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■ Caulking air leaks. Provides a low-
cost barrier to keep air from escaping
from around the fireplace doors, flue
Pain Relief While You
and chimney.
Sleep: The MUA Experience
■ Lowering the thermostat. A good
were back to work within 6 months
rule of thumb is to keep the house
hen most people hear the
phrase ‘pain management’, following the MUA procedure.
between 50 and 55 degrees when the
they think of steroid injections, ad- According to Dr. Megan
fireplace is in use, and shut doors lead-
dictive narcotic pain medications, Strauchman, medical director of the
ing into the room.
epidural injections, or even more in- Michigan MUA Group, “this is great
vasive procedures like spinal stimula- news for patients who are out of
■ Cracking open a window near the
tor implants. Unfortunately, none of work, and need to support their fami-
fireplace. Creates a healthier experi-
these therapies actually corrects the lies. MUA gets people out of pain
ence by increasing fresh air flow and
cause of the pain, but rather masks rapidly, and gets them up and mov-
minimizing smoke inhalation.
the pain by blocking nerve transmis- ing again in a very minimal amount
sion, or by dampening pain receptors of time.”
Source: Adapted from Union of in the brain. In many cases, people The Michigan MUA Group,
Concerned Scientists ( who have tried one of these therapies headed by Dr. Strauchman, is a
have usually tried several of these, network of Michigan physicians who
with little success. are all certified to per-
than real wood. They also proved Now, a new pro- form MUA for chronic
more efficient, with a heat content of cedure, called manip- pain. Their network of
12,620 to 15,190 BTUs per pound, ulation under anesthe- physicians is located in
compared to oak, which burns at sia (MUA), is available various cities through-
around 8,300 BTUs per pound. at the American Surgi- out the Metro Detroit
Several companies manufacture cal Center in West area. Until now, Michi-
firelogs made of recycled biomass Bloomfield. MUA is a gan residents would
products like wood sawdust, ground decades-old osteopathic procedure have had to travel out-of-state for this
nutshells and coffee grounds. All where the patient is given a sedative revolutionary pain management pro-
are low-emission alternatives to medication, and while sedated, the cedure. “MUA is an ideal treatment
cordwood. Some logs even produce patient’s back and joints are taken for people with fibromyalgia, disc
a natural crackling sound, without through a series of stretches to break bulges or herniations, failed back or
throwing sparks. up the scar tissue and fibrous adhe- neck surgery, frozen shoulder, and
Two to investigate: Pine Moun- sions that restrict normal joint move- for people who’ve tried unsuccessful-
tain Brands Java-Log firelogs divert ment and thus correct the underlying ly to get relief from chiropractic care,
12 million pounds of coffee grounds cause of back, neck, and joint pain. physical therapy, steroid injections,
from landfills each year and feature Since the patient is under sedation, or continue to live off of addictive
recycled packaging (PineMountain- he/she feels no pain whatsoever, and pain killers,” says Dr. Strauchman.; Duraflame’s firelogs the muscles can be stretched and People interested in having the
have a 30-year track record creating massaged to their fullest potential MUA procedure require a prelimi-
heat from renewable resources (Du- without any resistance. The entire nary evaluation by a Michigan MUA procedure lasts about 20 minutes, Group physician, like Dr. Strauch-
and is typically repeated over a 3-5 man. This evaluation consists of a
■ Follow instructions: For wood day span. The majority of patients physical exam, x-rays, laboratory
stoves and fireplace inserts, use who have MUA report an average studies, and sometimes neurodi-
only firelogs made from 100 percent 80-85% overall improvement by the agnostic testing, which determines
compressed sawdust (no wax). Wax end of the MUA protocol. whether not the patient will achieve
and biomass logs are intended only In fact, a recent study in the a good clinical result.
for open hearth fireplaces. Never add Journal of Neurological and Ortho- For more information on MUA,
an artificial log to a natural wood fire pedic Surgery showed that 58% of contact Mary or Caroline at the
that is already burning, as it could patients who receive MUA totally American Surgical Center: 248-538-
flare up. Don’t poke burning artificial eliminate their need for pain medica- 7095 or visit
logs because they could flare up; tion. Even up to 6 months after the For N. Oakland/Genesee County,
this also keeps any flaming wax from MUA, patients’ pain levels are still call Dr. Strauchman: 810-694-3576.
clinging to the poker and then drip- reduced an average of 62%. In a sim- For S. Oakland/Macomb Coun-
ping onto the floor. ilar study, nearly 95% of all patients ty, call Dr. Stanczak at 586-774-
who were out of work due to injury 6301.
Source: Adapted from advertisement
January 2010
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