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and then stand back up again. This is a caused by treadmills and other cardio
The Best Kept
tough, whole-body, strength generating machines significantly increase the ten-
workout. Repeat it 10 times to feel an sion in the joints of the hips and knees.
instant, healthful increase in body heat Rather, choose an aesthetically pleasing
In Michigan!
and breathing rate. walking path around the neighborhood
or opt for an indoor track or, in inclem-
■ Choose a lighter activity. Multiple ent weather, the local mall.
pland Hills Ecological Aware-
studies from Medicine and Science in
ness Center (EAC) is a Mich-
Sports and Exercise show that the many ■ Mens sana in corpore sano. A
gan 501c3 organization located in
benefits of lighter activity include an healthy mind in a healthy body is the
a beautiful rural setting in north-
improved immune system. Accord- goal. According to the Gerontological
ern Oakland County. The EAC is
ing to the American College of Sports Society of America, consistent exer-
rooted in the desire to inform and
Medicine, a correlation exists between cise at midlife may reduce the odds
nurture awareness, accompanied
heavy exercise and upper respiratory of dementia in older adulthood. Make
by actions that promote the well-
tract infection. Walking is one example exercise time a daily habit in your own
being of all life on Earth.
of a lighter exercise that meets your and your family’s schedule.
There’s lots going on at the EAC!
whole-body movement needs without Movement isn’t a luxury. The
These January events are very
compromising health. human body requires daily, hourly
affordable to attend. See the
movement to optimize longevity, as
Calendar in this magazine (on
■ Find a good exercise teacher. A well as youthful strength and flexibility.
date noted) for details.
2009 study published in Clinical Reha- It doesn’t cost much to take a walk or
bilitation that compared the effective- to stretch your arms, legs and spine
• 9th: Free Energy Tour
ness of unsupervised versus supervised throughout the day, and the dividends
• 10th: Herbs to Calm The
exercise programs, found more desir- are magnificent. Start by incorporating
Mind, Body & Spirit**
able improvements in balance, func- one “prescribed” anti-aging activity at
• 16th: Women’s Retreat**
tional mobility, flexibility and strength a time, until you have a rich and well
• 17th: Introduction to Perma in the group that met regularly in a developed habit of taking your “move-
culture private session or group class format. ment vitamins.” It is absolutely pos-
• 23rd: Free Energy Tour sible to feel more energetic and vital
• 24th: Stone People’s
■ Pay attention to alignment. Just as now than you did 10 years ago, if you
Sweat Lodge
you wouldn’t continue to drive your choose well.
• 31st: Vermicomposting
car around with poor wheel alignment
and expect optimum performance, so
Katy Bowman, a biomechanics scien-
• Munay Ki: **
proper alignment of your skeleton can
tist, has a master’s degree in kinesiol-
have an instant impact on the health of
• Waste Free Lunches: **
ogy and is director of the Restorative
all tissues. Find an alignment special-
Exercise Institute in Ventura, CA. She
**Check website for date,
ist who can point out a few of your
has created the Aligned and Well™
time, costs and details.
postural anomalies, and work together
DVD series to educate people about
• Organic coffee and tea - 9-4
to improve them.
how their bodies work, so they can
weekdays (on a donation basis). make informed decisions. Learn more
• Energy tours - 11 am Weekdays.
■ Minimize exercises that can wear
at and RestorativeExer-
Receive a free bar of locally made
down joints. Artificial walking patterns
organic soap when you come in
for a tour, courtesy of Boh Bon
2375 Indian Lake Rd
Oxford, MI 48371
Call 239-530-1377
18 Oakland, Macomb, Livingston & St. Clair, MI
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