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New Modality at
Holistic WellBeing
us make our first annual canned food
drive a great success!”
Center in Royal Oak
Dr. Saylor-Wither is also pleased
to announce a special promotion for
usan Miller of the Holistic WellBeing
January. For the entire month, Van
Center, is pleased to offer a new mo-
dality-Auricular Therapy. Susan is certi-
Together We DID
Every Family Chiropractic Center will
be offering a Wellness Package, which
fied in Biofeedback, Auricular Therapy
and is a Natural Health Practitioner.
Make a Difference
includes the following:
“Auricular therapy,” syas Susan, “is a Local Practice Holds
An initial chiropractic consult exam
therapy that can relieve pain in the joints Successful Food Drive -
A report of findings
and muscles, stimulate the organs, and Announces January
A spinal scan
achieve a number of other therapeutic Wellness Promotion
10 adjustments
effects for the client. I have seen amaz-
One visit on hydrotherapy bed.

ing results for many clients, including:
ur recent canned food drive was
a success,” says Dr. Anna Saylor-
“The total value of this care package
sleep, memory and sinus issues as well
Wither, of Van Every Chiropractic in
is regularly $545,” she says. “However,
as tremors, concentration and attention
Royal Oak. “In one week we collected
for this special Wellness Promotion
issues–and many more.”
1151 pounds of food, all of which went
we’re offering it for only $200.
“Many people thinkAuricular therapy
to Community Food Deposit #5, St. For more information, contact the
is similar to acupuncture,” she says,
Vincent De Paul 1562 E. Evelyn in Ha- Van Every Family Chiropractic Center,
“Auricular therapy utilizes similar points
zel Park. We’d like to extend a HUGE 4203 Rochester Road, Royal Oak, 248-
and body meridians as traditional acu-
thank you to all our patients that helped 616-0900. See ad page 16 .
puncture, but uses a different technique
to access these points. The outer ear is
a magnificent source, with over 1,000
points on each ear, which is why certi-
fication in Auricular Therapy is neces- Becky Stevens to the physical disease,” says Stevens.
sary.” “This allows me to treat the root causes
Currently the center offers Bio Ener-
Offers Holistic
of health challenges by suggesting
getic Balancing, Auricular Therapy and Alternatives herbal, homeopathic, vibropathic rem-
Detoxifying Ionic Foot baths and is offer- edies or JMT that will be of the most
ing two specials: Buy 3 Auricular sessions
or patients who
are frustrated
and get the 4th one free (a $50 savings);
with conventional
“My average clients are well edu-
and 5 Ionic foot baths for $99 (less than
medicine, not get-
cated adults in professions including
$20 each).
ting answers fast
nursing, teaching, psychology, etc.,”
For more information call Susan enough, or suffering
she says. “They’ve done their research
Miller, CBP, CNHP at Holistic WellBeing with a debilitating
and understand the benefits of the ser-
Center at 248-953-9402. See ad page disease, there is an
vices I can provide.”
16. alternative. Becky
Becky became aware of her gift of
Stevens Holistic
medical intuition and energy healing
Becky Stevens
Alternatives, LLC,
almost 17 years ago after she struggled
located on Cass Ave. in downtown Mt.
with her own health issues. “I found I
Tell ‘em you saw it in
Clemens, offers safe and effective op-
have a gift and at first was unaware of
tions for healing and wellness through
what to do with it,” she adds. “It has
medical intuition and energy healing.
expanded and grown over the years
She assists adults, children and animals
through study and practice. Assisting
with a variety of health issues and has
people on the path to wellness is not
helped people with back pain, depres-
just my job, it is my passion.”
sion, cancer, autism, multiple sclerosis, Call 586-468-5723 for an office or
allergies and many other conditions. phone consultation. For more informa-
“Medical intuition is the ability to tion, including articles & testimonials,
ascertain and assess areas and levels visit Becky’s website:
of dysfunction in the body and to see
the emotional and spiritual connection See ad page 24.
10 Oakland, Macomb, Livingston & St. Clair, MI
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