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Bowenwork does not manipulate the
Renewing the body’s innate ability to heal itself
skeletal system, so it is safe even when
chiropractic care is contraindicated.
The full impact of the treatments
by Erin Eagen
isn’t usually felt for several days. In
addition to a reduction in pain, in-
creased mobility, and a general sense
owenwork is a unique integrative Many clients experience a
healing modality that treats the complete resolution of pain
body as a whole and renews the within just a few sessions
body’s innate ability to heal itself. but for Ms. Tamasanu it took
Developed in the 1950’s by the much longer and she began
late Thomas Bowen of Geelong, Aus- to doubt the techniques.
tralia, the technique is now practiced “When you have pain, you
in over thirty countries. Bowenwork is don’t want to do anything,
distinctive in its holistic approach to you don’t want to wait,
healing; it seeks to restore balance to and that’s why you need a
all the body systems rather than simply network of people to sup-
addressing the symptoms of an illness port you.” Eventually, after
or acute injury. Clients typically experi- twelve sessions, her pain was
ence a very integrated bodily response resolved.
after only a few treatments, often notic- Now Bowenwork has become an
of well-being, it is common to sleep
ing a resolution of problems and condi- integral part of Ms. Tamasanu’s mas-
more soundly and have increased en-
tions that they hadn’t even mentioned sage therapy practice. In an effort to
ergy levels. Bowenwork also improves
to the practitioner. promote health and healing in her
circulation, lymphatic drainage, and
During a Bowenwork treatment community she offers Bowenwork treat-
nutrient absorption, and aids the body
the practitioner uses her thumbs and ments on a donation basis. “I do this
in the elimination of toxins.
fingers to gently “roll” over the muscles because of my own story, my experi-
For more information on Bowen-
and then gives the body time to rest ence,” she says. “My pain relief wasn’t
work visit
and adjust to the “moves,” thus induc- immediate. I did lose trust, but when
To schedule an appointment with
ing the beginnings of a deep relaxation. the pain left it was like a miracle.”
Camelia Tamasanu call 248-345-3117
This relaxation is brought on due to Bowenwork can be used to help
or for more on her services, please visit
changes in the fascia, or connective tis- with an array of health conditions
her website at
sues, of the body which stimulates the that affect the musculoskeletal system
rebalancing of the autonomic nervous as well as infertility, migraines, and Erin Eagen is a freelance writer,
system. ADHD, to name a few. Bowenwork yogini and natural living enthusiast
Over 80% of bodily functions are treatments are so gentle that they are currently pursuing a psychology degree
controlled, without conscious thought, safe for everyone including infants, at Wayne State University. She can be
by the autonomic nervous system. This pregnant women and the elderly. contacted at
aspect of the nervous system is what
engages the “fight or flight” response
and is extremely susceptible to physi-
Become a Certified Hypnotherapist
cal tension and emotional stress. With
Bowenwork the autonomic nervous
Saturday and Sunday Classes Begin February 13th
system can be put into a state of rest,
Frank Garfield
in Warren Michigan
facilitating healing on both structural
• State Licensed School
and energetic levels.
Camelia Tamasanu, of Bio Balance • Help People Reach Their Goals
Therapy in Farmington, began practic-
ing Bowenwork after it saved her from • Supervised Practical Experience
back surgery and paralysis resulting
from a double herniated disc. As a mas-
Cheryl Beshada
• Add a New Modality to Your Existing Practice
sage therapist, she was keen to avoid
surgery and turned to Bowenwork.
January 2010
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