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Yoga) Our minds tend to be filled with Yoga is the catalyst that brings you into
many things at once. Multitasking a deeper understanding of who you
tends to be held as a desirable quality are and how you can better the self. It
of the westerner. Multitasking dilutes is a goal-oriented practice that excites
our attention and weakens our concen- us all with the ultimate goal being
tration, which are key ingredients in the Samadhi. The same feeling you have
practice of yoga. All our thoughts in the received from achieving something that
mind must be focused and with inten- you worked for is a form of Samadhi. A
tion. Then the yogi is at their fullest state of blissful happiness and enlight-
potential. enment that, according to Patanjali,
yoga can be achieved by anyone in this
This effort that we give in the practice lifetime. There are many levels of this
of yoga is aimed at providing progres- happiness that can consume our lives.
sion in obtaining goals. Whatever sick- Just like there are many ways to view
ness you may have yoga will shed light the truth of yoga. Yoga brings students
on your personal journey. Sickness is through a process of release and then
not just of the body like head colds and acceptance of their true nature. Every
fatigue, although yoga does very well at step you infuse with these intentions
curing these, we aim to cure ourselves and great change will come from this
of the sickness we posses in our minds. practice. The practice of yoga will bring
The uncontrolled thoughts, addictions, tion. Self-realization opens the door to you closer to the essence of yoga and
habits, and feelings of inadequacy must discover the essence of yoga. this essence is you, your true self.
be removed. According to Paulo Coel-
ho we must discover our own personal “to attain what was previously unat- Yoga is a representation of love and yo-
legend. “To realize one’s Personal Leg- tainable.” gis begin to see this love in everything.
end is a person’s only real obligation. Larry Schultz said , “I do yoga so I can
All things are one.” (The Alchemist) Desikachar explains how with this defi- learn to love myself.” By understanding
Yoga is the answer to this obligation nition, yoga is the action which allows and loving ourselves, we learn to find
that is held by seekers of all faiths and you to progress in your practice. Yoga this understanding and love in others.
sciences. This obligation is self-realiza- is this obligation. It is self-realization. We become happier people and this
makes us a positive influence on others
as well. Yoga is a beautiful art. It feeds
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yours daily life and inspires your mind
as well as those around you.
How can we breathe in the essence of
yoga? The essence of yoga helps the
Now! individual achieve their fullest potential
in life. Yoga frees the individual from
bonds and constrictions of social and
personal attachments. Yoga directs us
towards the source of all, and this can
only be found within ourselves. By
opening our hearts, minds and souls to
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this practice of yoga providing us with
Yoga for you and a friend
the way; we can easily find experience
Educational Lectures the essence of yoga.

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Patanjali was very direct in his yoga
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sutras when he provided us with a

Therapeutic Massage
guide for yoga. Simplicity is always in
Use it for a

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month and it
SUITE 104, STERLING HTS. sence of yoga, can be found by simply
pays for itself!
focusing on anything one chooses that
is elevating. (yoga sutras 1:39).
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