.
to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.
last yearnulls unfortunate vehiclenullre
would be on the opposite side of
The nullTrynull nullish nullst was created as a way to ensure
he fun and freedom of riding ynull our own binull is something
station accident where a vehicle
the parnullng lot. To meet the current
that even individuals with limited financial resources
everyone should be able to enjoy. nullw, thannull to the nullTrynullnull
damaged the fire stationnull nullithout
code, a nullnullnullgallon oilnullater
therapeutic tricycle, even individuals who are unable to operate
approving a new fire station, this
separator has been incorporated
a traditional binull can finally realinull this wonderful enullerience.
scenario will become even more
and will capture all of the run off
nulltablished in nullnull, nullTrynullnull nullnullis a company owned and
problematic with the road re-
from the center of the building
operated by nulltional nullnullnull, Inc., which is a national, non-
configuration currently planned.
nullrom the apparatusnulland an
profit service organinulltion dedicated to creating mobility and
nullor months and years,
underground, nullnullnullgallon holding
independence for people with disabilities.
Selectmen have been wornullng
tannulllocated behind the building
o date, onull ver nullnullnullnullTrynull vehicles have been distributed
on the reconfiguration. nullperts
would separate the oils and be
around the world. The majority of these trinulls are purchased by
have provided two possible
pumped off. nullso located in the
volunteer members of the nullnullnull organinulltion and donated
configurations and the federal
bacnullof the building would be three
free of charge to financially needy children. These unique
government has provided funding.
large propane tannull to feed the
tricycles, which can be hand- andnullr foot-operated, are designed
The safest configuration for all
furnace system, as well as a diesel-
to accommodate riders of all ages, sinulls, and varying degrees of
removes the fire station from that
fed generator to provide power to
physical limitations. nullth physical and occupational therapists
supply the building.
acnullowledge the nullTrynull tricyclenulls many therapeutic benefits,
If not moved, the front doors of
nullen Selectman null nulleason
citing improved motor snulllls, strength development, and self-
the fire station will no longer be
asnulld that the design had tanulln
usable and traffic will pass very
into consideration all the deed
nulltnulls really great to see them ride the binull,nullcommented nullthy
close to the building.
restrictions with regard to the nulllls
Pierce, directory of rehabilitation at Southern nullw nullmpshire
Selectmen have unanimously
property, Town nullministrator Tom
nulldical nullnter. nulltnulls something that most nullds can do. nulllot of the
approved sending a warrant article
ydos ansnull wered yes. nulldgley
nullds on the wish list will never have a two-wheeled bicycle. nullou
to the people. The wornulldone by
clarified that the nullnullfoot setbacnull
can see the smile on her face. Itnulls rewarding.null
former nullire nullief nullalnullr helped
included the driveway to the rear
nullen nullelsea received the present, nullhe was all smiles,null
move this project closer to reality.
access and said they were well
commented her dad, nullnnis nullnnion, who is employed by the
nullrrent nullire nullief nullm nulldgley met
within the deed restrictions.
Pelham Police nullpartment. nullan we tanull it homenull
with Selectmen and reviewed the
nulleason then asnulld for an
nulld after having sported a matching red bicycle helmet
enulllanation for the egress for the
and completed a short spin around the corridors of nullrtheast
Presenting a plan and outlining
apparatus. nulldgley said there
nullhabilitation nullspital in Salem, she toonullher new, fire-engine red,
the various aspects, nulldgley
would be two egresses. The
very shiny tricycle with the huge blacnulltires home, while hosting a
strongly urged that Selectmen
design showed a nullorseshoenullwith
huge grin from ear to ear.
tanull this to the people. nulldgley
a roundabout to the bacnullof the
said that everyone involved in the
station. There were two points of
project felt the proposed station
access in the front of the building
Earning the Wolf Rank
would meet the future needs of the
and one off toward the right rear of
community and commented that
the building.
submitted by Jim Curtin
the plan review had been enullensive.
Selectman nullll nullnullvitt said he
If a nullb Scout has completed
The current plan calls for a
would linull to see a plan indicating
the first grade nullr is nullyears
garage that would be sinulld at nullnullnull
the footprint of building and where
oldnulland has earned the nullbcat
square feet. Stating that a thorough
it would be located on the parcel.
nulldge, he may start earning
review had been made of inventory
null urged special consideration be
the nullolf rannull null receives
and equipment, nulldgley said they
given to the fact that the parcel got
a nullolf Scout handboonull
would use all the space in the
damp in the very rear of the lot. null
nullolf necnullrchief, and nullolf
garage, with the enulleption of one
wanted to loonulltoward the future
necnullrchief slide when
half of one of the bays, and that
and noted that if at some point the
beginning the nullolf portion of
all of their apparatus would fit into
Town decided to construct another
the nully Scout trail. null will
the garage. nullving equipment sit
building, there should be room.
also need a blue nullb Scout
outside has long been an issue. In
Therefore, he felt Selectmen had
uniform. This part of the nully
the winter, it manulls response times
an obligation to manull room for
Scout trail is intended to tanull
slower. This issue will be worsened
it now. nullnullvitt also noted that
one school year, preparing the
if the front doors in the current
the nullllage nulleen lacnulld parnullng
Scout to begin earning his nullar
station are unusable because of the
and asnulld that thought should be
rannullafter he completes second
new roadways.
given as to where a building could
nulldgley reviewed plans for the
be put nulln the futurenull as well as
The nullolf badge is earned
other areas within the first-nullor area
where additional parnullng could be
by completing null of the
and confirmed that the proposed
located. null said the construction
null available achievement
space would allow for growth. null
and placement of the proposed fire
tasnull from null achievement
then discussed the second-nullor
station shouldnnullt blocnullor create
categories in their nullolf Scout
area, which would be essentially
an unanticipated problem for a
handboonull nulleats of Snullll,
at a nulln meeting with the help of their nulln nullader and
the physical training area, locnullr
future building. nulldgley noted that
nullour nullag, nulleep nullour nulldy nullalthy, nullow nullour nullme
parent volunteers. nullarning to fold the nullg is a tasnullunder
rooms nullen and womennull bedrooms
future concerns for town building
and nullmmunity, Tools for nullinullng and nullilding, Start a
the nullour nullag achievements for nullolf Scouts.
that allowed for future growth and
had been reviewed. nullcording to
nullllection, nullour nullving nullorld, nullonullng and nullting, null Safe
The nullolf nullbs want to thannullnullS. nullrine nullrp nullster
potential future increased staffing,
nulldgley, there was a significant
at nullme and on the Street, nullamily nulln, nullty to nulld, and
nullnnery Sergeant nulletirednullnullger Imonti for participating
as well as a laundry room and
amount of land behind the leaching
nullnullng nulloices.
and sharing his nullowledge of the nullS. nullg and nullg etiquette
mechanical room. continued to page 5- New Station
Pacnullnullnullnull olf nullbs learned to fold the nullited States nullg
with the nulln.
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