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stayed warm, which was critical at that point. With experience, you get better about
Injury prevention was just one
controlling your fears and maintaining a positive attitude is really important.” of the reasons that Kay decided to
So what’s next for this adventurer? After climbing the world’s Seven Summits and enlist the help of one of the
having already lived seven summits of her own life—nurse, wife, mother, Juris Doc-
Club’s personal trainers and
tor, volunteer, ballroom dancer and mountain climber—what does the future hold?
she hasn’t had a single injury since.
The Coeur d’Alene Ironman is at the top of her list. To prepare for that she runs
at least three times a week. She’s taking Spinning classes at the Club and will start the Lions Club and the Summit School.
doing laps in the pool soon. Additional prep included the recently-completed Seattle She has been booked to speak at the
Marathon, in which she placed second in a field of five in her age group Women’s Health Awareness Day in
“There aren’t many people doing this at my age,” Kay admits. And she’d like to Pittsburg this spring and plans to offer
do something about that too. a two-part presentation to the Club’s
“One of my goals is to inspire folks my age to be more physically active,” she says. membership in the near future.
“People shouldn’t give up rigorous exercise just because they’re older. I say to them, Whatever the next summits in Kay’s
‘you can do it, you just have to work your way into it.’” life may be, the mountains will still call
Motivating children to be more active, especially outdoors, is another goal for Kay. to her—and she will answer.
She sees climbing as an activity well suited for kids, who are often already drawn to “I enjoy the outdoors so much,” says
rock climbing. She also commends organizations like the Mountaineers for “teaching Kay. “It’s so beautiful and being there
so much about teamwork and how to survive a night in the wilderness,” two things gives you such a sense of fulfillment.
Kay recognizes as life shaping lessons for people of all ages. If you get the view, that’s the bonus.
These lessons, and the passion to inspire others to live a fuller, fresh-air lifestyle, The real reward is realizing that you’re
draw Kay to public speaking. This passion may well become the eighth summit of on top of the world. It’s an exhilarating
Kay’s life. feeling.”
She has already delivered presentations to the Inland Northwest’s chapter of the To learn more about Kay LeClaire, go to
National Association of Women Business Owners, Fidelity Associates, Rotary 21,
Get a buddy. On a down day, a buddy Journal daily. The very best way to
can push you that extra mile, move you keep track of your progress is to keep
Tell others about your goal. Letting 4away from the fudge and onto the bike
a written record of it. Write down
supportive family and friends know and help you remember your wins in the your miles, your meals, your calories.
what you plan to achieve makes your face of some inevitable losses. Just as important, keep track of your
goal more tangible and allows others the obstacles, especially recurring ones,
opportunity to support you in your quest. that keep you from moving forward.
It also makes you more accountable. Jot down ideas for ways to work
through or around those obstacles. . January 010 . 
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