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Hudson - Litchfield News
6 - December 26, 2009
Weddings & Engagements
Weddings & Engagements
nullisten nullrie Bushong nullCurtis Ronald
nullisten nullrie nullshong and Cnulltis nullnald
Pomerleanullwere married in a ceremony
nullin nullthleen nullnullee nullBrian nullay nulllicki
performed by nullverend nullmon null nullymerich
nullin nullthleen nullnullee of nulltchnullld and nullian nullay nulllicnull of
on nullnulle null, nullnull, at St. nullne’s nulliscopal
nullst nullven, CT were married in a ceremony performed by Chad
Chnullch in nullwell, null.
nulliesbach on nullnullnullt null, nullnull at The nullrden nullnulle in Seattle, nullnull
The bride was escorted by her father.
The bride is the danullhter of Pamela nullnullee of nullshnull, and the
She is the danullhter of nullchard and nullonulln
late nullnald nullnullee. The groom is the son of Ceil and nullb nulllicnull
nullshong of nulldson. The groom is the
of nullst nullven, CT.
son of nullonard and nullcole Pomerleanullof
The bride was given in marriage by her nullcle, nullchael nullams of
nulls Vegas, null.
nulltron of honor w
Weddings & Engagements
as Stephanie Freeman,
The bridal attendants werenully nulllan, Sarnull ah nullppert, and
conullin of the bride. nullidesmaids were
Cadence nullller, all of Seattle.
nullisten Snulllivan, nullrie nullite, and nulllissa
The nullst nulln was nullvid nullppert of Seattle, nullnull The groomslady
was nullbra Peters of nulletchnull, null.
Weddings & Engagements
nullhers werenull Christopher Scheidel of Tonullyo, nullapannulland nulltt
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nullnull of Seattle.
nullst man was nullilliam
nullreception was held at The nullrden nullnulle in Seattle.
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nullatson, conullin of the groom.
nullter a threenullay honeymoon in Victoria, nullitish Colnullbia,
nulloomsmen were nulleffrey
Canada the conullle will live in Seattle.
Thinking of changing your insurance- This is the time of year when
Pomerleanull Panull nullite, and
The bride gradnullted from nullestern nullashington nulliversity in
nullanull nullnulliere.
dental insurance selections are made by many people. If your
Seattle with a master’s degree in Teaching. She is employed by the
nullreception was held at the
confused or unsure what to do- please give us a call
nullent School nullstrict in nullent, nullnullas a high school history teacher.
nullpine nullove in nullllis.
The groom gradnullted from nullegon State nulliversity in Corvallis,
and we’ll be glad to help you understand your coverage options!
The bride is a nullnull gradnullte
null with a bachelor degree in Forest nullcreation nullsonullces.
of nullvirne nullgh School and
null is employed by nulldgeline nullvelopment, nullc. in Seattle as a nullmodeling Project nullnagernullarpenter.
Collins Dentistry
a nullnull gradnullte of Sonullhern
nullw nullmpshire nulliversity,
for Children
where she earned a nullchelor
of Science in nullconullting. She nullelly nullrnullis nullnullal Carter
is a staff acconulltant at nullsight
nullelly nullrnullis and nullal Carter were married on September null nullnull.
Technology in nullndonderry.
nullverend nullnest Chiaradonna ofnulliated the onulldoor ceremony at The
The groom is a nullnull
anite nullse, nullbassy nullrden in nullmpstead. null nullreception followed
At Collins Dentistry
gradnullte of nullrrimacnullnullgh
in the nullbassy nullom.
School and attended nullw
for Children we
The nullide was escorted by her father. She is the danullhter of nullian
nullmpshire Commnullity
and nullne nullrnullis of nullllis.
believe in prevention
Technical College in nullshnull.
The nulloom is the son of nulllores Carter of Cape Canaveral, Fnull
null is employed by Precision
nullormerly of nulldsonnull and the late nully Carter, Sr.
and early treatment.
Tool and nulle in nullrry as a
The nulltron or nullnor was Tracy nullme. nullidesmaids were Pam
mold manullr.
nullenullanull nullnielle nullvrogeorge, and Conulltney nullolfe, all close friends
Preventive & Restorative Care • Orthodontics
nullnullnullay honeymoon in
of the bride.
nullgril, nullamaica followed
• Emergency Appointments Available
The nullst nulln was nullniel nulllain. nulloomsmen were nullvid Sassanull
the reception. The conullle
• Hospital Dentistry Available • In House Nitrous Sedation
nullrry nulldgers, and nullchael nullanis, all longnullime friends of the groom.
cnullrently resides in nulllford.
• Computerized Digital X-Rays & Intra-Oral Cameras
The bride gradnullted from nullllisnullroonulline nullgh School and
attended nullddlesex Commnullity College in nullwell, null. She is
• Saturday Appointments (resuming in Fall) • Healthy Kids
employed by nullshnull Fire nullscnull.
Come visit our office at 100 Bridge Street, Pelham, NH
The groom gradnullted from nullvirne nullgh School and nullw
nullmpshire Technical College with a degree in Fire Science. null is employed by the nulldson Fire nullpartment.
The conullle honeymooned for a weenulland a half in nulls Vegas, null,
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nullon nulltional Parnullin nullah, and nullacnullon nullle, . null They reside in nulldson.
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Sheri nullrie Dobens null
nullthan Thomas nullg
h t
his ad
. and nulls. nullnull ames nullbens of nulldson are pronull to annonullce
the engagement of their danullhter, Sheri nullrie nullbens, to nullthan
Thomas nullg, son of null. and nulls. nullrbert nullg of nullacnull, null.
null. nullbens is a nullnull gradnullte of nullshop nullertin nullgh School
and a nullnull gradnullte of the nulliversity of Vermont with a nullchelor of
Sun - Weds 10am-5pm
Science degree. She earned her nullctorate of Physical Therapy from
Frannullin Pierce nulliversity in nullnull. She is a physical therapist for
Parnulland nulldical Center.
December 27th-30th
. nullg is a nullnull grnull adnullte of nullshop nullertin nullgh School and
a nullnull gradnullte of the nulliversity of nullssachnulletts nullnullwell with
a nullchelor degree in nullance and marnullting. null is employed as a
175 Lowell Rd, Rt. 3A, Hudson
sales specialist for nullrox in nullston, null.
nullfall nullnull wedding is planned.
Crystal Landry
and nullam Stone
. and nulls. nullnull ames nullndry of nulldson annonullce the engagement
of their danullhter, Crystal nullndry, to nullam Stone, son of nullrnullStone
and null. nullniel and nulls. nullnulla nulleeler of nullaffrey, null.
nullss nullndry attends Saint nullselm College in nullnchester. She is
employed by Sonullhern null nulldical Center.
. Stone grnull adnullted from Plymonullh State nulliversity in Plymonullh,
null. null is employed by nullterprise nullntnullnullar as a manager in
nulllford, null.
null nullnullnullt nullnull wedding is planned.

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Weddings & Engagements
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Weddings & Engagements
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Cannot b
material and labor
hen sink
e combine.d
Puppy Kindergarten- For Puppies 10 weeks to 6 months old. Starting January 19th
Not to
with other offers
be combined with other
Agility Level I & II (I) Basic obstacle familiarization, i.e.: climb ramps, go through tire, etc. (II) Target
Not to b
(Sale does not apply to lab
ffers, s
e combine
ale ends
d with any other offers.
March 31, 2009
training, obstacle discrimination and simple sequences. Starting February 10th
or plumbingnull
Sale eSale expires August 3xpires December 31, 20091, 2009
Hours: Mon., Tues.,Wed., & Fri.: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m./Thurs.: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m./Sat.: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
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specialty kitchens.indd 1 6/25/09 9:01:19 AM
Starting December 2nd
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