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Experiment Bowenwork - Technique helps body form ashtanga yoga with Dave. Practice that will Karma/Donation Yoga Class - 11:15am-12:15pm.
heal itself. Often helps with fertility, digestive build fl uid strength and a calm peaceful mind. $12. 1st & 3rd Sat starting 1/16. Donation only, basic
problems, asthma, hammer toes, bunions, back and House of Yoga, 2965 West 12 Mile Road, Ste 100, yoga class. 100% of money collected given to local
neck pain, stroke recovery ADD/ADHD, develop- Berkley. Dave Tomaszewski 248-556-0992. See charities. If you can give a little or give a lot, you
ment delay, stress reaction, depression, insomnia, ad page 39. do make a difference. Donations suggested, not
traumatic injuries and more. Session by donation.
Ashtanga Yoga (Primary Series) w/Jules - 8-
required to attend class. Santosha Yoga , 48724
23030 Mooney, Farmington Hills. 248-345-3117
9:30am. Intermediate to Advanced. Series of asanas
Gratiot Ave, Chesterfi eld. Theresa May 586-949-
or 248-345-3595.
combined with Ujjaii breath, bandhas, drishti to
5515. See ad page 41.
help discipline the mind and detox the body. $12 Fibromyalgia Yoga & Support w/Kim Tombrella
walk-in or class cards avail. Jewels Yoga and Fit- - First Sat only. 11:30am-12:30pm. Beginner to All
ness, Clarkston. Info: Jules 248-390-9270. See Levels. Kim, who lives with fi bromyalgia, guides
ad page 39. the class in meditation; breathing and gentle move-
First Free Fridays - 9am-8pm. Free treatments to
Certifi ed Hypnotherapists Education and Net-
ments that can help alleviate the pain, stress and
new patients who want to try acupuncture on the fi rst
working Meeting - 1st Sat/monthly 9:30am-12pm.
anxiety which often accompanies fi bromyalgia.
Friday of each month. The next First Free Friday is
Certifi ed Hypnotherapists who have graduated from
$12 walk-in or class cards avail. Jewels Yoga and
February 5th. FREE. Call for appointment. Com-
a state licensed school of hypnosis are welcome.
Fitness, Clarkston. Info: Jules 248-390-9270. See
munity Health Acupuncture Center, 801 Livernois
Includes educational presentation, workbook and
ad page 39.
St, Ferndale. Darlene Berger 248-246-7289. See
computer disk. First visit FREE. Clinical Hypnosis
ad page 51.
Professional Group, Warren. Register 586-751-
Basic Yoga w/Renee Felix - 9:30-10:45am. Be-
7500. See ad page 19.
ginner to All Levels. Takes each student thru the
Anusara-inspired Yoga Class - 10-11am. Level
fundamentals of practice making it approachable
1, suitable for beginners. Heart opening and joy-
to all levels and comfortable for every walk of life.
ful. $15.00 walk-in. Yoga For Life, 1194 S Lapeer
$12 walk-in or class cards avail. Jewels Yoga and
Road, Lake Orion. Heidi Peters 248-693-9932.
Fitness, Clarkston. Info: Jules 248-390-9270. See
See ad page 39.
ad page 39.
Naturopathic School of Ann Arbor Open Houses
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous - 6-7:30pm.
- 11am-1pm. Here to serve with diploma and cer-
Are you having a hard time controlling the way
tifi cate programs. FREE. Google us! Lodging. Info:
you eat? FA is a recovery program for people who
suffer from overeating, under-eating, and buli-
mia. It is based on the twelve steps of Alcoholics
Vinyasa with Kristina - 10:30-11:45am. Flowing
Anonymous and is open to everyone who wants to
practice, linking breath and movement, exploring
stop addictive eating. FREE. Commerce Twp. at
poses that build to open the body gracefully. Ac-
Crossroads Presbyterian Church, 1445 Welch Rd.
cessible to all familiar with Basic Yoga and Basic
Info: 866-914-3663.
Vinyasa. $12. House Of Yoga, 2965 W. 12 Mile
Rd, Berkley. Abby Bechek 248-556-0992. See ad
Acoustic Bazaar Live + Open Mic Night - 7-11pm.
page 39.
Acoustic open mic night, individuals and groups
How old would you be
welcome. Coffee Beanery Cafe, 26029 Hoover Rd,
Fitness Bootcamp - 11am-noon. Certifi ed Per-
Warren. Steve Bronson. 586-757-6111.
sonal Trainer, Tamra Little, will take you through if you didn’t know
a challenging full body, cardio based workout with

emphasis on body weight movements All fi tness
how old you were?
levels. Package rate or $10/session drop in. Dolores’
School of Dance, 6041 Lennon Rd, Swartz Creek.

Tamra Little 810-965-1598.
~Satchel Paige
Saturday Morning Ashtanga - 7-8am. Short
Wrrite itite it Mail itail it Pllant itant it Hand-made paper embedded with a
Cards & invitations for a socially conscious world.
mixture of wildfl ower seeds found in
all regions of North America. Keep
TREE FREE 100% handmade paper
them moist and watch them sprout!
Soy based inks
100% recycleable-just plant them!
Recycled paper envelopes
You can GGRROW these cards!
Many styles and designs available
Note paper, journals, printing paper, hemp
paper, bulk orders and custom orders
Manufactured using wind credits for
4-1/2" x 6"
Why buy from
Includes envelope
100% offset of the electrical energy used.
Less expensive than many regular cards at retail
Buy any quantity: one, two, fi ve or hundreds
Be unique unique Free shipping on orders of $20 or more
To see our selection and order, visit our website:
(limited time offer)
January 2010
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