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offers care for people with heart dis- become a go-to resource for both
ease, pain, weight management needs, lawmakers and other doctors seeking
cancer, diabetes, stress and women’s
“No amount of
healthcare advice.
health issues. She notes that the center Weil believes that money, or lack
receives 3,500 patients a month, many
ideological argument
thereof, made it happen.
of whom arrive seeking relief from
ever changed anything.
“No amount of ideological argu-
costly drugs or surgeries. ment ever changed anything,” he
“One patient came to me who It was when pocket- reflects. In this case, “It was when
had just had a bypass. He was 330
books started getting
pocketbooks started getting squeezed
pounds, suffered from sleep apnea and that people started paying attention.
was diabetic. He had all the risk factors
squeezed that people
Things are going to get a lot worse,
for heart disease,” says Guarneri. She and when they do, the wisdom of what
enrolled him in a $2,800, three-month
started paying attention.
we are doing will become even more
weight loss and exercise program
Things are going to
(covered only in part by insurance). During congressional testimony
“He lost 168 pounds and he went from get a lot worse, and before the Senate committee on health,
taking 16 drugs to three. Just with that
when they do, the
education, labor and pensions last
single individual, the system saved February, Weil joined heart physician
enormous amounts of money.”
wisdom of what we
and health guru Dr. Dean Ornish and
others in rattling off a stunning list of
are doing will become
Money Talks
statistics: The United States currently
even more apparent.”
spends 16 percent of its gross domes-
In 1997, after years of quietly
tic product on health care, more than
teaching and practicing integrative
any other country in the world, yet its
medicine in Arizona, Weil was pro-
~ Dr. Andrew Weil health outcomes are ranked 37th in
pelled from relative obscurity to the
the world by the World Health Or-
cover of Time magazine. He has since
ganization. In 2006, insurance com-
panies covered 1.3 million coronary
angioplasty procedures, at roughly
$48,000 each, and 448,000 coronary
A Natural Approach to Mental Health
bypass operations at a cost of $99,000.
Yet, things like nutrition counseling,
Individual and Couple Counseling
exercise programs and stress-reduc-
Services for women, children, parents & families
tion classes, which studies show could
prevent as much as 90 percent of all
Mental Fitness/Life Coaching
heart disease, are typically not covered
Naturopathic Medicine Consultation
by insurance.
That, remarks Weil, needs to
Foods & Mood Analysis/Nutritional Consultation
change, and he’s optimistic that it will.
Supporting a medication-free lifestyle
“We need to transform medi-
cine so we are not so dependent on
425 Main Street Suite #201
these high-tech expensive solutions
• Downtown Rochester • 248-601-3111 •
for everything,” concludes Weil, who
outlines his plan in his new book,
Why our Health Matters: A Vision
of Medicine That Can Transform the
Future. “We need doctors who know
Becky Stevens utilizes medical intuition to assess the root cause of disease or
dysfunction in the body. Her services include:
when and when not to use them and
• Medical Intuition • Hands-on Healing
who are trained to use other kinds of
• Herbal, Homeopathic, and Vibropathic Remedies • JMT interventions. That’s the great promise
"I referred several patients to Becky and found that they were getting dramatic
of integrative medicine: It can bring
results. One patient with MS has had dramatic improvements since her treatments.
effective, lower-cost treatments into the
I went myself for a difficult problem that nothing else worked from my medical
expertise. I found definite improvements and have felt much better with her Energy mainstream.”
Healing." —Diane Culik, MD
Lisa Marshall is a freelance writer in
Becky Stevens, Holistic Alternatives, LLC Colorado; connect with her by visiting:
117 Cass Ave., Suite 301 • Mt. Clemens
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call
586-468-5723 or visit
24 Oakland, Macomb, Livingston & St. Clair, MI
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