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The Multnomah Athletic Club’s
committee system provides the
framework for what members
experience at the club. Although
staff is employed to facilitate
club operations and events, it is
committee members who are the
creators and driving force.
Frequently Asked Questions about the
MAC Committee System
Q: Why should I join a MAC committee? more than one committee, and the form allows them to rank the
A: Members participating through the committee system provide
committees on which they volunteer. Occasionally the president
input on most activities and operations that support the Board of
may ask a member to serve on a second committee to fill a
Trustees and the management team. Joining a committee is also a
particular need.
way of meeting members with similar interests and contributing to
Q: What is a standing committee (sometimes referred to as a major
fellow club members’ enjoyment of MAC.
Q: Where can I see a list of committees and what they do? A: There are 10 standing committees that are described in the club’s
A: A list of committees and their Web pages is on the club’s Web site
bylaws. Members should have some club committee experience
at Log on and then click “Committees” from
before applying for a standing sommittee. Standing committees are
the menu at the top.
Athletic, Budget and Finance, Communications, Ethnic Diversity,
Food & Beverage, House, Member Events, Membership, Property
Q: Can any member join a committee?
and Strategic Planning.
A: Yes. The MAC committee system is open to young, old, new
Q: When do committees meet?
and lifelong members. Adult resident members may apply for any
committee except the Junior Activities Committee. Only junior
A: Most committees meet monthly. The major committees often
members may apply for this committee. Courtesy and athletic
have subcommittees that require additional meetings. The committee
members may serve on committees but not as chair.
times are established and maintained throughout the governance
year. Members can check the Web pages or contact the staff for
Q: How do I join a committee?
specific meeting times and expected time commitments.
A: Members need to submit a committee interest form by Monday,
Q: Can I attend committee meetings without being officially appointed to a
Feb. 1. Interest forms are available on the club’s Web site and at
the -M-formation Wall outside Member Services. Members
must commit the time and energy necessary to be a responsible
A: Check with the committee chair. Some committees discuss
committee member. Some committees look for members with
confidential information, therefore their meetings are not open to
specific qualifications or prior committee experience. Members do
general attendance. Examples are House, Membership and Ethnic
not need a reference to serve on a committee.
Diversity committees.
Q: How many people are on a committee?
Q: What is the All-Committee Dinner?
A: The size of standing committees is dictated by the bylaws. Sport
A: The All-Committee Dinner is a social event to recognize the
and social activity committees tend to be a size that allows for full
commitment by all club committee members. It is hosted by the
participation by all of the committee members while remaining a
first-year trustees. The first-year trustees select a theme and provide
workable size.
the evening’s entertainment. All committee members are encouraged
to attend and join in the camaraderie and fun.
Q: Can I serve on more than one committee at a time?
Go to the for more questions and answers
A: Generally, members serve on one committee at a time with a
about the committee system. n
commitment of three years. Members are welcome to apply for
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