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condition. These include everything as well as toys with lead paint, carry early. Increasing it through allergy-trig-
from vaccines to environmental toxins, toxins. gering diets, an overload of antibiotics
like mercury, in fish, arsenic in drinking A 2005 study from the nonprofit and/or mercury-containing vaccines
water and lead in air pollution; overuse watchdog Environmental Working could have dangerous, long-lasting
of antibiotics and over-the-counter medi- Group found an average of 200 indus- consequences. Informed parents know
cines in early infancy; and a diet heavy trial chemicals and pollutants in umbili- to take precautions early and often.
in wheat and dairy that contributes to cal cord blood samples from 10 babies
gut inflammation. born in U.S. hospitals around the Resources: Autism Research Institute at
This holistic view of autism’s causes country. Of these, the report said, “180; Environmental
also extends to the potential range of cause cancer in humans and animals, Working Group at; Pediatrics
treatments. These may include chela- 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous published study at http://pediatrics.aap-
tion therapy (removing heavy metals), system and 208 cause birth defects... in
gluten- and casein-free diets (removing animal tests.” peds.2009-1522v1.
wheat and dairy), administering supple- For children who may have an
ments with omega-3 fatty acids and/or underlying genetic predisposition to Brita Belli is the editor of E – The Envi-
hyperbaric oxygen therapy (in which autism, the chemical overload starts ronmental Magazine.
oxygen is administered in a pressurized
“The presumption,” advises Rich-
ard Lathe, a molecular biologist and
Experience the Radiance of Enhanced Health
author of Autism, Brain, and Environ-
Our Holistic Center helps you:
ment, “is that environmental toxicity
Detox your body Reduce stress Relieve pain
has increased enough that, combined
Improve circulation Lose weight
Experience warmth and relaxation
with childhood vaccines, [industrial]
production and fish consumption, it has
Relax in our Far Infrared “Sunlight Sauna,” equiped with
acoustic resonance for sound healing & therapeutic color
led to an increase in total exposure to
heavy metals.”
Radiant Beings
Chromotherapy to enhance your sauna experience.
As seen on Oprah!
Consequently, these concerned Holistic Center We also offer Ionic foot bath, Reiki, bodywork, consulta-
researchers are pointing out clear steps
25962 Knollwood S
tions, merchandise, workshop/class space & more.
that parents can take to minimize their
Chesterfield, MI
For more information or an appointment, call
Applegrove Plaza,
own and their children’s toxic expo-
1/2 mi. N of 21 Mile on Gratiot
sures, starting by taking precautions
during pregnancy, minimizing exposure
to mercury by avoiding fish like shark
and swordfish and limiting consump-
tion of albacore tuna. Pregnant women,
counsels Lathe, should also be sure
to take the proper prenatal vitamins,
such as calcium, so that the fetus is not
Always laugh
drawing minerals from the mother’s
when you can.
bones, where heavy metals are stored.
It is cheap medicine.
“The body locks heavy metals
away in bone and fat,” explains Lathe.
~ Lord Byron
“During pregnancy, that stuff is recy-
cled [in supplying nourishment] to the
It’s also important to avoid expo-
sures to toxic chemicals via cleaning
products, both during pregnancy and
Specializing in:
after birth. Homemade substitutes,
St. John Neuromuscular Therapy
using ingredients like distilled white
Optimum, highly effective results for those in
vinegar and baking soda, are safe (and
chronic pain or those trying to avoid surgery.
cheap) alternatives.
Other chemical culprits? Plastic
Also: Swedish • Pregnancy • Deep Tissue
containers and bath toys can leech
If you’re looking for someone different, call Marilyn Reno
chemicals when heated, cleaned or
The Massage Connection
used for teething. Car seats and crib
11111 Hall Road, Ste. 210-A • Utica
mattresses made with flame retardants,
$10 off your first 1 hour
Swedish Massage visit
January 2010
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