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By contrast, one 2006 study of 2,800
seniors, published in The Journal of the
Seeking Health & Wellness?
American Medical Association, found
that those who engaged in a 10-ses-
You might want to see your dentist.
sion cognitive training program, with a
“ disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Dis-
four-session booster training at 11 and
hese words can not express the
degree of my appreciation and ease, respiratory diseases and even
35 months, had less difficulty with daily
gratitude for the quality of my dental increased risks of some cancers. It
living than the control group. More,
health, and indeed the quality of my is vital to make regular trips to the
they still showed heightened cognitive
life,” says Ron J., of Shelby Township, dentist a part of your plan to achieve
abilities five years later.
Michigan. “As a 64 year old, my case optimal health and wellness.”
A 2009 study, published in the
was complex due to excessive tooth
Journal of the American Geriatrics Soci-
“As we learn more about the relation-
decay and wear. When I smiled my
ety, showed that 487 seniors who spent
ship between oral health and overall
teeth did not show and I suffered
an hour a day, for eight weeks, using
health,” continues Dr. Heather, “we
from severe Tinnitus (or
Posit’s brain fitness program performed
also learn much about
ringing in both ears) which
better on mental acuity tests than the
how the materials and
made it difficult to hear.
control group.
techniques that we use
Several Ear, Nose & Throat
Just which game is best remains a
everyday can affect your
Specialists, after extensive
matter of debate. Current options are
overall heath as well,
testing, all told me there
on the table at, Games-
both positively and nega-
was no cure. I was losing,
tively. Mercury fillings are
my ability to hear and
a prime example. Most
converse with others and
“We still haven’t had a study
people don’t realize that
this was also affecting my
comparing this $500 brain game to
their ‘silver’ amalgam
this $100 brain game to having some-
fillings are up to 50%
one who never did crossword puzzles
“My situation has a happy mercury! Due to its poi-
start doing crossword puzzles,” relates
ending,” he says. “Dr. sonous nature, mercury
Carle. His advice: Find a new intellec-
Heather Pranzarone Strat- can negatively affect your
tual challenge that we enjoy enough to
ton knew exactly what was needed. brain, immune, cardiac, respiratory,
do regularly.
And after completely explaining the and digestive systems.”
“Probably the best single factor
treatment to me, she performed a
Dr. Heather Pranzarone Stratton and
in all of this is the extent to which the
reconstruction of my teeth and a bite
her team at HPS Advanced Dental
games get used,” he adds.
correction. I now have a great smile
Care practice dentistry with a Biologi-
and notice that others are returning
cal and Biocompatible philosophy
my smile much more often. The cor-
Anti-aging Supplements
and attitude that can apply to all
rected bite reduced inflammation in
facets of dental practice–and to health
When it comes to the aging of or- my jaw, stopped the ringing in my
care in general: to always seek the
gans, much research in recent years has ears and dramatically improved my
least toxic way to accomplish the
focused around the free radical theory. hearing. The combination of having a
mission of treatment, to do it while
In essence, as our body is exposed to friendly smile and improved hearing,
treading as softly as possible on the
food, air and sun, it throws off toxic has greatly improved my life. Thank
patient’s biological terrain and most
byproducts, called free radicals, that eat you so much Dr. Heather!”
importantly, treat our patients as
away at cell walls, causing disease. In
“We have all heard, Take care of your individuals.
our youth, we have a built-in system of
teeth and they will take care of you,”
antioxidants that mop up free radicals.
“Since every person does not react
says “Dr. Heather.” “That statement is
In other words, “Like a new car, we
the same way to the same procedures,
rooted in absolute truth. Recently, the
have this remarkable array of catalytic
medications or materials,” she asks,
news has been filled with stories that
converters to clean up the byproducts
“why should we treat every person
link oral health and oral disease to a
of burning fuel,” explains Joe McCord,
the same way?”
number of serious and potentially life-
Ph.D., a pioneer in antioxidant research
threatening illnesses. It may surprise
Dr. Heather Pranzarone Stratton,
from the University of Colorado-Denver.
you that the subject isn’t really new.
and HPS Advanced Dental Care, is
“But as we age, our catalytic converters
Dentists have known it for years.”
located at 4741 24 Mile Road, Suite.
wear out.”
C, in Shelby Township.
Initially, test tube studies showed
“Each year,” she continues, “we learn
that simple, nutritional antioxidants like
more about how poor oral health
To learn more or reserve time with her
vitamins C and E could neutralize free
is linked to problems elsewhere in
practice, call 248-652-0024.
radicals. This led to a 21st century boom
the body. It has been linked to seri- has
in single-antioxidant supplements. But
ous conditions like cardiovascular
more info and patient testimonials.
it turns out that their effect is minimal, Advertisement
January 2010
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