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ing the “register” button on either of the
Web 101
pages. As you register for events, a list
will be compiled for you automatically.
To view your list of events simply click
My Bookings.
You can also add or delete guests from
your reservation, specify the number of
children and adults in your party and
choose dining times for events with mul-
tiple seating times. If you need to cancel a
reservation, you can do that too. (But we
really hope you won’t!)
read Signals
by Kate Spencer, Editor
from your computer
Has the print version of Signals fallen
into the cavernous corner of your com-
id you know you can learn about home Sweet home fiest couch? No worries. You can read
upcoming events, make a reserva- The homepage is your home base for current and many past issues of Signals
tion, sign up for the e-newsletter everything you can do on the site. Here online —and print out your favorite
and read Signals (and print out any pages you can read about new events and spe- articles, athletic schedules and Club
you like) on the Club’s website? All of cial offers at the Club. Want to get more photos too!
these services are available with just a few news? Sign up for the e-newsletter by From the top of the homepage, go to
keystrokes. So let’s get started by getting clicking on the “sign up” notice in green. Club Info tab and click on the sub cat-
you on the site. That address is www. At the top of the homepage is a list egory of Signals Magazine. Scroll down of categories—Club Info, Calendar and the page a bit and you’ll find covers from
Directory. Scroll over these categories, the past several months of Signals. Click
registration, Please and subcategories will appear. Click on on the cover photo of the issue you want
To use any of the services on the web- any of these subs to learn more about Club to read and the digital edition of the
site, you need to register. Don’t worry, offerings. If you ever get lost, just go up to magazine will load for you. It takes just
it’s easy. the top of the page and click “Home.” (It’s a few seconds.
From the entry page, click “Member” a little like Dorothy returning home from Once the magazine has loaded, you
on the upper right hand corner. Click on Oz by clicking her red shoes.) simply go to the bottom of the magazine
the text to your right that says “Click here On the right hand side of the homep- page and click forward or back through
to be taken to the Registration page.” age there’s a Calendar at a Glance that the magazine. (There a little upturned
Fill in all the required fields: first will show you a partial selection of the corner on the bottom of each page that
name, last name, member number, email upcoming events. To see all the events looks exactly like the folded edge of a
address, password (whatever you want in a calendar format, go to the top of the magazine page. Click it!)
that to be), confirmation of password homepage and click Calendar. If you pre- You can zoom in and out of the pages,
and your personal password hint. For fer to look at all the events in list format, making online reading very easy on the
example, if your use your dog’s name as click on List Events. eyes. Or you can print your favorite arti-
your password, your password hint could cles or schedules from your home printer.
be “name of my dog.” book an Event Our next installment of Web 101 will
Click “Register” and a registration con- See an event you would like to attend? show you how to pay your bill online. We
firmation page will appear. Now you’re You can register from either the Calendar hope you enjoy your Club website and
ready to explore! or the List Events page simply by click- will visit often.
1 . Signals . The Spokane Club magazine . January 010
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