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Top 10 Whole Foods to Counter Aging
by Gary Null
oday’s battle against the effects of aging buzzes with (good cholesterol). Consequently, onions are beneficial in
hype about acai, goji, noni and mangosteen. But what preventing heart disease and stroke.
about the foods most people typically eat?
It turns out that many anti-aging foods can be found in every-
4. Garlic Known
day kitchens, and unlike some other solutions, they can keep
health benefits of garlic are
us looking and feeling younger and improve our all-around
extensive. The Journal of Nu-
health without breaking the budget.
tritional Biochemistry reports

that garlic inhibits cardiac
artery calcification and reduces the amounts of free radicals
1. Oranges Loaded with
in the bloodstream, helping to reduce plaque deposits in
antioxidants, oranges are al-
the arteries. Research by the University of Maryland Medi-
so packed with vitamin C,
cal Center also attests that garlic contains anti-inflammatory
fiber and folate and sig-
compounds that help protect against conditions often associ-
nificant amounts of vitamins
ated with aging, like asthma and arthritis.
A and B
, potassium and
calcium. According to stud-
ies by the Australian research
5. Legumes All
group CSIRO and others, oranges help boost immunity,
types of everyday
lower cholesterol and reduce free radical damage and oxida-
legumes are an
tive stress.
excellent source
of cholesterol-
lowering fiber and
2. Blueberries One of the most
exciting nutritional properties of blue-
protein and iron. No
berries is their abundance of anti-
one bean has an advantage over the others in providing vital
oxidants called anthocyanins. Studies
nutrients. Lentils are high in fiber and, according to a study
published in the Journal of Neuroscience
published in Nutrition Reviews, help to manage blood sugar.
suggest that these powerful phytonutrients
Black beans are rich in anthocyanidins. Kidney beans, filled
neutralize free radical damage, enhance
with thiamin, work to improve functioning of neurotrans-
the health of all body tissues, protect the
mitters essential for memory, notes the National Institutes
cardiovascular system, guard the brain
on Aging. Green beans are rich in vitamin K, essential to
against oxidative stress, and improve brain
bone support. Garbanzo beans provide high amounts of
function, including memory.
minerals that aid in metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and
proteins and strengthening tooth enamel, as studied by Dr.
3. Onions The more pungent
Lydia Bazzano, a professor at Tulane University School
the onion, the greater the health
of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. According to
benefits. Studies like those from
research by the National Institutes of Health and others,
Cornell University have found
fiber-rich legumes play an important role in the prevention
that high onion consumption
of gallstones, increased cardiac health, regulation of blood
lowers blood sugar levels and
sugar, lowered total cholesterol levels (as well as increasing
decreases total cholesterol,
beneficial HDL cholesterol) and protection from cancers,
while increasing levels of HDL
especially colorectal cancer.
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