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Pelham - Windham News
6 - January 8, 2010
Town of nullelham
nullolice Generator nullght
Boston Bruins Honor
Building nullermits nullsued
Decemnullr nullnullnull nullnull
Cost nullro to Renullace
nullelham Resident
by Barbara O’Brien
nulld nullwrence nullad nullnull null nulld nullwrence nullad, nullnull-null, nulltenna
nullat seemed linull a pending disaster last summer has turned out
maintenance on wireless tower, replacing nulldefective antennas with
not to be such a debacle after all.
nullris nullder of Pelham has been selected as a nullommunity
nullnew same sinull, same weight.
nullen the nullindham Police nullpartmentnulls emergency generator
nullptainnullpresented by the nullssachusetts nullttery. null.
ys nullalty Inc., nullnull wrence nullrner nullad, nullnullnullnullnull, nullnullnulltwo-
literally underwent a meltdown this past nulluly, the cost to replace it
nulldernulls efforts with the Pelham Ice nullrden were recogninulld
story, single-family house with nullcnull family room with nullcar
seemed to be monumental. nullver a good thing, but especially not
by the nullston nulluins as being truly remarnullble and he is
garage, nullbedrooms.
during one of the worst recessions of recent times. nullsts that were
being honored as an individual who has made significant
nullcholas nullnullyn nullythe, nullnullple nullive, nullnullnullnull, nullnew permit
originally bandied about ranged from nullnullnullnullto nullnull,nullnull
contributions to promote youth hocnully in his community.
to demo enullsting nullnullnulladdition and construct new nullnullnullliving
wevnull er, thannull to the investigative efforts of Police nullief
null nullmmunity nullptain, he will receive four seats to the
nullrald nullwis, federal grant money was available and the brand
upcoming game against the nulltawa Senators on nullanuary
nullchael nullnullth nullusevich, nullnullalcon nullad, nullnullnullnull, Install wood
new generator, the price for which was secured through a sealed
null, nullnull. nullring the game, null. nullder will be recogninulld
burning wood stove inside enullsting fireplace. nullso installing
bid process, was cut in half. The federal funds ultimately paid for
live on the Tnullnullrden nullnullScoreboard for his wornullin the
stainless-steel liner nullenullble wnullap nulltop platenull
nullnullnullnullof the nullnullnullnullprice tag affinulld to the new generator.
community. null will also receive an award certificate signed
Sousa nullalty nullnullv. nullrp., nullwrence nullrner nullad, nullnullnullnullnull,
The latest good news about the generator came at the end of
by a member of the nullston nulluins.
nullnullnulltwo-story, single-family, nullbedrooms, nullnullbaths, nullnullnull
nullcember when, thannull to the suggestion of Selectman nulluce
family room, and nullnullnulltwo-car garage.
nulleton, Town nullministrator nullvid Sullivan loonulld into collecting

nullren nullnullnald nullcolls nullalty nullnull nullnullnullebster nullve, nullnull-null-null
insurance money for the generator disaster. If all goes as hoped,
nullnullnullsingle-family house with two car garage under, nullnullnullrear
Sullivan said the insurance company will be paying the remaining
decnull nullbedrooms, nullnullbaths.
nullnullnullnullof the cost of the generator. Sullivan did say, however, that
nullnullnulleting nulluse nullad nullnull null Pulpit nullcnullnull null, nullnull-nullnull
the insurance company might go after the company nullindham used
nullrame new offices with metal studs, petition only, no structural
to maintain the old police generator to gain reimbursement.
wornull install new handicap-accessible bathrooms, one on each
nullith the onset of winter weather already upon us, itnulls definitely
32 Stiles Road, Suite 208
not the time for the police department to be without bacnullp power,
Salem, NH 03079
nullnullnulleting nulluse nullad nullnull null Pulpit nullcnullnull null, nullnull-nullnull
nullwis said. nullf we lose power and have no bacnullp, wenullre out of
nullrame new offices with metal studs, petition only, no structural
business,nullhe added. nullortunately, that will not be the situation in
wornull install new handicap-accessible bathrooms, one on each
nullindham this year.
We treat the whole family
School nullce Chairman Snullaks
Cosmetic and esthetic dentistry
Dentures, partial dentures,
crowns, bridges, veneers, Anullut Building Aid
bonding, implants
by Barbara O’Brien including the one involving the construction of the new
New patients always welcome
The nullindham School nullardnulls nullce nullairman is worried about nullindham nullgh School, which opened this past September.
State of the art new dental
the local school district losing out on acquiring funding from nullter nullune null, no building aid would be made available
the State nullpartment of nullucation, should legislators decide not to school districts in nullw nullmpshire unless the decision to
Digital x-rays
to continue with one of its current programs due to the budget suspend such financial reimbursements was to be reversed. nulld
crisis at the Statehouse. even if the decision were reconsidered, nulltem said, it would be
The most current up to date nullnull nulltem met with nullindham Selectmen on nullcember linullly that the aid money would go to school districts based on
sterilization null, asnullng for their support in putting together a bond article for need.
Most insurance accepted
Team dentist for
this coming nullrchnulls school district election. nulltem said that by he financial aid wnull ould be needs-targeted,nullaccording to
All major credit cards accepted
the Lowell Spinners
passing a bond in nullrch, tanullayers could avoid the possibility nulltem, and under such provisions, higher income areas such as
Financing available
Health care provider for
of losing null-percent building aid. nullat nulltem is proposing nullindham, Salem, or nulldford would no longer be eligible.
the Lowell Devils Hockey Team is that a bond be put to voters to build a new middle school in nulltem said he wasnnullt sure where all the other School nullard
Please visit our website;
nullindham. members stand on the concept of initiating a bond for a new nulltem said that a building aid study committee has been middle school this coming nullrch, but added that it could mean
“Brighten your Smile
meeting at the state level and has come up with a final about nullnullmillion in state aid if that bond passes before the
for the Holidays”
recommendation that the current building aid program be nullune null deadline. nulltem said that he realinulls it is a rough time
suspended as of the end of this coming nullune. Initially, nulltem economically for many people, but also feels that residents
Free home tooth
ed time only
Head of Operative Dentistry at
said, the cut-off date was proposed for nullanuary null nullwever, this should have the choice to decide on building a middle school
whitening, $450 value,
proposed legislation has not yet been approved. while the enullra money is available or building it after the fact.
for any new patient who
School of
offer for a limit Dental Medicine nulll school building projects approved prior to the cut-off nullther way, he said, a new middle school is needed in the town
schedules an exam x-rays and cleaning
date of nullune null would be grandfathered, according to nulltem, of nullindham.
The Largest Sale
Educational nullitiatives nullonullsed
in our 40 Year
by Barbara O’Brien plans are that the two high schools might be able to
nullindham Superintendent nullrannullnullss has released the wornullin cooperation with one another. This is the third
top educational initiatives being proposed to the State year that nulldford nullgh School has been in session,
nullpartment of nullucation for the nullnull-nullnull school while nullindham nullgh School is now in the midst of its
year, which will commence nenull nulluly null very first year of educating some of its first students.
The conceptual ideas being promoted by nullss, as nullreshman and sophomores are attending nullindham
well as other administrators for the nullindham School nullgh this year, while juniors and seniors continue to
nullstrict and Snullnull go to Salem nullgh School through a tuition agreement.
null, include the nullnull year, when the new initiatives would tanull effect,
establishment of there will be freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at
Scala’s an International nullindham nullgh, while only seniors would continue to
nullccalaureate attend classes at Salem nullgh.
Program, as well nullsistant Superintendent nullnullnne nullilson also sponull
as an increased about one of the major initiatives being proposed for
nsign -
emphasis on nenull year. nullsponse to Intervention is a program being
a Technology recommended to the State nullpartment of nullucation for


Integration. all grade levels. nullder this program, attempts would
nullss said he be made to reach each student at his or her own level
also sponull with of achievement and personal ability. nullhe purpose of
administrators from this program is to re-teach those who donnullt get it the
nulldford nullgh School first time around,null ilson said.
Yamaha & Roland Digital Pianos
Antiques - Collectibles
while formulating In order to pay for any training needed to institute the
Yamaha, Cable-Nelson,
the ideas for the nullsponse to Intervention Program, the school district
International will be seenullng professional development money
W.M. Knabe Acoustic Pianos
Salem, NH
nullccalaureate through the nullnull-nullnull school year, nullilson said.
World Renown German designed (603) 401-9707 Program, as well In other business, null. nullss said that policies are
and engineered Schimmel Pianos
as Technology presently being formulated for academic grades, as well
Integration. Initial as attendance criterianullones that will be consistent and
Don’t miss out on these
coordinated from nullndergarten through nullth
nullso, plans are underway to construct the new
recreational building and storage facility at
nullindham nullgh School. This is a much simpler
Call for Details.
structure than that which was proposed through
51 Lake St, Nashua
warrant articles in the past couple of years and
which were defeated by voters. nullhis is a very
Save Hundreds scaled down version,nullnullss said, adding that the
to Thousands
Sales: Service:
facility is nullery necessary and critical to have.null
on the World’s
603-882-4244 603-889-1991
his is not a stadium in annull y sense of the
MUSIC HALL Most Popular Pianos!
word,nullnullss added.
Keep Warm This Winter!
75 Main Street, Nashua, NH 886-1748 or 800-339-6818
"Educational child care with a personal touch"
Ages 24 months to 6yrs - Open 7:00am to 6:00pm
Private Country Setting
Innovative, age appropriate curriculum
Joan White & Kathy Nolan
141 Kimball Hill Rd Hudson, NH
880-ESCC (3722)

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Over 20 Years
Fully Licensed
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Talbot Roofing & Contracting
Residential, Commercial & Condominium Roofing Solutions
Asphalt, Cedar & Composite Shingles • Rubber Roofs & Repairs
Siding & Carpentry • Ice & Snow Removal
High Level of Workmanship & Service • Operating Year Round
(603)755.1535 • Toll Free 1.888.755.1535
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