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6. Shiitake Mushrooms
9. Soy Although soy is a legume, it deserves sepa-
These fungi are a
rate mention, because of its extensive and
good source of
well-researched health benefits and use
iron and lentinan,
in a wide range of forms. Soy offers a high
a polysaccharide
concentration of molybdenum, a trace min-
that studies at
eral that plays a role in three enzyme sys-
the Iizuka Insti-
tems involved in metabolizing carbs, fats and
tute, in Japan, suggest
proteins and tryptophan, an amino acid essential
activates our immune
for growth and normal metabolism, as well as iron, fiber,
system’s tumor-fighting T cells.
phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, copper, vitamin B
and potassium.
7. Tomatoes Tomatoes are 10. Whole Grains
loaded with healthy vitamins and trace While most Americans know
minerals. They are also a good source that whole-grain breads and
of lycopene, which studies from the pastas are healthier than those
American Associa- made with refined white flour, we
tion for Cancer might include many grains other
Research have than wheat in our diet, in order to
linked to the fight the effects of aging. Spelt, for
protection of example, provides riboflavin, which research from the Micronutri-
DNA from dam- ent Information
age, prevention Center with the Linus Pauling Institute shows can promote healthy skin
of heart disease and good vision. Barley can help with sleep regulation. Millet can help
and protection against cancers, includ- reduce the risk of a heart attack and lower blood pressure.
ing colorectal, breast, endometrial, With all these examples of truly good eating right in our own kitchen, there
lung and pancreatic types. Tomatoes is no reason not to start improving our diet right now to pave the way for a longer,
are also rich with carotenoids, which healthier life.
research by the Cochrane Hepato-Bili-
ary Group has associated with protec-
Gary Null has written 70 books, booklets and audio CDs on health and well-
tion from heart disease and cancer,
ness, nutrition and alternative medicine. His syndicated radio talk show, Natural
improved night vision and regulation of
Living with Gary Null, is the longest-running continuously airing health program
blood sugar.
in America, and now also airs on the Internet. Null owns a dietary supplement
company and a health foods store in New York City. For more information visit:
8. Leafy Greens
calorie, greens are among
the most nutrient-
packed foods we
can eat. Spinach,
kale, arugula,
“I’ve attended several
Swiss chard,
educational programs
cabbage, col-
& no other institution
lard greens and
helped students suc-
watercress are all
ceed like the instruc-
Celebrating 12 Years of Holistic Health Education
solid sources of powerful nutrients. Eat-
tors at Lakewood
• Flexible Scheduling
ing a variety of leafy greens has been
• Placement Services
shown by Katherine Tucker, Ph.D., –Terry M., St. Clair
with the Jean Mayer U.S. Department of • Small Class Sizes
Agriculture Human Nutrition Research
Center on Aging at Tufts University, to
• College Credit Options
(through articulation agreements)
help improve bone density (a problem
area when aging), increase night vision, • COMTA Accredited
lower blood pressure, boost energy,
(Comission on Massage Therapy Accreditation)
increase circulatory health, protect
against macular degeneration, and
work to prevent a variety of cancers.
(for those who qualify)
1102 6th Street • Port Huron
January 2010
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