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men’S fitneSS Spin
Targets multiple groups of muscles and The instructor leads the class on an imagi-
improve strength, balance, and flexibility. nary ride using imagery and motivation all
while riding a stationary cycle.
This “yoga-inspired” workout focuses on core
strengthening and stretching.
Following 45 minutes of Spinning, there is
15 minutes of abdominal work to get a hard
core mid section.
piyo SCuLpt
Pilates/Yoga. Designed to increase flex-
ibility, core strength and balance, elongate
muscles and tone with weights.
Following 45 minutes of Spinning, there is
aCtive yoGa
15 minutes of great core exercises.
This non-traditional workout focuses on
Senior fitneSS
strength and flexibility.
This is an “all floor” aerobics class designed
specifically for seniors.
aDuLt BaSKetBaLL
This time is set aside for adults 21 years
SKi ConDitioninG
old and older. For other times check the
Boosts endurance, improves agility and
gym schedule.
quickness, strengthens legs and core and
reduces risk of injury.
BaSiC BoDy toninG
Learn the basics of strength and core
totaL BoDy ConDitioninG
training, improve balance and posture.
The first half is all about cardio and blasting
calories and then finish with great core and
BoDy SCuLpt abdominal work.
Participants in this class will exercise to firm
and tone the body all over.
yoGa $
This traditional yoga class focuses on tradi-
CarDio ConDitioninG
tional yoga principles. A fee wil be charged
Adult Lap swimming that involves the shar-
This class combines step and traditional
to your account.
ing of lanes with other members. This time
floor aerobics for a great cardiovascular
requires that you follow the circle procedure
that is located on the pool deck.
Participants will move through a variety of h
o aero
CarDio Step & KiCK
flowing yoga poses. Low impact exercise class involving float
Great way to start off the week with this
belts and barbells in deep water.
high-energy cardio workout.
yoGa for fitneSS
This non-traditional “power yoga” workout
Lap Swim
Core & more
focuses on strength and flexibility. You will
For swimmers to swim laps and occasionally
While sitting, leaning, lying, lifting or
work up a sweat.
the circle swim procedure will be enforced.
pushing a stability ball, build strength Aqua joggers are also welcome.
and muscle, while improving balance.
A Latin inspired dance-fitness class. LeSSonS
fit KiDS
Adult and child swim lessons taught by
This class includes games, relays and other
American Red Cross certified instructors.
fun activities that will get kids moving
harD Core aBS
open Swim
Focus specifically on working the muscles of
Free swim for all ages with two lap
the abdomen for the entire 30-minutes!
lanes available.
Swim team
intervaL traininG
Novice swim team offered to children 4 - 16
This class consists of variations of step
years of age.
aerobics and resistance training. . January 2010 . 21
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