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A job offer too good to refuse
extended countless lives. With club
Loprinzi was working out at the
Manager Verne Perry’s encouragement,
club in August 1937 when Jack Peebler,
he started a women’s weight training
who was in charge of weight training
class that grew from seven women to
and massage, approached him. Peebler
more than 90. When the club underwent
needed an assistant. He asked Loprinzi
improvements, he advocated a new weight
if he would work for the club but with a
minor condition – Loprinzi would work
Jogging proves more than a
for free for three weeks.
passing fad
Loprinzi made note of his
One of Loprinzi’s biggest fitness
background and felt he needed some pay,
Joe served in the Navy during World War
successes was jogging. He started with
so he and Peebler agreed on $60 a month
II, both on a merchant ship and teaching
a handful of jogs in the early ’60s.
and a typewriter. Loprinzi still had the
physical fitness at Treasure Island in San
Although many thought the idea was
typewriter when he officially retired from
crazy, they started running around
the club in 1997 at age 83.
the club’s old track. After a while they
Loprinzi worked at the club for
started jogging up in the hills, then in
60 years, leaving only briefly to serve
the stadium. Soon Loprinzi initiated
in the Navy in World War II from
organized runs like the Zoo Run and the
1941-45. He and Sam shipped out
Tennis Court Run. Some runs had as
together on a merchant ship and later
many as 500 runners and there was always
taught conditioning with his friend Jack
a big turnout for the Halloween Run,
LaLanne on Treasure Island in San
in celebration of Loprinzi’s birthday on
Francisco. Sam worked as Loprinzi’s
Oct. 31.
assistant at MAC from 1940-41, then
Bud Fields was one of the first Joe’s
opened and ran his own conditioning
Joggers. “In 1960, if you ran 100 miles,
and weight-training gym for more than
Joe Loprinzi would present you with your
30 years.
first 100-mile plaque,” he says. “Run
When the war ended, Loprinzi
1,000 and you’d receive a trophy and
Joe and Darleen with their daughters, Pam
celebrated peacetime by attending a dance
become one of Joe’s Joggers. A year later,
and Janet.
on a December evening in 1945. It was
there were 20 trophy winners, enough for
at the dance he met Darleen Preheim, an
a picture of Joe’s First Joggers. I had so
outgoing young nurse from the farmlands
many of them I can’t keep track of them.
of South Dakota.
I think I was the first one to get 10,000
“I thought he was a nice, handsome,
miles,” says Fields.
personable man,” says Darleen. They
“Joe was a great inspiration when
began dating, going to movies and
I started to run in the early ’70s,” says
dances, although “the beach was his
former MAC President Les Smith. “In
preference,” she recalls.
those days, the whole idea of running was
They were married in 1949, and
new, and the incentives that Joe created
Loprinzi’s dad told Loprinzi he would
were interesting but effective.” When
never make a mistake marrying her.
Smith ran 1,000 miles, he earned one
The Loprinzis have two daughters, Pam
of Loprinzi’s famous red sweatshirts and
Loprinzi-Doerschel of Seattle and Janet
enjoyed the status that came from wearing
Street of Portland; granddaughter,
it; he’d joined the athletic elite. “Joe
Rachel Robichaud of Portland; and two
personified the running side of the club,”
great-grandsons, Luc and Sebastian
says Smith. “He was the leader because for
example purposes, he did it.” Smith went
Back at the club for good in 1949,
on to run marathons and is now the event
Loprinzi focused on helping others. He
director for the Portland Marathon.
headed the physical fitness department,
Jogging turned into one of Joe’s greatest
Loprinzi used to run every day and
taught weight training, calisthenics,
successes. He often led large groups,
on Sundays, in Gresham. He was such
squash, gave massages, and initiated
especially for his birthday runs, which were
a popular running companion that he
fitness programs that changed and
held on or near Halloween.
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