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New Year!
Volume 20 Number 25 December 26, 2009 16 Pages
Annual Tips for Toys
St. Vincent de Paul Raises Over $8,500 to Benefit Salvation Army
submitted by Bobby-Ann Dostie
Continues to Help
null nullnday, nullcember null
the waitstaff and bartenders at
the nulldson Tnullnullnull collected
Those in Need
all their tips to pnullchase mnullhnull
needed items for area yonullh
that will be provided to the
Salvation nullmy for distribnullion.
Their donation totaled null,nullnull
exceeding their goal of null,nullnull
This nullinulle event was started
by the employees some null
years ago, and has become an
annnulll event. This is now a
holiday tradition not only for
the waitstaff, bnull for many of the
loyal Tnullnullnull cnulltomers that
plan to dine on that day and give
generonullly in order to help those
in need. The waitstaff not only
donates all their tips, bnull also
then shops for all the gifts, which
inclnulle clothing and toys for
y Doug Robinson local children of all
ages null to null.
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- Tips
Boxes of food donated to the needy families are lined up and ready to go.
The turkeys are in the freezer
by Doug Robinson
The procession of vehicles
been converted from classrooms,
extended beyond one’s personal
nulltchens, and storage to rooms
view. The vehicles, one after the
nullled with contribnullions of
other, lined Ferry Street and the
clothing, toys, and food. nullch
adjoining roads in a neat and
family in need had been assigned
orderly fashion in an effort to
an identifying nnullerical
receive their Christmas offerings
nnullber and the gifts being
provided to them by the St.
provided to each family had the
Vincent de Panull Society, located at
corresponding nnullber attached.
the St. nullohn the nullangelist Parish
nullfts for the families had been
in nulldson.
not only provided by the Society,
Since nullannullry of nullnull, St.
bnull also from varionull individnullls
Vincent de Panull Food Pantry has
and organinulltions within the
provided over null,nullnullmeals
Town of nulldson who wished to
nullp from null,nullnulllast yearnullto
nulldoptnullnullamilynullfor the holiday.
needy families in nulldson. That
Families, thronullh the Society,
is enonullh food to serve every
were asnulld to nulll onull a special
resident of nulldson three meals
form that wonulld iteminull specinull
The Hudson nullnullnullnull stanullraised null,nullnullthrough their annual nullnullips for
each. Today, not only was St.
needs for their specinull family.
nulloysnullfundraiser. nullnullnullnull onullers matched their donation, allonullng them to
Vincent de Panull providing
null tnulln, these nullnamed, only
purchase onuller null,nullnullnullrth of toys and gifts for area children.
Christmas meals to needy families,
nnullbered lists were given to local
the Society was also providing
individnullls and organinulltions to
Leftnullnullracey Bradford, Missy Hegarty, and Lauren nullnroy from nullnullnullnull buy
the families within each vehicle
nulll onull.
presents for children in need as part of the annual nullips for nulloys fundraiser. nullresents
Christmas gifts to place nullder
The nullwrapped gifts were
purchased nullere donated to the Salnullation Army.
their Christmas trees.
presented to the St. Vincent de
This year, in addition to the
Panull Society in blacnullplastic bags
binulleenully food distribnullion from
and were tagged with the nnullber
their food pantry, St. Vincent de
of the family to which it was to
Panull Society provided families nullnull
be given. This method of offering Santa’s Surprise
nullnull peoplenullChristmas gifts for
allowed the parents and families
this holiday season.
to tanull the presents home and submitted by Lion Wayne Auger,
nullince the economy has tnullned,
wrap the gifts to their tastes and Vice President, Litchfield Lions Club
we have seen a large increase in
linulls. nulln Snullnday, nullecember nullnull, the
the need for families to receive
nulle have set this null as a drivenull nullitchnulleld nullions Clnullb invited a
help,nullcommented foodnullantry
thronullh,nullstated nullisvert. nulle special family to the nullcnullnullesten
volnullteer Panulline nullisvert.
will begin the distribnullion aronulld Farm Stand to have their pictnullre
nuller null volnullteers participate
null noon on Satnullday, and by null tanullen with Santa. nullach of the
with the collection, organinullng,
p.m., we will have loaded all three children sponulle with Santa,
and distribnullion of the food. nulle
nullnull plnull vehicles with their had pictnullres tanullen, and received a
nulled to be open only dnulling the
goods.null little gift. The nullitchnulleld nullions Clnullb
evening honulls, bnull we have had
null the needy families arrived Santa then presented a checnull to
to change onull honulls becanulle
at the Society, St. Vincent de Panull Sara Cnullthbnullrt to help her danullghter,
of twonullncome families, single
volnullteers lined the halls to assist nullatherine, get some necessary eye
parents, and the overall bnullyness
in the distribnullions. nullile some therapy.
which everyone has,nullcommented
volnullteers ran to the basement to nullatherine, an nullnullyearnullold stnulldent
nullona Shanholnull nullnulling onull
retrieve the food basnullts, others at nullrifnulln nullemorial School, has a
distribnullions, we are open in
went to the correct room to very difnullcnulllt time reading at her
the afternoon as well as dnulling
retrieve the correct blacnullbag of grade level becanullse she cannot
the evening. nulle help so many
Christmas gifts. focnulls her eyes properly. nullhen the
families that we now enconullage
nullhe snullcess of this food nullitchnulleld nullions Clnullb learned abonullt
onull needy families to come
pantry is a direct renullction of this, they nullnew they had to do
picnullnull their food at specinull
onull commnullity,nullstated nullisvert. something to help.
times. This way, we can be more
nullnull commnullity nullderstands nulln Tnullesday, following the
prodnulltive and helpfnull.null
that while the holidays are great presentation, Sara came bacnull to the
The varionull rooms within
and it is gratifying to receive, Farm Stand to thannull the nullions Clnullb
the bnulllding that honulle the St.
hnullger does not stop to tanull a again and to let them nullnow that
eye therapy. nullhat a great snullrprise for a very nullo yonull have what it tanulles to be a
Vincent de Panull Society had
vacation.null the company where her hnullsband
special family. nullatherine, good lnullcnull with nullionnull Come to a meeting, or for more
wornulls presented them with a checnull
yonullr eye therapy, and nulleep nulls posted on information, visit www.litchnulleld.nhlions.
to cover the rest of the cost of the
yonullr progress. org.
All theBest
toYou andYours!
There’s a special feeling of cheer in the air, which can only mean one thing
that the Holiday Season is upon us.
y Len Lathr
In the spirit of the season we extend our heartfelt thanks
for inviting us into your homes every Friday.
staff photo
May all the best come to you and yours this season. Your newspaper
will return on Friday, January 8 with more news and excitement
Laurie Shibba, director of the Anne Marie House in Hudson and nullchard nullatterson
nullelcomed a nullsit from local nullantasnullnullauline Boisnullert and Leona Shanholtz from St.
from your community.
nullincent de nullaul nullth donations of sports enullipment ginullen from the nullenullnulloome Sports
nulloundation. The nulloundation is in memory of nullenullnulloome and run by his sister and
brothernullnnullanullnullanulle and Michele Alukonis .
The staff of The Hudson~Litchfield News
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