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fi tbody
Even pets know the benefi ts
as Medicine
of the MIGUN massage.
hen Jack Russell twisted his knee play-
ing soccer four years ago, his doctor told
A Universal Antidote to Aging him he’d need surgery to correct the injury. But
after three and a half weeks of failed physi-
cal therapy treatment, Russell decided to try
by Katy Bowman
something new - Migun.
Migun, or “beautiful health” in Ko-
rean, is a thermal massage bed that uniquely
integrates thousands of years of traditional
Eastern medical wisdom with the Western
technology of N.A.S.A. to create an unforget-
table massage with proven health benefi ts.
“After one session on the bed, all
the swelling went down,” Russell said. “It was
nothing short of a miracle. I had motion back in
my knee and after a few more sessions on the
bed, I was able to cancel the knee surgery.”
Russell was so impressed with
Migun’s healing results that he decided to buy
the franchise. He now has three Migun loca-
ave you ever compared the us, one that gives us what we need to
benefits of a walk around the maintain a healthy, youthful body with-
tions–2 in Michigan and one in Florida–where
he sells the thermal massage beds and invites
park with taking an anti-inflam- out causing problems like a stressed im-
customers to test them out for free.
matory medication? How about cor- mune system and degenerating joints.
The Migun beds use 35-40 jade
relating a game of hopscotch with high
stones positioned to precisely target pressure
bone density? Many of us are very com-
points and traction points during a 30 minute
Anti-aging Prescription
relaxing massage. The heated jade stones emit
pliant when following a drug, herbal
FAR-infrared heat that stimulates and encour-
or vitamin prescription, but when our
■ Save your joints and stretch.
ages better blood circulation. The effect boosts
health care practitioner recommends
Human muscle tissue doesn’t change
the oxygenation of tissue and cells, encourages
exercise as a treatment, we too often
much over a lifetime; an anatomical muscle relaxation and relieves pain while
releasing the body’s toxins.
accept that information with a shrug.
science journal, Muscle & Nerve, re-
“With regular use,” says Russell,
It just doesn’t seem as critical. Yet, just
ports that under a microscope, scientists
“30 minutes of massage on the MIGUN bed
as chemicals may affect specific body
can’t tell if they are looking at 18- or
is equivalent to 1 hour of jogging in cardiovas-
tissues, so do different machines, move-
80-year-old muscle. What they can see cular benefi ts to your body.”
ments and modes of exercise.
are the effects of inflexibility and ten- Each massage experience utilizes
principles of acupressure, acupuncture, moxi-
A healthy body is a fine-tuned
sion around the joints that causes them
bustion, and chiropractic. Studies at the Uni-
mechanism, circulating essential
to wear down and age us. The solution
versity of California, Irvine, support Migun’s
blood, lymph and electrical impulses
is to find a yoga or stretching class or
full range of health benefi ts.
efficiently. While we may accept the
home video and attend to it at least a
“I’ve had a lot of MIGUN customers
belief that our circulation invariably
few minutes every day.
with fi bromyalgia tell me that they have gotten
relief. Some people have even told me that
degrades as we get older, it is really
their doctor cancelled hip or back surgeries
that we move less and allow our mus-
■ Take a daily walk. Get those arms
after they experienced benefi ts from regular
cles to tighten. Muscles are the main
swinging and keep your legs extended, Migun use,” Russell says. Other benefi ts may
force generators in the body, support-
in order to stretch behind the knees
include relief of some symptoms associated
with S.A.D., headaches, hypertension and
ing the circulation of fluids and affect-
while walking. Although one long
many others.
ing the number of calories burned;
walk is great for endurance, research
Recently, Russell has expanded the
constriction of muscles contributes to
from the American College of Nutrition
availabiltiy of the Migun beds into Macomb
a decrease in both.
shows that two or more shorter walks County. “I wanted to branch out,” he explains,
“so people don’t have to drive so far to experi-
Anyone, at any age, can turn to
taken throughout the day may be even
ence the benefi ts of the Migun bed.”
exercise for movement’s natural, rich
better for weight loss, cardiovascular
Visit for more in-
supply of anti-aging properties, but be
health and overall metabolism.
formation, call 248-203-7744 in Birmingham,
aware that not all exercise is equal. It is
or 586-685-1061 in Utica, to schedule your
vital that we select the best program for
free session.
■ Use it or lose it. Preventing the loss
of your ability to get down to the floor
January 2010
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